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  1. Hi 4Hayden, thank you, this means a lot to me :) kind regards, Emma :)
  2. Hi Pin, this is a brilliant comment kind regards, Emma :)
  3. Hi 4Hayden, it's great to hear from you. Wishing you well and thinking of you with the next operation. kind regards, Emma :)
  4. Hi SteveFord, this has made me feel so much better I thought it was just me that can take one step forward and two steps back, with my playing. I still have fun playing but now I'll just go with the flow. kind regards, Emma :)
  5. Hi Digger, this sounds like the perfect way ro start the weekend What is this rare thing, that you call The Sun? In the UK it is a rare occurrence. I was to chicken to sit in the garden in my coat, scarf, gloves and umbrella. :lol: kind regards, Emma :)
  6. Hi Retired, you have won me over with the secure mirrors I'll start packing my osterich feather duster and micro-fibre cloths. I'll pop over once I've cleaned at Digger's. kind regards, Emma :)
  7. Hi Digger, here in Suffolk we have very sandy soil, plus living in the countryside the blossom from the trees leaves a very fine yellow dust. We've got two dogs, Amber is a mixture of yorkie and jack russell and Millie is a lhasa apso. Millie likes rolling around on the floor, she really does buff up the slate flooring in the hall :lol: kind regards, Emma :)
  8. Johnny Cash Link Wray Cajun-various artists albums Ry Cooder kind regards, Emma :)
  9. Congratulations beautiful guitar kind regards, Emma :)
  10. Hi Digger, well I had my bacon, fried bread and black pudding for breakfast, it was delicious naughty but very nice washed down with a cuppa tea. Set me up for the day playing my SG woo hoo. kind regards, Emma :)
  11. Hi Digger, you made me have a good chuckle reading this I'm just a rock n roll animal at heart :lol: But I do enjoy cleaning, it's a great stress buster (apart from black gloss furniture, which I sold, it was a dust magnet) Mmmm, free Vegemite.........very tempting kind regards, Emma :)
  12. Hi 4Hayden, it's good to see you posting here on the forum. I send my prayers to you for healing. kind regards, Emma :)
  13. Hi skilsaw, the most important thing is that you are having fun. Good for you that you are taking lessons and playing every day. I'm learning a finger picking tune called 'The Last Steam Train Engine' (I hope I've got the title right, my brain is frazzled from playing) what a tricky little number but I'm taking my time and breaking it down in sections, I'm determined to nail this tune. If I had to choose out of all the music gear I've got, my metronome wins hands down. Glad you are enjoying your guitars and don't forget to share photos when you get another guitar. kind regards, Emma :)
  14. Hi Farnsbarns, you are certainly going through the mill with this amp. It's great that you have the knowledge/skill to rectify the problem. Hope it's working for you and you can finally enjoy your amp. kind regards, Emma :)
  15. Hi Digger, the funny thing about this, is that I was helping them with the housework. I cleaned the mirror but I must have dislodged the clips that was holding it in place. I then started wiping the towel rail and then.....donk....the mirror fell and hit me on the head. kind regards, Emma :)
  16. Here in Suffolk, it's been raining all week and cold. But at least the thick fog cleared . The grey clouds have been very low today, but the beautiful golden and red tones of the leaves on the trees really stand out. kind regards, Emma :)
  17. Hi jdgm, now your talking, bacon and fried bread, and some black pudding. That's my breakfast sorted and tea will be the Marmite and Vegemite with toast and butter. Both served with a cuppa tea kind regards, Emma :)
  18. Mmmm Marmite my favourite. Nice cuppa tea and chunky toast with butter, Marmite lightly spread. I've never tried Vegemite, I'm going to buy a jar tomorrow. Digger, I once drove over 30 miles for my favourite coffee. kind regards, Emma :)
  19. Hi all, well what a week it's been. I was visiting some friends and asked to use their bathroom, whilst in there a 3ftX2ft mirror fell off the wall and fell on my head. Not only did the mirror crack on impact but as I pushed the mirror off myself, the mirror slipped and smashed a porcelain toothbrush/glass holder. I was lucky that I didn't end up being cut, just a nasty bump which resembled a growing horn. kind regards, Emma :)
  20. Hi Bence, I've been rather naughty lately with my wages. First I bought an amp, a floor lamp, several books, loads of guitar strings. But I still haven't bought the thing I really need, which is some new t-shirts, the ones I currently wear are literally falling apart. I've never been a clothes shopper, I hate it. Much rather spend my money on guitar gear hee hee, much to my Mum's disapproval. Looks like I'll have to buy some Gibson t-shirts :lol: Kind regards, Emma :)
  21. Hi Cougar, thank you for sharing your music. That's an excellent track Hearing this has really given me the incentive to persevere with this software. kind regards, Emma :)
  22. Surfpup: I'm going to do this, this weekend. Perfect for a movie night Pippy: I must 'dig out' my Jamie Oliver cook books. This is pie utopia Bence: this sounds like a great idea for inviting friends round, having a jam in the garden with our guitars rounded off with a feast. One of my neighbours, spits roast a whole pig on his front lawn, so it will be good to try something different kind regards, Emma :)
  23. Hi Cougar, I installed Cubase AI8 over the weekend, it came free with a amp I bought. I've never used this software before, so I'm on a huge learning curve. I managed to do some very basic recording of my acoustic guitar. But at the moment it's a bit like looking at the control deck on the Starship Enterprise :lol: Hope you are getting along fine with your Cubase kind regards, Emma :)
  24. I bought myself a floor lamp, which I've placed beside the sofa. I'm not keen on having the overhead light on. Enjoying reading 'The SG Guitar Book-50 Years of Gibson's Stylish Solid Guitar' by Tony Bacon. Yesterday I started working on a book by Doug Young : 'Understanding DADGAD For Fingerstyle Guitar'. Clearly presented and also explains the theory side to the music examples. Also comes with a CD. Really pleased with my progress so far. kind regards, Emma :)
  25. Hi Guitar God, congrats That's a real beauty you've got, beautiful finish that compliments the maple top kind regards, Emma :)
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