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  2. Has anyone tried the Gibson Vintage re-issue nickel wound strings? Right now I have a set of Pyramid Gold on my EJ-160e. I like them, but they have been on a long time, and I was intrigued by the Gibson hype about this model string, so I thought I would try them out. I also am planning on going from the 10s to 11s when I do. Do you think this might require a truss rod adjust? Thanks! Best Regards, Bob
  3. If I remember correctly, it was a mono version of the Stones "12 x .5". Still a great album. Then the Byrds "Mister Tambourine Man"
  4. I wanted a very well made copy of the EJ-160e that the Beatles used early on, as well as one day, a Casino. I was impressed with the Masterbuilts that I played at GC, so I felt confident that quality for the money was there. I also felt better about basically playing a $500 copy, then plunking down 3 times that much for the Gibson Bob
  5. Is the nut bone? I can see the saddle is, but the nut (at least on mine) looks very shiny, like plastic? Were bone pins used on the original model? Thanks Bob
  6. Thanks for the links. I had forgotten about that book. And that 360 degree photo is quite interesting as well. That's also what I like about my guitar, the fact they can be miked, or plugged in. To me, it goes back to chasing that Beatles sound. If you ask "how did they do it"? then the idea might be also "can I do it"? I remember as a kid watching the movie "A Hard Day's Night" and although I mostly paid special attention to Ringo, as my dad was a drummer, and I played the drums, I was struck by that acoustic guitar of John and George. I had never seen one like that before, and I'
  7. There has been much discussion in the forum about The J-160e or the Epiphone version, the EJ-160e. Much of what has been discussed is the use of flatwound, electric guitar strings to achieve any type of sound when plugged into an amp. But, when George Martin recorded John and George's acoustic Gibsons, did he record them plugged into an amp, or miked, like an acoustic guitar, or both at the same time? If miked, it seems like acoustic strings would make a more acoustic guitar sound. To my ears, it sounds as if songs like "Norwegian Wood" have more of an acoustic tone then plugge
  8. I remember back in the seventies in our neighborhood we had a Byrds tribute band. The lead player had some type of electric 12 string. I thought it was a hollow body, but it must have been semi hollow, as we didn't have feedback issues, No idea what brand it was, but it certainly was not a Ric. It must have been some Japanese import, because I don't think there were any guitars coming out of China then. The guitar actually sounded pretty good, but my Pearl drum kit was awful sounding.
  9. Did Epiphone ever make a hollowbody 12 string guitar? Something like a 12 string Casino? I don't recall ever seeing one, but I am by no means an expert. Bob
  10. They look sweet. Love the cream color. If I can figure out how to post pictures of mine, I will.
  11. Hardly could call it "working on" since it is so easy, but lately, but I have been having fun playing the Beatles "Any time at all". It's fun sometimes just to strum some open chords and enjoy singing along.. Guess you can say I'm a old Beatles fan. Bob
  12. Thanks! I will look into the proline set
  13. Thanks for the information. I also replaced my tuners, with the vintage looking ones from Stewart-MacDonald. My problem with the ones on the guitar, was that they buzzed quite a bit, especially open d and g. The new tuners look as good as the originals and best of all, don't buzz. Bob
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