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  1. Very nice. Thank you. Love that bird. That blue just kinda feels relaxing.
  2. Those did come with zero frets, though that looks like someone tried to pull it and damaged the fretboard. They have decent tone and volume, i used to have the cherry burst one. Here in the US those are now considered vintage, so in good condition they go for around $200-$250 dollars. That one looks to be in just fair condition.
  3. Ship date looks like 1/28 on those. I am really thinking that I want one. I don’t have a maple back guitar and i like what they have done with that one.
  4. If you want to make your aj a keeper you can always order one from Bob Collosi. He makes great saddles.
  5. It kind of looks like the old Alvarez copies to me, especially the pickguard.
  6. I was able to play a couple of his AJ models at a guitar shop in Lawrence KS, they are super light and have an amazing tone.
  7. I believe that all of the pro designated guitars should come with some type of electronics.
  8. My first was a nice mid 80’s ovation ultra, big bowl. Really nice guitar. Had a bone saddle made for it and setup done and it never needed another. Sorry that i traded it.
  9. If you don’t play it often you may want to check the setup on it as the neck probably moved since you last played it, or moved when you did the restring especially if you took all the strings off at the same time. I think that would effect your feel more than just a different brand of string if it is the same gauge.
  10. I would certainly go out and play as many as you can lay your hands on. We can all give you examples of what are all good guitars, but to really get that bonding moment you really should go and try them. I have played a lot of guitars, being a person that frequently has GAS, the moment I picked up my J-15 it was just right, and I had played a lot of them over the years since they first came out. Everything about it just feels amazing and inspiring, to me it is truly better than any other J-15 that I have tried. Find what Gibson speaks to you. I have found that most of the martins i have played needed a good set up, as the action they ship with is generally high. And that is never fun nor inspiring.
  11. Lemmo is a great guitar player, Agnisi had a better feel on how to showcase the guitars strengths. All the alternate tuning drives me crazy as well. Would love to have that bird though.
  12. What an awesome sounding guitar. That is a dream guitar for sure. He is playing Tom Petty, Alright for Now.
  13. (Epiphone says they have no record of G serials) Must be why they never responded to my request on the info for my Masterdilt AJ-500 m. Its a G serial. Ghost guitar :-). It is an amazingly built guitar with resonance that lasts for days.
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