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  1. here's my '82 ES-335 '59 re-issue - see my earlier post on these... It's mighty fine, terrible photo tho'
  2. Greetings Gibsonites, I'm a tele man really so I hope there are no exceptions to me being on here... But everyone's got to have a Gibson with humbuckers at some point, so a couple of years ago I saw a good deal on this '82 ES-335 dot '59 re-issue. I've really started to get into it and it's slowly becoming my 2nd favourite guitar (it's a '68 tele in case you're wondering). It has a big, big sound, really rounded, warm, very loud, crisp on the bridge pup, and it's got a wonderful neck, medium width C but quite slim front to back. The build quality and craftmanship is also second to none, it's beautifully put together. I'd love to know a bit more about these early 80's 59 re-issue 335s, so if you Gibson experts can answer any of the following, I'd really appreciate it... How are these re-issues generally regarded - against the 'holy grails' (the real thing), and other 335s through the years generally including the newer ones? Did Gibson have any dips in quality like Fender in the 70s? Does it have the Tim Shaw pickups, and why are these so highly regarded? If it doesn't, what are they and what are these like? I've heard that these guitars with the Tim Shaws can be vastly improved with the 100/300k pots changed to 500k, that they make the sound less dark & muddy. Sounds fine to me now, and the guitar is untouched and in 9.5/10 condition. Any thoughts on this? Which factory was this guitar made in? The serial number / made in USA stamp on the headstock runs horizontally (I've heard this denotes which factory)? Were these just available in natural? This is the only finish you seem to see on these guitars. Sorry for the long post, looking forward to seeing what you Gibson experts know.... feel free to ask me about your teles, and if you haven't got one, why not? D
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