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  1. I hope Sal lets us know how it goes
  2. Iā€™m trying Sal. I was in the hospital for 10 days with it. Never on the vent thank God. But my lungs are still shot from this crap.
  3. I had a good friend pass away yesterday at noon. He had been on a vent for the last 2 weeks. My buddy was 43 and passed from COVID.
  4. Perfect, they both will cherish that!
  5. Thanks Ray,Lars and BosoxBiker
  6. I appreciate it very much
  7. Sal, thank you very much for the nice comment. It was just the J45. I may try it one day with just my MacBook minus the video šŸ˜
  8. Recorded a while back. Hope you like it.
  9. Well done Lars. I think the added fills added a nice touch.
  10. Thank you all for listening and comments.
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