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  1. I would certainly go out and play as many as you can lay your hands on. We can all give you examples of what are all good guitars, but to really get that bonding moment you really should go and try them. I have played a lot of guitars, being a person that frequently has GAS, the moment I picked up my J-15 it was just right, and I had played a lot of them over the years since they first came out. Everything about it just feels amazing and inspiring, to me it is truly better than any other J-15 that I have tried. Find what Gibson speaks to you. I have found that most of the martins i have played needed a good set up, as the action they ship with is generally high. And that is never fun nor inspiring.
  2. Lemmo is a great guitar player, Agnisi had a better feel on how to showcase the guitars strengths. All the alternate tuning drives me crazy as well. Would love to have that bird though.
  3. What an awesome sounding guitar. That is a dream guitar for sure. He is playing Tom Petty, Alright for Now.
  4. (Epiphone says they have no record of G serials) Must be why they never responded to my request on the info for my Masterdilt AJ-500 m. Its a G serial. Ghost guitar :-). It is an amazingly built guitar with resonance that lasts for days.
  5. Sounds like you should take it to a luthier and get a good set up done. They can check first string action, neck relief, and saddle height.
  6. Michael Hedges, from the first time I saw him on vh1 in 90 I was hooked. His style was so unique. Mark Knopfler’s style just speaks to me from straits to his solo albums he is just excellent. Lindsey Buckingham, George Harrison, Prince, Stephen Stills (gotta love treetop flyer), Roy Clark was amazing on whatever he was playing.
  7. Really enjoyed this song, beautiful guitar.
  8. I love my J-15, I had an inlaid truss cover made in walnut to go with it. Great tone. The new G-series 45’s are solid top back and sides. I played the both back to back the other day (G-standard and G-studio) I found I liked the look and tone of the studio better. But I am a little bias as I don’t like the rich lite boards and bridges much.
  9. My J-15, playing a little ELO Can’t get it out of my head.
  10. Sweet. Very well done .Thank you.
  11. Thank you for sharing, I thought it was great, both the guitar demo and your singing.
  12. You should e-mail customer service with your serial number and ask if it is legit. They have been helpful to me in the past when i wanted info on my guitars.
  13. Congrats on the guitar and welcome to the forum. You will find that there are a lot of knowledable people here and some nice pics and info of rarer guitars.
  14. I have found as long as they are a good laminate, like rosewood inside layer inside as well as out, and not some random wood inside, that there is just as much difference as there is between solids. Comparing lams to lams. It would be cool if epiphone would do a guitar like that.
  15. I really want to get the all black EL with the tiger stripe pick guard.
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