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  1. I have these on mine, not the easiest to play but great sound. strings
  2. I got the strings yesterday, I like them a LOT! It does take a bit more effort to play w/the 13s but the sound is worth it.
  3. This is good to hear as a Dot is on my "bucket list". As I recently bought an IBJL casino and an EJ200CE I'll have to wait and save up a bit. I gotta admit, that Pelham Blue one at Sweetwater is gorgeous! Oops, I just checked, the one at Sweetwater is a 355. What's the difference?
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I will keep all these in mind but the EB11's are too light for my taste. Maybe it's just the EB ones? I did some digging around and ordered these, they should be here Wednesday. strings
  5. vkh

    New EJ200CE

    Although I still love my blonde, that burst is gorgeous! Congrats to everyone else who bought one of these.
  6. Hi all, I'm looking for string recommendations for my guitar. I tried a set of Ernie Ball earthwood 11's, they're OK but I'd like a heavier set. I could get a set of 12's or even 13's but wonder what others are using. Thanks!
  7. vkh

    New EJ200CE

    I'm not a fan of cutaways either. I know they made some in the past without the cutaway but I couldn't find any. However, I am a big fan of the natural maple back and sides. This thing plays and sounds so good that I didn't care about the cutaway. About a month before this, I played an identical guitar in the same shop. It played great but sounded kinda muted, it was almost like a subtle palm mute sound. They told me it was already sold on Ebay. I had a similar experience at a GC a few years back. They had 2, a sunburst and a natural like mine. The sunburst one was terrible, it played a
  8. I guess I'm close to the uploaded file limit.pics
  9. 2 new Epi's in the past month, I'm on a roll! 1. Inspired by JL casino. 2. EJ200CE Love them both!
  10. Hi all, I've been shopping for a new acoustic guitar for a month or so. I've played a bunch and none "spoke to me" till today. I stopped in a local shop, they had 2 of these guitars. One black, the other natural. I've played several of these and the sound quality varied quite a bit. Some sounded dead, some were OK, and then I played the natural one. This thing sounds fabulous and plays like the proverbial butter! After playing it a few minutes I knew it was coming home with me. This thing rings like a bell and it's LOUD.
  11. It sounds like a grounding issue to me too. Does it change or go away when you touch a metal part of the guitar?
  12. That blue is absolutely gorgeous! A local shop had an SG in that color, it looked amazing!
  13. I made some progress! I have a Vox Pathfinder 15R and I pressed the "boost" switch. I usually play "clean" so I'd never used this. I still need to play with the gain a bit but it was pretty close. Man, I LOVE this guitar! Scott, I have never seen an Epi SG in TV yellow w/P-90s. Was this a special run? Again, I really appreciate all the replies. This seems like a nice place w/a bunch of good people.
  14. Thanks for all the replies. I read about them plugging into the board somewhere. It'd be nice if I had a setup like that. I'm gonna play w/the settings on my amp and see how that works. Scott, that's a Gibby in your avatar pic, right? An SG w/P-90s is on my bucket list.
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