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  1. They need to lay a cool wet rag on those strings to cool them down after that.
  2. That was nice and the right touch of harmony with the bose.
  3. Lars, I think its awesome that you have such a nice neighbor to help with your music .
  4. BK777 gave some advice when I first got mine. He is a pretty knowledgeable guy when it comes to these gadgets.
  5. I I went through mine and tweaked some settings when I first got it.
  6. Ray, I’m working on that one also. Still needs a little work. Amos has such a unique style doesn’t he?
  7. Thanks for listening. Yes that is what I used for my harmonies
  8. I haven’t posted a tune for quite some time. I went out of my wheelhouse a little bit with a Amos Lee tune. Hope you like it.
  9. Lars I think that is the perfect mix. I thought everything sound really nice. Fantastic job!
  10. Nice little tune you have there. I wish I could write a song, all I can do is draw flies!
  11. He has enough acoustics there for us all to go over and have a real good jam session
  12. You care if I come over and play?
  13. I may just have to run over to guitar center this week and see what they have. I’ve been needing a new stand for a while. Well after looking online at GC I may just have to order the one from Sweetwater.
  14. Dang Stu that’s right up your alley. Nice weekend project for you
  15. Wishing you the best my friend!
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