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  1. Apparently it isn't that big of a deal, or maybe it is. I thought we are all equal in here!
  2. I would have to if I ever played out. I can't ever remember what I did yesterday. Getting old sucks lol
  3. That’s a great pic of you both. Wish we could have heard a duet.
  4. I think BBG said he might join in. Although, he is long past due for a post.
  5. How is the Cash tune coming?
  6. Sal I didn't know you spoke Mandarin? 🤓
  7. Makes me wanna run down to the chinese buffet
  8. I think they were asking what strings everyone is using😁
  9. Messing around with Wildfire by Michael Martin Murphy
  10. Reminded me of Sals
  11. If you have marajuna in Ireland then I bet lotion is available
  12. That's Sal at his last gig
  13. EA, you have posted a tune in forever
  14. What you are describing is what I feel sometimes right in that first bend of the thumb. It seems to last a few days and back to normal. Maybe be a small nerve drinking through there that gets hit in the right spot cbd oil will help but it better if you get some with some thc in it
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