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  1. Thanks mate. I had a good crack at it yesterday and it is mint. Not a mark, like it's never been struck. It's been in hawk since January of 08, and the owner has only payed the vig every three months. So in reality, being an 07, it's spent it's entire life in the OHSC on a shelf in the pawn shop. I'm hoping to pick it up for a decent note. Maybe hang on to it and add it to my dust collectors. Iwwouldn't think it would be a player for my fat hands, least not from what I felt yesterday. I guess the neck and weight were directed at the female players. Thanks again mate, Cheers!
  2. Cool. Thank you I totally appreciate it!
  3. Would there be any interest in a 2007 Les Paul Goddess violet burst. All original in the HOAX with the swag. Barely used and never giggled. What kind of value would it have wit a 9. 75 out of ten for overall condition. It's currently in a friend's pawn shop coming due and has been offered to me first.
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