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  1. I'm from the UK, so my opinion may not count as valid as some on this but from what others have said in the past, take it to a proper tech. Get there opinion.
  2. Pictures of the back of the headstock and neck or at least the serial number would be needed to tell you anything of any detail.
  3. That's THE headstock we needed.
  4. The B7 does look best, it's the classic bibsby people think of on these type of guitars. My suggestion of the B3/B6 is purely because I don't think I would have the balls to screw through the top of THAT guitar and I don't think the roller is needed.
  5. I kind of had an idea a B3 was too short in length, but couldn't remember correctly the longer version. Still there is no reason why a casino needs a tension roller from a B7, I will say though a B7 does look better.
  6. Ok, but still my point regarding the tension stands. The trapeze doesn't apply downward pressure in the way a roller bar on a B7 would. A B3 would be a near identical replacement the trapeze, would it not?
  7. Would a B3 not be the correct one for a casino? Being full hollow there is little for the top screws to secure to and they have been used for how many years on the Gretsch 6122 etc? There is no downward pressure applied by the trapeze currently on, so I don't see the need for There to be any on a bigsby?
  8. Where did you purchase from new? It seems this model hasn't been made since 2012, so I doubt they would keep the software updated or available for that long unfortunately.
  9. Between this period some if not most sheraton II came with a gibson truss cover, including my 93. I know the riviera had the E, as did the epiphone by gibson models which came before this period. I know people mod them but there are several on ebay and reverb at the moment with the gibson cover.
  10. As cunnigham has said, a 90s sheraton is a completely different prospect from the guitars being produced today, and in the UK at least there are some currently going for a lot cheaper than a new version.
  11. If Robin The Hood didn't know then there's not many people around I know of who would. He was a literal encyclopedia about epiphone guitars but hasn't been around for a while. My guess would be a labelling error and the SL stands for serial. That's all I can think of. Either way don't include it in a number checker, it's not part of the Serial number.
  12. Nice, i recently picked up a 93 blonde. They are nice, I currently have a 93, an 04 and a 2012. The 93 is by far the better one, that's not to say the others are bad either.
  13. What is the manufacturer date on the serial number? Also what are the frets like around the crack? The ends appear to be still in a decent shape from the picture but I can't tell if the middle of the frets are raised, as would be expected. I would be sending these pictures and more to epiphone, this isn't common and they may be interested to find the cause.
  14. Ok then, what % of your epiphone fretboard have spontaneously cracked after 3 months? Environment will play a part in set up movement etc over time but there aren't guitars falling apart at the seams to the expanse of the op, due to a shift in humidity and temperature.
  15. I also doubt it's due to workmanship or poor quality materials. It was made and then shipped half way around the world and while humidity may be an issue I doubt it was shipped and stored in perfect conditions. Its developed a crack after 3 months of you owning it, but when was it actually produced according to the serial number?
  16. Kluson do a 72mm bridge specifically for peerless sheratons. They also fo offset posts to accept a klusson usa bridge. I haven't tried either but I am considering the offset posts for my early 90s sheraton with the same bridge. The bridge is called a harmonica bridge by the way, try wdmusic, they have a good selection for ideas.
  17. Serial number is 12- 2012 07- July 15- Quingdao, China. 00068- production number.
  18. More than likely its- 1999, December production number 0302. If I had to guess I would say Samick Korea, if I remember that's where it seems most of these were made. It would usually have a S or U etc for the factory but sometimes they don't. Is the number printed on the back of the headstock?
  19. The problem with this time period is that there was no real standardisation with regards to some of the discrepancies you have described, from year to year or factory to factory. This is why production was moved to Quingdao. However the one thing I would be 99% sure on is that a standard and a deluxe built at the same time would have the exact same features, bar the top ply. They would not set a separate production line with such subtle differences for what was a limited run guitar.
  20. Nice. Beautiful colour, and I always think they look classier with the back/ neck in the contrast. I REALLY hope they give the sheraton the same USA treatment. Have a look in the inside compartment in the case. The Chinese ones usually have a little white square label around 10mm. I've never seen a real issue with these cases other than people expecting less and finding fault because they are Chinese.
  21. No, it's a sheraton II, I have a 2004 VS non deluxe also built in Unsung Korea. My headstock is identical to yours. The deluxe was basically just the flame top, that's why it was only available in a translucent finish, look at the more recent dot deluxe, always in trans colours. In my opinion the sheratons from this era are some of the best produced, I've been looking for a natural one from 04 for a while.
  22. I have an older sheraton 2, and a union jack sheraton. There's something special about a sheraton definitely.
  23. Are you planning on playing the thing or framing it? The first thing I do with almost all my electrics is change the strap pins for strap locks, the same goes for my gibson custom.
  24. I really depends on your own preferences, as said above neck shapes vary on the models as do the finishing details, inlays etc. Think of the sheraton as the 355 compared to the 335, with the different inlays, binding and headstock details etc. I have two sheratons, one with mini humbuckers and a frequencator tailpeice, like the original. This has a totally different sound and feel to my other hollow bodies, have you seen or considered the new riviera? It will offer something different in sound to the sheraton 2 or the 335.
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