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  1. Yea. It's been for sale for a while on kijiji, (usually the Olympic white ones go super fast) and the wear patterns look close, but are just slightly off (like someone was looking at a picture and tried to copy), from alot of the older ones Ive seen online. The seller says he's barely used it and it's just been sitting in his room, and yet the back of the neck looks almost black, like it's been played forever rather than just unfinished wood that's been sitting around.... I know the newer ones have very little wear, so there's quite alot of difference between the older and the newer ones, this is one of the older ones with heavy wear. Plus the serial number, while it checks out, doesn't look right, some of the numbers are fine and some of the numbers are bold... every other one I have ever seen all the numbers are the exact same. I know I'm probably being overly paranoid, but my gut is telling me to pass, so I'm not gonna pull the trigger on this one. P.s. - I should add that I used to own a roadworn strat but it was stolen, so I do have quite a bit of experience with them
  2. Yea that's kind of what I'm thinking. It would be more trouble than it's worth to fake a 'fake' basically...
  3. Nope haven't bought anything yet, that's why my post says "I have the opportunity to pick up a 60's road worn strat"
  4. Hi folks....not exactly a Gibson topic, but I thought my custom shop '58 jr might buy me some slack here lol..... I have the opportunity to pick up a 60's road worn strat (I know they are debatable but I like 'em lol), but not sure if this one is original or a copy.... My question is do all roadworn 's have the exact same wear pattern? This one is just a little different than one's I've seen online....I'd post pics but the forum keeps telling me I've reached my upload limit lol
  5. Yea. The ad is for the exact same one I played here in Canada at mojo music. I'm sure something else will come along. Just need to be patient :)
  6. I've used ts-9 tube screamers for years. My fav that I've been using for the last 15 years has been modded by Analog Man. I had him do the 808 mod with the silver option. Allows more of your guitar sound through and less of the pedal 'coloration'....I've also recently picked up a Wampler Tumnus but I just got it yesterday so I haven't had much time to fiddle with it, but so far it's pretty good. Adds a little lows and highs, and not so much mids, but still enough to punch through the mix in a band situation
  7. Yup. I suppose the thin body and neck was probably the major contributor to it sounding soooo different from my jr...don't get me wrong, it was still a super cool axe, and the next guy who grabs it may love it....i was just surprised all....i guess I'll just have to go out and play more guitars lol.....i love being a music store pain in the *** πŸ˜‰
  8. How's the neck on that reissue?
  9. Hi folks. I had the privilege of being able to plunk away on this guitar (https://reverb.com/ca/item/776960-1963-gibson-sg-junior-cherry) yesterday, and thought i'd fall in love instantly since I love my '58 Les Paul Jr DC reissue....however I honestly wasn't very impressed....i was sad.... playability wasn't he greatest, but that's something that can always be fixed, (except the skinny neck), what stunned me was how terrible it sounded. The p-90 was weak and 'flappy' sounding, and I know it wasn't just the amp, cause I tried it through multiple amps at the store....has anyone else had an opportunity to play of these? Did I just happen to play a dud or is this standard for the sg jr's?
  10. So I just tried something very interesting...the exotic ep booster through my pro jr, with my Les Paul Jr DC, however I kept the amp volume very very low, and dimed the ep, and it still added a nice crunchy gain that cleaned up immaculately with either the guitar volume, or simply by lightening up my picking....very interesting indeed....small amp though, I tried it with a twin and it did absolutely nothing lol
  11. Just curious. Anyone ever experiment with an 'always on' drive pedal, and using the guitar volume to clean up? I would think this would be a pretty good way of getting 'THAT' tone without having to crank the amp... And if so, what's your favorite drive pedal to use? I've always used tube screamers, but I'm hearing alot of good things about the Wampler Tumnus...
  12. Yea. I've seen Samantha Fish use one as well. She says she likes to use it for some swampy, low down, dirty sounds....I'd say that's an accurate description of the 'tone' of the one I played :)
  13. Hey folks. Was shopping for my next axe when I walked into the back of the music store and low and behold there were 3 cigar box guitars hanging on the wall....one was actually a 6 string! Made by a local builder here in Toronto, the shop had no info on the instrument, (ie pickup specifically), but it had a solid black single coil in the neck position, one volume, one tone (like I likeπŸ˜‰).....anyway, regardless all they had was Roland cube amps in the store (small shop), so I plugged into one and holy crap! What a cool unique sound, even through a solid state amp..... I fell in love instantly, and for a $360 price tag, I think I'm gonna go back and grab it....it was just too cool to pass up. Anyone here have any experience with these cigar box guitars?
  14. Hey folks. I'm thinking about replacing the stock p-90 in my jr with a Lollar gold foil pickup, but I can't find any examples online to see if this would even sound decent. Almost all the vids i find are about a neck pick-up..... Anyone have any links or thoughts on this possible mod?
  15. Hey folks. I'm thinking about replacing the stock p-90 in my jr with a Lollar gold foil pickup, but I can't find any examples online to see if this would even sound decent. Almost all the holes can find are about a neck pick-up..... Anyone have any links or thoughts on this possible mod?
  16. Yea. Unfortunately my gear ocd makes me research something to death before I buy it....blessing and curse lol
  17. Keith Richards Mick Jones Keith Urban (not blues or classic rock but dude can squeeze some serious tone from a jr) Billy Squier Rick Richards - georgia satellites (No... I'm not that smart, yes...google is a wonderful thing πŸ˜‰)
  18. Neil young Charlie Starr - Blackberry Smoke Don Barnes - 38 special
  19. Yea. I'm fairly good at discerning tones....and alot of the players I'm listening to in these genres are using the bridge pickup....my philosophy (as well as alot of players), is if you're gonna live on the bridge, what's the point of more than one pickup? (And yes I know it's nice to have 'just in case)
  20. Just an update on my search. I can't get past the sound of a junior through my pro jr, so I've decided the backup for my junior will be.....another junior! Lol. Thanks for all the input and let the hunt begin! πŸ™ƒ
  21. Hi folks. If you read some of my other posts as of late, you'll see that I'm GASing for a new axe.....I play mainly blues and classic rock and have a Les Paul Jr DC.....I'm thinking this is the ideal guitar for me and my playing style. My question is.....is the Jr the perfect blues/classic rock guitar? In my opinion, paired with the right amp, it sure seems to be
  22. Yea. There's lots of those 4 nob configuration ones. Like I said, I like the 2 nob ones....I'm thinking I might end up just putting together some sort of Frankenstein partscaster
  23. I'm not confused, ( and I don't think I would say was "raving about the sound you liked and how great it was", I simply said it sounded killer) that just shows, in my opinion, how bad the 2015, and the 2016 are.....and how bad Gibson is doing right now. In the 2015 the pickups sounded awesome but the nut and Tuners are crap, now in 2016 they've got the nut and tuners fixed but they screwed with the pickups .....I'm not pissed off about a guitar I don't like, I'm pissed off because Gibson is screwing with a product that there was nothing wrong with in the first place. Besides I think I'm entitled to my opinion, and express my frustration with a company/product that I'm trying to stay loyal to.... Isn't that the point of these forums?
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