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  1. you say that like it's a bad thing? maybe i'll try this one for size....
  2. for that price ...i would start living in a cave and calling it "the precious"!
  3. those braincells are gone forever... but luckily i still have all the guitars!!! or at least most of them...
  4. need more pics, but i don't see anything yet that convinces me that Custom is fake. tuners are correct, headstock is close enough to the real variations. Gibson inlay looks reasonable. T/R cover looks correct. frets are about right. can't tell about the body though.... don't put much stock in the case. guitar cases get damaged, lost, stolen and replaced all the time. of course so do the guitars...
  5. well its still seems there is no clear answer. i have done some research into this issue today and it seems everybody is right to some degree. both FedEx and UPS will charge separate brokerage fees on ground shipments. both FedEx and UPS will waive the separate brokerage fee if you pay for air or if you pay a higher cost for the faster ground shipping. i believe based on the fee schedules that this is because (as someone pointed out) the fee is simply included in the higher cost. of interest, there are currently a few class action lawsuits in Ontario and Quebec against both UPS a
  6. what can you do? suggestion:sell your sister on ebay and buy a new computer.
  7. she used to be my girlfriend....but now its like we don't even speak the same language.
  8. yes i do. i own an LP Studio or two and a Duojet. you are looking at two very different guitars my friend. first the LP Studio is a "weight-relieved" guitar. that means swiss-cheese holes in the body. for more info check out a few other threads around here about LP construction. You are correct that the neck is thicker and flatter on the Studio. you didn't say specifically, but i am assuming the Studio has humbuckers? as opposed to some models with P-90s. anyway, nice solid all purpose guitar. the Gretsch Duojet is a different animal. for starters the mahogany body has been extensive
  9. no...that's Old Black right there >
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