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  1. I had a highway one, key word being HAD , IMO, it is really a low end guitar, I didn't care for the finish, the fret work was rough , the neck felt like a squier and the pickups were flat sounding. I had it for a week and got rid of it. For me I thought it was overpriced. I have played some Epiphone guitars that were better.
  2. Thanks for the input. I'll have to take it to a tech to have tehm installed, the 57's are on sale at MF too. And I do like the tone from the 57's, I play blues and the 57's just seem a little warmer to me.
  3. Hi All, I'm looking at the SG Standard and I'm wondering if I were to replace the pickups with the 57 classics if it would be a straight out swap OR would I have to also replace the pots or anything else. thanks, Nic
  4. Hi Guys, Just checked out the TKL case for the SG and it looks very close to an original Gibson case, not sure exactly what the differences are but I can't tell. And it's a good price with free shipping. thanks.
  5. thanks guys, I'll take a look at the TLK Case. I like the idea of spraying on the logo.
  6. Here is a question that maybe someone can answer......why did Gibson discontinue selling the SG Case? You can get a Les Paul case but not the SG case. I want a new SG case for my classic, not one from "the bay". thanks, Nic
  7. b-squared, What a cool story and the pictures are awesome. I'm new to the SG world, I just ordered my first one on sunday, a Gibson SG Classic w/ P90's. I can't wait to get her, I played one at my local GC through a Fender deluxe reverb and WOW was I surprised and I love that fat neck. later. nic
  8. I watched the video for the first time last night, then I had to watch it again, just to make sure I saw what I thought I saw. And I did. Okay the guy is a complete moron, in fact I have so many words that can describe his action, but my post would be far too long. I wonder if he even gets it, what he did that is. And there is rumor that he asked the guy that painted it if he would care if he trashed the guitar - now that is a lame a$$ excuse. And that is supposed to make it okay. He's one guy that deserves to hit the wall HARD! ! ! JackA$$ P.O.S.
  9. Just one more reason NOT to like NASCAR, question: if he won the Daytona 500 would he smash THAT trophy too?? Probably not. What an A$$. It took me 2 years to save for my Les Paul.
  10. GREAT LOOKING LP!!!! Love the finish.
  11. I'd send it back, it sounds like maybe someone had returned it and you got the one they returned. If you're not happy with it, send it back until you get one you are completely happy with. MF has the LP Standard desertburst with nickel hardware, 50's neck (which I prefer) for $1799.00, If I had the extra $$$$ I would buy it. Good Luck.
  12. As goofy as it sounds, my very first guitar, it was a mexican made telecaster in sunburst with a maple neck. It wasn't the greatest but it was my first. I should have kept it.
  13. There is ALOT of difference.....definetly check out the thread from above.
  14. Hello Everyone, Since my Traditional is my first guitar with a rosewood fret board, my question is, can regular lemon oil be used to treat it? thanks.
  15. I vote for the Traditional , I prefer the 57 classic humbuckers and the 50's style neck. Oh and most importantly - it's weight relieved , not chambered. good luck
  16. Gotta go with a 65 Twin Reverb RI (if you have the $$$), I can say the LP+65TRRI is an awesome combo. The 57's on my Traditional really sing through that amp, clean or otherwise. If you can, try one out.
  17. If I had an extra 2k, I would certainly buy one of these with the 50's fat neck. Just my personal preference, I'm not a huge fan of the 60's slim tapered or not. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-Les-Paul-Standard-50s-Neck-Electric-Guitar?sku=517186
  18. Hi All, I'm trying to figure out what is the significance to the 59 (R9) VOS & ReIssue is. Why does it cost so much more than lets say a 57, 54 or 56? thanks.
  19. As it been said, I'm almost certain 100% that all the GLP's are Plekkd. The sticker could have fallen off, but I wouldn't worry about it. Welcome to the Traditional Club.
  20. Right On Callen, the 57 classics sound AMAZING. Gold or otherwise - all the finishes are gorgeous.
  21. I love my traditional, awesome first LP. My next LP will be a 54 RI in LemonBurst (someday), gotta dig the P90's.
  22. hmmmm, not sure if I like them or not.
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