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  1. I almost made a HUGE change just to be pretty cool. Change my screen name to da/cookster but then I read the thread.
  2. Hunting down the national championship like a Husky hunts down a cat! Fight fight fight for Iowa----until the game is won! Back to tailgating---it's freaking 60 degrees at 9:30 am in NOVEMBER!!! yea!
  3. I believe those are NJ models, made in Japan. Good players. I'm not an expert, but I've gotten quite a knowledge over the past few weeks. His price is fairly fair.
  4. Yeah, Duncans. Not certain which ones, I'll guess a SD in bridge. Not sure if previous owner used his own and then swapped the Duncans in for the sale, or not.
  5. Hey Damien----great posting of the electronics features. That's why I had to have a supreme, I figured whatever gig might pop up, this guitar would do it. I've seen you around on the BC Rich forum---nice axes you have!
  6. Neck is kick ***----soooo solid. More solid than any of my other neck-thrus. As far as thickness, I'd say 'average' This is sweet----now I want another!
  7. okay, in all seriousness, for like 27 years I've wanted one of these. But things just never aligned. Back in the day, I could never afford one. When I was 13, I cut a picture out of a magazine and taped it on my window sill above my bed. Ah---a mockingbird supreme! The past couple of years, I was close on getting a couple, but the prices were too high, vet bills, another guitar, amp or whatever popped up. And this, it took about 3 weeks of hardcore searching before I found it. Plays like a dream. It's like xmas!
  8. The picture he sent me was pretty bad, and after a couple more emails I didn't bother him further. But it was pretty funny--- copy/pasta for your enjoyment.......... > > > > what were you looking to get, cash wise, for these? that's an odd neck on the tele. Telecaster I'd like $750- rosewood strat neck w/ tele headstock, abalone floral inlay > > 335 $1000 are these real gibson and fender guitars? i can come over tonight if you like. yes, gibson es-335 all original. > > > > telecaster aftermarket neck, curly ash body (custom, not fa
  9. local guy wanting to sell. I'm not a 335 guy, so when I saw 3 pickups it make me feel uncomfortable. More pix and info soon.
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