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  1. I just got one of these too, I struggled to find one in the yellow but I'm glad I eventually did. Gibson have been quite sparse in the UK lately, given whats been going on i suppose its to be expected. Its my first new gibson and its near faultless, there was some polish compound on the highest frets and in the serial number and a tiny rough patch on the fretboard at the 12th about .5mm round so easily sorted. My wife got it me for Christmas and I found time to change the strings and tweak the set up today, just adjustment for preference really. Like you say lower at the nut and slightly lower the action, generally expected really. I did have a moment of confusion trying to date it. When I took the pickup out to have a look in the cavity, and saw the dated sticker, 19th July 20, serial puts it at 1st March 20 and I initially read the inspection leaflet as 9th February 20. Couldn't have been inspected and packed before being stamped. I then realised I was reading it as a brit, its 2nd September. I need a break from the booze.
  2. Unfortunately that's the only real option. That model is about what, 8 years out of production? Given the fact epiphone don't offer spare parts for sale for current models, they were never going to be of any help in this instance. What features would you lose in removing the board?
  3. Most gretsch have the strap pin in that position already. I honestly don't notice much difference between the two locations though when going between my sheratons and gretschs. Be careful with it in your new position though, I'm 99% certain you will only be screwed into the ply, with about 5mm of weak 'wood' between your strap button and disaster.
  4. That user hasn't visited the forum for almost 11 years. Don't hold your breath for a reply. If its the wide, smaller post space bridge I'm sure someone has posted a replacement that is currently available. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  5. Good friends and good guitars are what we all need this year. Nice.
  6. I'm useless at posting links but richtonemusic.co.uk has the burgundy and tan Riviera in stock! £599. I am literally about to buy a Gibson Les Paul Special TV yellow tomorrow, I've always wanted a riviera with mini hums and freq tailpeice. I was hoping to just get the Gibson and deal with gas for the riviera in a few months when I thought they would appear. Dilemma! They also have some interesting new colours in the casino, worn ebony and denim? I hadn't seen anything about these new colours.
  7. Glad to hear it! Doesn't matter how many times I've adjusted a truss rod, its one of those jobs that makes you question your abilities and makes you think which way is right and left? Nerve wracking!
  8. Still no info on the riviera, i don't need another semi, but I NEED a riviera with mini humbuckers.
  9. I'm not 100% I understand what you mean, the rod obviously shouldn't move in or out. But what I don't understand is, if you didn't put the allen key in, how did it come out with it? The allen keys supplied are usually quite a snug fit. If possible post photos, maybe we can be of more assistance.
  10. You read too much into a reply. First let me correct some mistakes. I didn't say my custom shop 'sounds better I said it feels better. Once plugged in, its all down to electrics which can come down to preferences and fitting a need. Its a feel in the hand that if you haven't experienced you won't get, and frankly if your going looking at guitars with the mindset displayed, there's no point. You won't like something you set out to dislike. From a price point I paid £750 for my most expensive epiphone, my gibson custom was £1600. Like I said a little over double and it truly is noticeable. That is not a slight on my epiphone, it is near faultless,its just made cheaper and it shows. I also didn't say that an epiphone isn't a real instrument, I own 7 epiphones. One made in Korea, one Indonesia and five in China, all brilliant instruments. ALL manufacturers in every business have some bad QC, and unhappy staff. Believe it or not happy staff and happy customers rarely leave reviews. I also don't particularly care where my guitars are made. I'm in the UK, I have no real preference, but if any I would lean toward Korea . However the majority of epiphone electric guitars are made in the epiphone factory in Quingdao China, not Indonesia. Les paul made what is known as 'the log' at epiphones factory in New York, but it was dismissed by Gibson. It was reworked between 1950-51 in conjunction with les paul who was employed by Gibson at the time. As for patent and trademarks, I assume someone as educated as yourself is aware of what your beloved epiphone is currently doing to smaller independent builders such as satellite, with regards to the coronet? How do you feel about that and your ridicule of the play authentic? I am interested in your thoughts on this particularly as you claim Gibson have little control over epiphones dealings. Also you say when Gibson saved epiphone, they were pushed to make copies of Gibson models. This started a lot latter, don't disregard what many believe to be the glory days of epiphone the 60's, the casino and sheraton from this time period alone are some of the highest regarded instruments. I am very far from an epiphone hater or a Gibson fan boy. I am a realist. The instruments have they're place. I will buy epiphone again and am happy to hear people having good experiences. However one success does not automatically need to turn into a justification for why one is 'better' than the other. I would never offer my opinion in regards Gibson on an epiphone board unless I was asked, as you did.
  11. I love my epiphone guitars, they represent 70% of my collection and span a build period of 12 years fro. Korea China and Indonesia. But let's be serious here, my gibson is far superior in every way. Granted it is a custom shop, but it was a little over twice the cost of my most expensive epiphone. It resonates in a way you only get from one peice bodys and one peice necks. Its just better and the feeling is a step up in class. I also notice that the price of epiphones seems to be jumping higher, £800 for a j200, I paid £350 in 2010 I will never part with my union jack sheraton and am considering a new riviera when they become available. But to be honest if you've never played a gibson that was better than an epiphone, you've played the wrong gibsons. Let's just appreciate them all for what they are, they all have there place in history and the future and don't forget its someone at gibson making the epiphone decisions nowadays.
  12. Without one in hand, I and nobody can really answer the hardware question. We would just be guessing from pictures the same as you. With regards to the scarf joint, whilst you and I know a one peice is 'better' a scarf joint is stronger. I would be surprised to see epiphone change from scarf joints simply due to the waste being so far less compared to a one peice neck.
  13. The body shape and size will be the same, with some variation from some decades usually with the 'ears' on the body. The thickness would have been consistent if they were both riviera. A correctly cut nut should sit with the top height around half of the thickness of the string, given that the bass strings are thicker it wouldn't run truly parallel, but shouldn't be 2mm higher. The stock nuts around 2011 weren't the best, I had to change them on my 2010 and 2012. Sounds like your nut has either been replaced or adjusted as a DIY job, but if it doesn't bind, buzz or damp the strings it would be fine.
  14. Nice, got to find space for a riviera now!
  15. Hi, VS would mean vintage sunburst however its not impossible for the wrong label to have been put in. I have an 04 and an 06 and they both have the serial numbers screen printed on the back of the head stock, does yours? It is not a pro model, they are more recent, they replaced the standard sheraton II around 2016 i think. The natural version looks the best, I am currently search for a 2004 natural to go with my VS. Enjoy, there are not many better guitars out there for the money.
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