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  1. dood man I think you're right? here is a double 90, SO SIMILAR http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/ormeau/guitars-amps/vintage-60s-marlin-idol-semi-acoustic-pa-10t-electric-guitar-rare/1056449969 man thanks that thing saure was hiding in the corner too.. they say its rare $75 still dont care about the value sure would like to have one again.. Thanks man
  2. welp, the only guitars I found even remotely close were these; http://www.cowtownguitars.com/itemtest2.php?invno=ga20&itemtop=includes/gibsonitemtop.txt the Berney Kessel http://guitarz.blogspot.com/2013/02/1968-gibson-barney-kessel-custom.html then theres this, maybe this is what he was looking at? I while back I saw one where a guy was saying he had one of two ever made es137dc, can't seem to find his page again? http://www.poshguitars.com/product/2003-gibson-es-137-dc-one-of-a-kind/ wondering if it was a knock off of this guitar or the Kessel? then theres the Kay.. http://guitarz.blogspot.com/2011/03/kay-semi-hollow.html meh
  3. hey thanks yea I dunno what its worth the brother if the guy just mentioned it out of the blue one day, I look all the time on google but no luck finding it what I find odd is the what looks like a tremelo but cant really tell I don't remember it having one maybe it just didn't have the bar? and the neck binding puts it in the not as cheap as they get category IMO.. I might call the brother and see if he remembers or maybe his brother does, wondering if they were knocking off back then like they are now through that ali whatever place? well thanks
  4. first post and looking for help already.. anywho when I was 14 I was living in Everett Washington for the summer with my aunt and 2 cousins, Ed the one playing the 6 string is my age and his brother on the bass in like 4 years younger than us, anyways Ed and I were working the docks that summer for money, cruisin' colby was IN and Boston just released a great album, along with many other bands, music was on fire and it was all we were into then so I needed to learn how to play.. anyway the 6 string hollow body in the pic I purchased from a friends older adult brother that summer, when I went home for school after summer break my aunt moved to Seattle and Ed asked to take the guitar along with for a while I reluctantly said yes but felt sorry for him moving somewhere strange not knowing anybody least i could do I thought..long story short he managed to lose the guitar without even a sorry, I playeed it a few times a few years later but it was always at a gig or someones practice so he said so I just bought another solid body nothing wrong with having 2 rightp, Ed passed on since but this is one of the few pics I have of him and the guitar, only of the guitar.. I need help identifying the guitar its been so long I forgot who the manufacturer was? I could of swore it was an Epiphone but it very well may have been a Gibson, our friend the brother of the guy I bought it from said it was worth around $5k these days, I dunno cuz obviously I cant even remember what it was exactly? I never really cared to talk about it as it was my first guitar and it left a bad taste in my mouth that it just mysteriously "disappeared" not to be the first relative that would "lose" a guitar for me.. anyways any help identifying this guitar I would be grateful, might try to replace it even though its apparently somewhat obscure as I cant find a pic of it anywhere on the Internet? whats odd looking at it now is the pot placement, 7 of 10 the knobs are on both sides of the F hole, these appear to be above and one real close to the bridge? been 35 years maybe more since I saw it last but it was 100% and stayed in tune, learned some of my first chords and what not on that guitar and if I remember right it was an OK rigg? thanks
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