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  1. to feel my soul, i wouldnt care if guitar was a nerdy instrument like the accordian i would still play it
  2. its a right of passage to have a beat up/yellowed/worn out guitar
  3. +1 i also blame parents, they should see there kids listening to this crap and say "why dont you listen to some real music instead of looking at "cute" boys?"
  4. unfortunatly its the only choice for a lot of us... i try to frequent my local music shop but they dont do gibsons
  5. i wash my hands regularly anyway, the places that i frequent are pretty dirty i.e the subways, the prudential center etc. otherwise no, im not one of those guys who babies the thing thats what my acoustic is for ;)
  6. grovers hands down, they stay in tune great, i have the ones that look like gibson tuners but theyre silver
  7. what are your thoughts? personally i dont like them i think you need to find your own sound and play what feels right to you
  8. 90 degrees in the shade i know weird for boston
  9. no torture and death are inhumane, you may say kill them or torture them but ill give you a gun lets see if you can take away anothers life, ill give you poison lets see if you can inject it into another breathing human being
  10. i kno hes dead but john lennon there is no one i idolize more than him
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