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  1. That was nice and the right touch of harmony with the bose.
  2. Lars, I think its awesome that you have such a nice neighbor to help with your music .
  3. BK777 gave some advice when I first got mine. He is a pretty knowledgeable guy when it comes to these gadgets.
  4. I I went through mine and tweaked some settings when I first got it.
  5. Ray, I’m working on that one also. Still needs a little work. Amos has such a unique style doesn’t he?
  6. Thanks for listening. Yes that is what I used for my harmonies
  7. I haven’t posted a tune for quite some time. I went out of my wheelhouse a little bit with a Amos Lee tune. Hope you like it.
  8. Lars I think that is the perfect mix. I thought everything sound really nice. Fantastic job!
  9. Nice little tune you have there. I wish I could write a song, all I can do is draw flies!
  10. He has enough acoustics there for us all to go over and have a real good jam session
  11. You care if I come over and play?
  12. I may just have to run over to guitar center this week and see what they have. I’ve been needing a new stand for a while. Well after looking online at GC I may just have to order the one from Sweetwater.
  13. Dang Stu that’s right up your alley. Nice weekend project for you
  14. Wishing you the best my friend!
  15. Good for you Anne. Can’t wait to hear it!
  16. Im with Nick on this one. If I was to want another one I would get a Martin 000-28
  17. THC lotion works better, Or eat some gummies or a caramel or two, wait 30 minutes and you wont even know what hurts
  18. What’s retirement?
  19. Apparently it isn't that big of a deal, or maybe it is. I thought we are all equal in here!
  20. I would have to if I ever played out. I can't ever remember what I did yesterday. Getting old sucks lol
  21. That’s a great pic of you both. Wish we could have heard a duet.
  22. I think BBG said he might join in. Although, he is long past due for a post.
  23. How is the Cash tune coming?
  24. Sal I didn't know you spoke Mandarin? 🤓
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