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  1. Hi, VS would mean vintage sunburst however its not impossible for the wrong label to have been put in. I have an 04 and an 06 and they both have the serial numbers screen printed on the back of the head stock, does yours? It is not a pro model, they are more recent, they replaced the standard sheraton II around 2016 i think. The natural version looks the best, I am currently search for a 2004 natural to go with my VS. Enjoy, there are not many better guitars out there for the money.
  2. Is the pickup base 'even' or angled to suit the top? It could have been put in backwards? That's my only suggestion as the gap is so uneven from from to back on the pickup, unlike the Amber one where it is parallel, as is expected.
  3. It appears to be an ET series from around 1970-75. Serial numbers from this period are difficult to read and no real dating process, places like guitar dater are almost useless. My biggest problem with ot is the apparent scale length? Unless its a baritone that seems a fair distance and way further than a normal bridge position on pictures I've seen of the ET series. Almost looks like a bass converted to 6 string.
  4. Looks like a perfectly legit Korean lp custom, but that plain mahogany finish wasn't a standard finish offered. Maybe it was a dealer special? Or a refin. Did you buy brand new?
  5. Matt4356


    More than likely made at Sammick in October 1994, production number 1827. That's still just an assumption without pictures or even knowing what model it is.
  6. Unscrew the cover and have a look, it should say on it?
  7. It will be very hard to date without a serial number, that bridge and no serial on headstock should put it between late 89-95 I think. I may be wrong. Pictures may help.
  8. I tend to leave my pickups stock, the only changes I've made have been putting a tone rider alnico 2 in the bridge of my sheraton and a set of TV jones on a Gretsch. I know that around 2012-13 quite a few stamped used 50th anniversary sheratons were being sold with Seymour Duncan pickups as the only visible change, one of my only guitar regrets is not picking one up. Your guitar should have epiphone open coil 700T/ 650R humbuckers.
  9. Almost certainly a second, they used to sell them to refurb companies for various reasons from broken necks to minor wiring problems. The companies would then repair and sell on with a USED stamp on the back of the head and the serial altered. Usually they added a new serial number sticker that in no way relates to epiphone. I think the main company was MIRC. I know yours doesn't say used, but I'm not sure what else it is supposed to be. Bad stamp maybe? I've never seen a fake with those stickers on the back, from that picture alone I see no way its fake.
  10. Em-2 rebel is the model I believe, made between 1991 - 1998. Go to epiphonewiki for more info.
  11. Read my reply... The Yamano-gakki are screw on neck, with a single black grommet on the heel commonly mistaken for a strap pin. This clearly isn't one of those.
  12. Japan has made them with the clipped ear epi headstock. But they had a bolt on neck, not in the fender sense but it has a black grommet on the back hiding one screw and two screws under the fret board. Sometimes mistaken for a strap pin, there was a thread a while ago where someone bought one not knowing it was bolt on. That model is the only jap lp that was being made in 95 and the only one to ever have that headstock, it also had a flame top and a made in Japan silk screen on the back. This is no way that model. Its a standard to me, nothing else. I will say, the only real issue with that guitar is that the serial number is in too far off a location to have left most factoies, let alone Fujigen. Something doesn't seem right.
  13. Nice to see, but needed the batwing headstock for me.
  14. DW - DaeWon ( China) 06 - 2006 05 - May 1036 - production number
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