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  1. Wife? Girlfriend? Pffffttt! No clue about the first, barely recall the second! I'm not tall, handsome, or charming, I live in the middle of nowhere, and I have high standards. The math does not work in my favor on that one! The bright side is nobody can tell me not to buy a guitar!
  2. G&L Fullerton Deluxe JB, built to spec. This will most likely be the bass I keep forever. I had a Gibson EB-5, but the 5th string rarely seemed useful and was more often an annoyance.
  3. I have a mix of moderately expensive and cheaper guitars. After upgrading the pickups and electronics, I don't notice any real difference in tone or playability between my Epiphone SG (technically G-400) and my Gibson SG. I did plop down a good chunk of change recently for a built-to-spec G&L bass. That expenditure was worth it in my opinion to get the exact color, neck, frets, pickguard, wood, and inlays that I wanted. My $600 MIM Fender Jazz Bass played and sounded just as good.
  4. With the sale of my Fender Mexican JB, all of my Fender-type guitars are now G&L. I had a string of bad luck with American made Fenders.
  5. My custom ordered G&L Fullerton Deluxe JB finally arrived today after a 4 month wait! Gotta say it was worth it! I spec'd it with a basswood body, surf green gloss, vintage tint maple neck/fingerboard with mother of pearl block inlays, body-matched headstock, and pearloid pickguard. The price was pretty reasonable for a special order. I covered most of it by selling my Gibson EB-5 and Mexican Fender Jazz Bass. Some might think it's over the top, but I love it!
  6. Found another one on Reverb listed as an "SG Special Limited Edition" in Blue Mist. Listed for $1100 plus shipping in less than great condition and people seem to be interested in it. $850 might not be too bad an asking price, but then again the one on Reverb could be overpriced. https://reverb.com/item/37872507-gibson-sg-special-limited-edition-2008-blue-mist
  7. 7 guitars, not including a custom built bass I just ordered. 2 amps, one tube and one SS.
  8. Oddly enough I've never managed to keep a Les Paul more than 6 months. I think I've had 4 Gibsons and an Epiphone (might have kept the Epi closer to a year).
  9. I have a vintage 1994 Fender Medium pick in the highly desirable tortoiseshell option!
  10. I coil split the pickups in my SGs, but on the neck I reverse wired it. You get the screw coil when you split it so it sounds more like a Tele neck pickup.
  11. What's brown and sounds like a bell? DUNG!
  12. Nope. Moved near Albuquerque. Got sick of the winters and being forced to live in employee housing. Bought my own place again finally.
  13. Haven't been on here much lately, but doing well!
  14. I just sold a 1992 (Samick factory) Sheraton II in very good condition for $500 on Reverb. It had the typical worn-off gold plating on the pickups and hardware, but was close to perfect otherwise.
  15. Never married. Had a long term GF in college who I could have married, but she graduated before me and we agreed to go our separate ways. After that I went into a career field that rewards moving every few years. Didn't want to be tied down to one place and just quit looking a long time ago. Can't say I feel like I'm missing much. I spent years rescuing Siberian Huskies, and that took a lot of my time and gave me something resembling family I guess. Done with that now for the foreseeable future and enjoying not having anyone depending on me at home. I can travel whenever I want and spend my money as I see fit. I'm sure I missed out on something, but I can't really miss what I never knew. My cousins had sons and carried on the name/genes, so that was never something I had to be concerned with. I should be financially set to retire at 50 and not have to work again if I don't want to. All in all I'm pretty happy to be a long term bachelor!
  16. I might try the 8.5-40 set. I use a D'Addario 8.5-39 set on my 25.5" scale guitars currently. I really like the 8.5!
  17. I transferred to New Mexico recently. Still in the same general area, just a bit further south.
  18. My customized 2014 SG would be my most versatile I guess. It was a Stratosphere guitar, so I just bought the stripped out body and built it to my own preferences from there. After my 4th set of pickups, I'm finally happy with it. I built the wiring harness with push/pull pots. The bridge pickup is split the standard way with the slug coils active when split. The neck pickup is split with the screw coils active when split for more of a Tele sound. I've never managed to keep a Les Paul in my collection for more than 6 months because I love this SG so much, and it makes the same noises plus some...
  19. I've been blasting 2112 all night. Here's what I posted on Facebook... "Today the world lost one of the most revolutionary musicians of the rock and roll era. Neil Peart redefined percussion. His influence is incredible in its depth and breadth. Almost every drummer in the last 40 years credits him as an influence to some extent. He made drums into a lead instrument, full of creativity and emotion. I feel privileged to have seen him 3 times in concert."
  20. Picked up a 1992 Samick-made Sheraton II in absolutely stunning condition for $300! Other than the normal patina on the gold hardware, this thing is near mint-not one ding! I had a 1989 model in high school and sold it when I graduated. Been looking for one for a while and oddly enough found this for sale on a Toyota Tacoma forum.
  21. I guess my best one is from Bryan Adams' "Somebody". I always thought he said "I passed out at Madonna's, when you walked in the room" I was almost right: "I thought I saw the Madonna, when you walked in the room". I mean, he was probably famous enough to be hanging out with Madonna in 1985 and passing out at her place...sounded reasonable!
  22. Its automatic only, therefore even if I wanted to drop the money on one I wouldn't. No manual, no sale for me! Sad to see the storied Corvette only available with a slushbox, flappy paddle shifters can piss off!
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