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  1. I have an older sheraton 2, and a union jack sheraton. There's something special about a sheraton definitely.
  2. Are you planning on playing the thing or framing it? The first thing I do with almost all my electrics is change the strap pins for strap locks, the same goes for my gibson custom.
  3. I really depends on your own preferences, as said above neck shapes vary on the models as do the finishing details, inlays etc. Think of the sheraton as the 355 compared to the 335, with the different inlays, binding and headstock details etc. I have two sheratons, one with mini humbuckers and a frequencator tailpeice, like the original. This has a totally different sound and feel to my other hollow bodies, have you seen or considered the new riviera? It will offer something different in sound to the sheraton 2 or the 335.
  4. There is nothing to put the stop bar stud into, it's just the ply body and I think another small peice of ply by the bridge for a bit of extra depth. It is literally hollow unlike say the sheraton with a centre block. I also don't see how adding a stop bar would aid the intonation? The intonation is between the nut and the bridge saddles. Anything before or after has no effect. I have used gotoh bridges as they give a bigger range of movement on the saddles for intonation, and I usually replace the stock nuts on epiphone with graph tech if needed.
  5. It's a shipping problem, could have happened anywhere. I'm positive the timber is structurally sound. Despite the rumours, headstock don't just fall off or explode. GC should have packaged it better and checked it before shipping, that's why they gave you a refund because they know this. Hope the next one shows you how good they can be.
  6. MC is the Muse factory in China, the 22 should be the year, but obviously its not a 2022. My guess is a 2002. 09 is September and the rest is the production numer. With regards to the year, I'm unsure why it says 22 not 02. They weren't being made in China in 92 and production was almost exclusively at Quingdao by 2012, thats why I say 2002.
  7. The link doesn't bring any pictures up for me, it just takes me to an ebay picture hosting site and asks me to sign in.
  8. That doesn't look like factory wiring to me anyway, and as far as I'm aware epiphone don't shield the cavity, definitely not like that. Personally I would do full new harness at the same time, and clean the cavity up.
  9. The Gibson Epiphone Quingdao factory opened in 2002 as far as I know. Pictures are needed if anyone is to be of any help with the authenticity though. I know that for some reason the Wylde models at one point were the most commonly seen counterfeit Epiphones, the best way for us to tell would be face on pictures of the body and headstock.
  10. Go check gueikian out on Instagram. Pictures in his stories of them ready for final assembly by the look of it.
  11. The information you have been given here is correct, and they only came with serial numbers on the gold sticker. Serial number decoders are useless, they cause more problems than they solve. If you go to page 4, I think, of this forum you will find an extensive thread about these specific guitars.
  12. Define 'muddy'? I honestly think this is a term we have come to accept as an excuse for what we deem a cheaper product. I own a few epiphone guitars with different pickups from the past 25 years, I've only changed one pickup and that was though boredom really. Some pickups are darker or bass heavy but I can almost guarantee that given the correct set up and some adjustments to the way your setting the amp, you will find a tone you are happy with. If not p90s aren't for you. From experience most pickups don't come correctly set up from the factory, the pole peices should be curved t
  13. Titebone 3 for the glue. Im sure there are others available but thats what I use, needs to be clamped for at least 24hrs depending on temperature etc. Just make sure you wick as much glue in the gap as possible, I would carefully open the gap a tiny amount if possible to get more in. Obviously you will know if this is possible without causing more damage better than me as you have it in hand, just be careful.
  14. I just got one of these too, I struggled to find one in the yellow but I'm glad I eventually did. Gibson have been quite sparse in the UK lately, given whats been going on i suppose its to be expected. Its my first new gibson and its near faultless, there was some polish compound on the highest frets and in the serial number and a tiny rough patch on the fretboard at the 12th about .5mm round so easily sorted. My wife got it me for Christmas and I found time to change the strings and tweak the set up today, just adjustment for preference really. Like you say lower at the nut and slightly
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