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  1. Everything sounds good when you are a professional like Sal 👍
  2. Going back about 3 years before I was born and doing a little Roy Orbison classic. Thanks for listening
  3. Outstanding as usual Red. Each year this forum looks forward to your Christmas video. Late to the game but have a fantastic 2020.
  4. Most definitely glad you are back sharing your talent
  5. Very well done Lars. I think this is your best song yet.
  6. Lars, I really liked the song and thought the lyrics were great. Keep going forward with your work my friend.
  7. Very nice Jeff, thank you for making this available to us.
  8. Missed your tunes in here buddy. Your the best!
  9. They need to lay a cool wet rag on those strings to cool them down after that.
  10. That was nice and the right touch of harmony with the bose.
  11. Lars, I think its awesome that you have such a nice neighbor to help with your music .
  12. BK777 gave some advice when I first got mine. He is a pretty knowledgeable guy when it comes to these gadgets.
  13. I I went through mine and tweaked some settings when I first got it.
  14. Ray, I’m working on that one also. Still needs a little work. Amos has such a unique style doesn’t he?
  15. Thanks for listening. Yes that is what I used for my harmonies
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