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  1. It would've been a bad break to need a different head, and like you say there seems to be no sign of repair. Maybe it was a first or last production run and they just used what neck they had? Or a gouge on the body meant it needed solid paint? Could have a flame maple veneer underneath, who knows?
  2. The headstock will tell you, as far as I know there isn't a elite with a normal epiphone headstock. They either have a gibson style, or a thinner gretsch style with a bump on the top. The custom wasn't offered in that flame top and had different binding.Also the pick guard isnt off a custom elite, they were black. It could be a flame top elite, but they weren't offered in wine red. Also its almost impossible given the serial number, Japan wouldn't put a China number on.
  3. No, all the serial number will tell you is where, when and what production number.
  4. Also down to construction, Gibson's being one carved piece with grain obviously following the same direction. Epiphone have used a scarf joint on most except Sheratons for years, which is stronger due to grain changing direction and cheaper due to amount of waste.
  5. Limited runs rarely are as truly limited as they say,for instance the union Jack Sheraton was limited to 1000 but for sale worl wide for a couple of years. The last number in the serial number is the production run number, not the number out of a series. If they are truly limited to a number, it will be on the COA or serial number sticker for semi hollows like the 1962 Sheratons that were limited to 1962 and gave a numer out like 0001/1962 Looking on epiphonewiki, it should come with hand signed COA etc, sono questions there.
  6. Pretty sure serial number reads as- Sammick (Korean factory) 1995 May production number 5166. I could be wrong as older serials can be misleading. You cant get model information from serial numbers, but if you describe the model someone may be able to help.
  7. I've just seen a reply by epiphone on their official Instagram, on a post about the lp and SG muse range. Someone mentioned the various reports of bad fret work on the 2020 models,they admitted knowing about it and said they are working with the factory to sort it. At least they accept theres a problem, shame for people who already bought a bad one.
  8. Fake epiphones exist, they just do. Look them up some are pretty obvious. Another thing, which is hard to tell properly. Does it have nibs? Or has it had a refret? I think all of the 80's Sheraton I've seen have nibs. And the tuners, angled screw in. Again most of the ones I've seen and can find images of have a straight screw at the bottom of the machine not like these. And it doesn't look like there are any holes from a change? Whatever it is, if it pleases you to play, that's really all that matters.
  9. That's not an Epiphone Sheraton body, in my opinion.look at the shape, the cut outs on the ears aren't deep enough, toggle looks in the wrong place. The biggest apart from the stripes, the inlays, I've never seen a sheraton without the split square. It just looks so off. Looks more like an ibanez body. Also, it looks brand new apart from the headstock overlay. Fake.
  10. Only epiphones sold in USA have that sticker I think. I know none of the ones I've bought in the UK have them. Technically there all Gibson QC. That's the catch, they can say Gibson QC because that's the name on the employee pay slip. Also, I've always had doubts as to someone further unpacking and quality checking every new epiphone that gets sold in USA. Good marketing though either way.
  11. It's just a clear poly, on top of the natural wood, the colour is the natural colour of the maple. As has already been said be VERY careful sanding. The poly is thick on these it takes a lot to get through but very little to go too far. If your dead set on carrying on yourself I suggest using a tinted clear to darken or 'age' the finish.
  12. I have an epi dot studio, two sheratons and two gretsch. The dot studio is excellent for the money, fat neck flawless finish, needed a good setup. Best sounding epi buckers I have. First Sheraton is Korean, fast slim neck as normal with most Sheratons, again flawless finish, its 16 years old nearly and the gold hasn't tarnished to bad. Pickups are a let down and I always finish playing and want to change them but haven't yet. But in terms of playability it set the standard by which all others much match. I couldn't bring myself to sell it. Second Sheraton is a Union Jack special with mini hb's and frequensator tailpeice made in China, slim neck. Sounds amazing but I just cant bond with its playability, this was mainly a looks purchase anyway. First gretsch is a 5422 double cut full hollow Korean made, slightly thicker than a '335' body, feel, sound, everything way above my epiphones. Second gretsch is a 5622 double cut semi, Korean made, about same body thickness as '335' type. This. This is it, one guitar for life? This one. Medium neck, versatile pickups, cover a lot of sounds, finish details above the epi. I love my epiphone semis, I will buy more and I hate the fact epiphone seems to have recently become a platform for various les paul models, when they have so much more to offer. If you are simply looking for instant relief try the dot studio, leaving you more to save for a Gibson. But ultimately I urge you to try a Gretsch.
  13. By coincidence I may be able to advise you. My friend has one for her daughter, she asked me to look at it yesterday as it had an intermittent fault with the pickups. I thought I could be the usual dust in the switch or pots. It wasnt it was a really loose input jack, I just bent the pin to give a more secure hold on the lead. Does your cable move around alot when its plugged in? Personally I would contact the store you purchased from first, being brand new. If you are confident in your abilities take the plate off and look at what lies beneath, it could be simple, like I had, or could be loose cables etc.
  14. When did he buy it? It was made 9 years ago, in china, and sold in the USA. Its 100% a worn G400 model, in faded satin brown. Whatever modifications have been done were not done by the Gibson factory in Nashville. They dont do it.
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