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  1. slk

    Bridge Post

    I did check the new ones and they are in fact metric. 4 X.07
  2. Does any know if the 2 bridge post with the thumb wheel that go into the body of an Epiphone would be the same as a Gibson? Reason for asking is that I have an Epiphone that the bridge post slotted head was buggered up. I called Epiphone and they sent me 2 new ones but they are not slotted and are allen heads. These are the small post that go into the body. The guitar is setup great right now but will change out the parts when a setup is needed again. I just wanted to make sure the threads were the same so I do not have to change out the knurled plug that goes in the body. So I am not quite su
  3. Thanks. That was suggested by a friend but won't that enable the entire world to have access to my Facebook page and or pictures. Please let me know if you know a way to just link a single picture. Thanks Steve
  4. Well guys I was able to get one of the Johnny A's. Had it about a week now and it is a wonderful guitar. The sustain is a killer. The playability is right up there with any of my Gibson's. I changed to flatwound strings and it came alive. I would post some pics but photobucket doesn't play nice anymore. Looking for a new photo host. Steve
  5. One other problem I see is that no one has any. Everyone is back ordered, and the date expected has already gone to May/June. Epiphone will not ship a container until it is full....Most of the companies have numerous Johnny A's on the order. Just do not know what to think..... Steve
  6. Ok guys I just put 11's on my SG and I am wondering what the norm should be for string height at the first fret. I just am wondering if the nut slots need to be deepened?? What would be the first steps to take when setting up a guitar for low action. Thanks \Steve
  7. To be perfectly honest I put it on and did not like how it looked. So it is off. Steve
  8. It says Gibson on the packaging........
  9. When putting the washer on, is it recommended to pull the paper off the back and actually let the sticky stuff adhere to the body? If you did not like it would it make it difficult to remove it? Steve
  10. slk

    Knobs on an SG

    Does anyone have any good techniques to get the old knobs off? Steve
  11. slk

    Strings on an SG

    Well guys I had a set of 10's lying around that were round wound and with out the wound 3rd string. They are much better than the 9's. Like night and day difference. I may try the flat wound 10's with the wound 3rd and see if there is much difference. I really have to say that there the guitar is much more enjoyable to play now. Steve
  12. It sure does not look like it starts with a 3 to me. Looks more like a 6 or 8 Steve
  13. slk

    Knobs on an SG

    Stew-Mac told me today that: CTS was fine knurled and Alpha was course knurled Steve
  14. slk

    Knobs on an SG

    I was thinking of upgrading the plain black knobs for the silver center Gibson knobs that say volume and tone on them. StewMac is listing 2 different knurled knobs one is for CTS and the other is for Alpha. Does anyone know what the SG's have? Was also thinking of pointers also. Steve
  15. slk

    SG top's

    Here is the guitar I have Steve
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