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  1. I just got this yesterday! Here she is on top of my 1941 RCA VR60 (7 tube 5W amp -- and I can plug in a guitar!) And with my Epiphone Dot and LP Standard... (Sorry, couldn't resist) This amp is my very first tube amp so I can't really give an accurate review on the sound. There seems to be lots of good Youtube reviews, though. She's got the three settings Dark, Normal, and Bright which along with the boost and tone dial is kind of a cool bass-ackwardly straightforward EQ setup. I like it... After all, I am fond of 1930's hi-tech electronics! I will say that the hum of this Electar at all volume levels is pretty prominent. As an owner of tube radios I realize that this is pretty common for my 40+ year old systems, but I have no idea if that is normal for 21st Century guitar amps. It is a good looking piece of cabinetry... But like that old Trooper song, this amp looks a whole lot better from 20 feet away. Allow me to nitpick... The birch laminate pieces don't completely line up, and the joins are a little rough... And right out of the box there are minor blemishes showing. The unfinished spots on the grill have to be the most unforgivable faux pas. QC is an issue... But please, don't let my criticisms lead you to believe that I am unhappy with this little looker. She is part of the family, minor blemishes and all, and I truly believe that for $400 she is a pretty swell dame.
  2. Thanks for setting me straight on that, Capmaster. It's good to know that this beauty doesn't have to go anywhere. So this is my number 2 Epiphone, the first one being a Dot. Now I'm waiting for the special order of an Electar 75th Anniversary Amp to arrive. For whatever reason none of the Long & McQuade stores in my hometown stocked, or had even ordered the amp.
  3. I fought the desire to get this Red Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro but the temptation was too much. Once I saw the light playing on the grain of the guitar top I lost control. It didn't help that the guitar shop was offering Epiphones at 0% financing for 6 months. I swear, standing in the guitar shop I felt like Frankie Machine in The Man With The Golden Arm... I Need Some Advice Now I am totally clueless about these split coil humbuckers and so I may be wrong: when the p.up selector switch is in the middle position the volume controls for the neck and bridge pickups are not independent. If I turn one volume control to zero both pickups go silent. They should have separate volume control in mid position, correct? I think there's a short. Am I right, or am I just an LP newb?
  4. There's a pretty little Kay Speed Demon featured in this video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx9SatlINoo
  5. I met a guy who bought one of these brand new in 2007. The Bigsby came stock, hence the "Custom Shop" designation. I won't bother putting a Bigsby on it to take it back to original, but I'm going to replace the oddly placed fixed tail with a trapeze. EDIT: Here it is with a trapeze tail with a decal covering the repaired holes...
  6. Yes, there was originally a Bigsby on it. As you can see in the 4th photo above, there is a hole just behind the stop piece. I gather that the previous owner chose to use the Bigsby holes for the new stop. It's chrome and kind of sticks out amongst all the gold finished hardware.
  7. Thanks, Guys! Good information. Sounds like "Custom Shop" in the Epiphone line is interchangeable with "Limited Edition" or "Special Tourist Price." I think that I got lucky with this guitar as it was a real bargain -- so much so that I paid the asking price and didn't bother to haggle. It pretty much dropped into my lap. I'm certain that I will never sell this guitar because I have a superstition about selling musical instruments. If you've read Flann O'Brien or Victor Hugo -- or know what Simony is -- you'll know what I'm talking about. If I ever outgrow it I will gift it to someone. Or give it a Viking Funeral. Thanks again.
  8. Hi, everybody! I am completely unknowledgeable when it comes to electric guitars so please bear with my ignorance. I bought a used Epiphone -- I'm not sure if it was second hand or more -- and there have been some changes done to it. I've done some research on the 'net but the information I've found seems contradictory. From the serial number, it appears to have been made at the Korean Unsung factory in March 2007. It is marked "Custom Shop" and I'm curious as to what makes this Dot different from others. You can see that the last owner installed some Grover locking tuners... A TonePros Tune-O-Matic bridge... And added a stop tail-piece that converted the guitar from a vibrato to fixed bridge configuration. Note the hole from the previous tailpiece... I can't find information about any Dots coming with anything but a fixed tail piece. If this really is some sort of Custom Shop Dot that anybody can identify? I really like the guitar, and I'm not too concerned about what it is or isn't but I'd like to have a bit of knowledge about it, especially concerning what would have been original specs. If you have any advice on what could be upgraded to make playing a more pleasant/fun experience as I grow into this guitar I'm all ears. Thanks!
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