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  1. Hey, man. I didn't raise my TP that much. Just enough to where my strings weren't resting on that back of the bridge. But thanks for the input. As usual, you've been very helpful. Enjoy those gems of yours. Talk to ya in a bit.
  2. Awesome guitars, indeed. A real gem if I don't say so, myself. I can definitely say my LPJ feels and plays better and better as it ages.
  3. Yeah, it is a shame they don't make 'em anymore. They're great workhorse guitars. Moreover, they fit a working man's budget. But, yeah, those aren't scuff marks, they're 'character' marks, lol.
  4. Anytime, man. Yeah, it is really cool how it does that. The more you play, the smoother it gets. These LPJs were a home run by Gibson.
  5. You're welcome, Matt. I'm pretty sure it's the distance from the bottom of the TP.
  6. Just passing some info I received from a fellow forumite here. The height of the TP should be no greater than 3/8 of an inch, or the break angle on the strings going from bridge to TP should match that of the strings going from the nut to the peghead. I'm no expert, but that is something I learned recently.
  7. Oh, okay. MF doing auctions? That seems odd to me. They must have quite a few. I'll have to keep an eye on that.
  8. Where have you seen these '13 models? I keep an eye on Sweetwater's website to see what they have. No LPJs anywhere, just a couple of the '14 studio pros, and still plenty of the '14 studios. The MinEtune guitars are still well stocked. One would have to wonder why Gibson chose to make Gforce standard for 2015.
  9. I agree with Bence on this one. Looks legit to me as well. But it's always good to get verification from Gibson, as previously stated.
  10. Indeed they are, good sir. I appreciate the suggestions. I'll definitely have to remember that.
  11. Oh, okay. I gotcha. Well, thanks for the advice. I'll definitely have to get my guitar set up. I'll have that done ASAP. I'll be an expert someday. But until then, I'll just keep learning from the experts on this forum.
  12. Lol, I have found that one out the hard way. I've never actually set a guitar up as far as action and whatnot is concerned, so I'm definitely an amateur in that respect. I raised the TP because the strings were touching the bridge going toward the TP. I've never adjusted the neck relief or anything like that, so pointers would definitely be appreciated. How would I know if I raised the TP too much?
  13. Hm, I decided to adjust the tailpiece on my LPJ. I raised it and then went to play my guitar, and it was crazy out of. Was in tune the last time I had played it. Kinda weird. I don't know if raising the tailpiece had anything to do with it.
  14. I can second that opinion, Bence. I feel the same way about my LPJ. I've had mine for nearly a year and it's getting that worn in feeling that just makes playing a dream.
  15. Hey, I'm glad you've got your LPJ just the way you want it. You're welcome. This has turned out to be an awesome club with really great members. Keep on rockin' that LPJ.
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