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  1. Read my reply... The Yamano-gakki are screw on neck, with a single black grommet on the heel commonly mistaken for a strap pin. This clearly isn't one of those.
  2. Japan has made them with the clipped ear epi headstock. But they had a bolt on neck, not in the fender sense but it has a black grommet on the back hiding one screw and two screws under the fret board. Sometimes mistaken for a strap pin, there was a thread a while ago where someone bought one not knowing it was bolt on. That model is the only jap lp that was being made in 95 and the only one to ever have that headstock, it also had a flame top and a made in Japan silk screen on the back. This is no way that model. Its a standard to me, nothing else. I will say, the only real issue with that guitar is that the serial number is in too far off a location to have left most factoies, let alone Fujigen. Something doesn't seem right.
  3. Nice to see, but needed the batwing headstock for me.
  4. DW - DaeWon ( China) 06 - 2006 05 - May 1036 - production number
  5. Parts for gibson will be imperial measurement, asian spec is metric. I put a gotoh GE103B Nashville bridge on my dot studio a few years ago, mainly for a little extra travel on the g saddle but it was a far superior bridge and a noticeable upgrade.
  6. The ' I' indicates it was made in Saein in Korea, January 1998 production number 0727. The serial number doesn't tell you the model number. As kid has said it is a g400. Nothing at all to suggest its not real. Enjoy.
  7. According to the owner of satellite amps, he acquired the trademark for the Coronet in 2016. If Gibson applied for a trademark and one exists, that's the lawsuit. He's pretty confident the law is on his side, as he should be if what he is saying is true. He apparently offered Gibson the trademark at lower than court costs and they haven't responded. Don't forget to 'play authentic'
  8. So some more interesting details emerging on this one. Gibson don't appear to own the Coronet trademark in the US, Satellite have since 2016 and produce accurate spec reproductions, offered for a few years since epiphone wasn't offering them. Gibson is suing them them, so obviously want to make Coronets again. New faces same regime.
  9. I just took 30 seconds of my life to look for you on Andertons. I found 6 left hand epiphone les Paul's, about £30-50 more expensive than right hand. Not really a drastic price difference, any price difference could be down to demand, which is going to be significantly lower.
  10. The letters after the model usually refer to the colour on older epiphones, but that itself doesn't offer much help as i can't think what HSB stands for. I can't see the pictures. Heritage Sun Burst? Usually called sun burst or vintage sun burst.
  11. Not sure how reliable a source it actually is but Instagram user Gueikian, who works for Gibson, responded to two questions about reissues of the coronet and the wilshire. Answering stay tuned to both. Hopefully Gibson follow the recent path and add more to the made in USA line, I could pass on the casino but a wilshire?
  12. Nice, p 90's are the best pickups for me. Not sure if it's just the picture but i like the colour, it's not too yellow. The tuners do look good on there too. But for the love of God man, please get those stickers off, or at least the QC one. My OCD aaahhhh. But seriously, glad you like it, enjoy.
  13. I've just seen that gueikian on Instagram posted a picture of an epiphone headstock overlay 3 days ago with the caption epiphone made in USA again. The post was liked by Mark Agnesi and the user has loads of shots from the gibson factory. They are being made, like said above they will be available soon.
  14. I- Saein Korea 04- 2004 02 - February 1295 - production number Looks like a standard plus top to me.
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