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  1. Is the drummer playing a taped up cardboard box?
  2. Mine is staying. It must be the Florida humidity 😁
  3. I was never aware of that! I guess I have never paid attention to that part of my tuning
  4. if the humidity is a drastic change I suppose. I keep my guitar in its case unless its in my hands I keep a damp sponge in a soap travel dish with some cut outs in it and has worked well for me.
  5. she is pretty sitting in the rocker
  6. Hair? That’s something I used to have
  7. Seems like Sunday was a good day for all. Monday is set a major tornado outbreak across the Oklahoma City metro. Basically shutting down the state offices, all public schools closed etc. Just received pop up on my phone calling for all planes off of Tinker AFB. Weather stations are going crazy with baseball size hail and major flooding.
  8. Gonna have to mow the lawn. What time should I be over for dinner?
  9. Pat, folks woke up this morning in the OKC metro area being hammered with severe storms. No tornadoes here just lots of rain.
  10. cool that is down by the Paseo art district
  11. Ben you two have it going on. You make a great duo!!
  12. I liked them. I will have to see where they will be playing Saturday in OKC
  13. Just wow! that was awesome BK.
  14. Ben has mentioned before what he listens to and likes, so I didn't take any offense to it. Chris Stapleton is behemoth with his musical/vocal talent. He has set country music on fire with his music. I didn't realize how may songs he wrote for other artist before deciding to go out on his own. I have every album he has produced so far.
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