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  1. I almost made a HUGE change just to be pretty cool. Change my screen name to da/cookster but then I read the thread.
  2. Hunting down the national championship like a Husky hunts down a cat! Fight fight fight for Iowa----until the game is won! Back to tailgating---it's freaking 60 degrees at 9:30 am in NOVEMBER!!! yea!
  3. I believe those are NJ models, made in Japan. Good players. I'm not an expert, but I've gotten quite a knowledge over the past few weeks. His price is fairly fair.
  4. Yeah, Duncans. Not certain which ones, I'll guess a SD in bridge. Not sure if previous owner used his own and then swapped the Duncans in for the sale, or not.
  5. Hey Damien----great posting of the electronics features. That's why I had to have a supreme, I figured whatever gig might pop up, this guitar would do it. I've seen you around on the BC Rich forum---nice axes you have!
  6. Neck is kick ***----soooo solid. More solid than any of my other neck-thrus. As far as thickness, I'd say 'average' This is sweet----now I want another!
  7. okay, in all seriousness, for like 27 years I've wanted one of these. But things just never aligned. Back in the day, I could never afford one. When I was 13, I cut a picture out of a magazine and taped it on my window sill above my bed. Ah---a mockingbird supreme! The past couple of years, I was close on getting a couple, but the prices were too high, vet bills, another guitar, amp or whatever popped up. And this, it took about 3 weeks of hardcore searching before I found it. Plays like a dream. It's like xmas!
  8. The picture he sent me was pretty bad, and after a couple more emails I didn't bother him further. But it was pretty funny--- copy/pasta for your enjoyment.......... > > > > what were you looking to get, cash wise, for these? that's an odd neck on the tele. Telecaster I'd like $750- rosewood strat neck w/ tele headstock, abalone floral inlay > > 335 $1000 are these real gibson and fender guitars? i can come over tonight if you like. yes, gibson es-335 all original. > > > > telecaster aftermarket neck, curly ash body (custom, not factory). Fender OEM pickups, electronics, & bridge (later style) > they never did a 3 pickup 335. So how can it be all original? the 335 has all it's original factory parts (except pick guard) plus an additonal '57 classic in the center position. the 335 is in perfect working & playing condition. it has cosmetic issues, however they do not effect playability & tone quality. the guitar's finish has been stripped & sanded, neck sanded, previous owner painted part of back & scraped some off- looks nasty, there's a small hole from mounting an acoustic pickup, also theres a cribbage board drilled in the back. i bought the guitar from the original owner, a family friend, for $1350 about a year ago. he ordered the guitar in the summer of 2001 & used it while attending berklee music conservatory in boston. well, that's a far cry for 'all original' it's a far cry from 'original condition' which is reflected in asking only $1000. a guitarist's guitar, not a collectors guitar indeed. by the way- gibson custom shop produced the 'alvin lee es-335' which had a seymour duncan single coil between 2 '57 classics. thanks > Folks, I leave you to your own assumptions about this. I can't pinpoint which year Gibson included the cribbage board as 'stock' on the 335's, that would definitely help.
  9. local guy wanting to sell. I'm not a 335 guy, so when I saw 3 pickups it make me feel uncomfortable. More pix and info soon.
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