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  1. Thanks for that, senojnad. I wish we had a "Like" button... Anyway, I'm 100% satisfied with my Memhis ES-345 1964 Reissue. It's superb. Finally I have a better guitar that my students!
  2. Versatile, thanks for the welcome! Yes, I'll give those heavy bottom strings a try. Appreciated.
  3. You never know - the cloning might happen long after you are dead. Weird or what?!
  4. Thanks for keeping us posted. I just checked again on my iPad2, and there are no amps below the 1948 BR9, so no wonder I couldn't scroll further down. Sorry for being so stupid! It's a great site, including the Oahu amps - they are beautiful. Keep up the excellent work - it's the sort of thing that makes the web worthwhile.
  5. Interesting overview of your life there, Charlie. I guess disco killed off many guitarists at the time. Nice collection of guitars you have too, but one could never have too many... Good to know you were a photographer, as that is a hobby of mine: http://imagesrm.com - though I'd be useless as a commercial photographer. Anyway, enough chit chat, I have some playing to do :)
  6. Brilliant. Thanks for the Memphis video, especially, which led me to two others: And
  7. Yes, if the Mambo doesn't work out, I'll be looking at Fender amps...
  8. Well, Charlie, the aroma has pretty much gone, but the vibe remains as strong as ever. Not yet got a good amp. I have the small Yamaha THR5, and a small Marshall transistor amp. Mambo amps are sending me a trial amp, which they send to anyone interested - have a look at their site: http://www.mambo-amp.co.uk It's used by jazz players, but the maker himself uses it for blues. I have a Jetter Red pedal for a little overdrive - I'm not a fan of heavy distortion. So within a week from now I should know if it's the amp for me, or whether to go for a valve amp. We shall see. I've adjusted the action again after putting on a new set of 9s, for lots of bending. I can do that now, but preferred the thicker tone of the 10s. I'm on the hunt for a bendy set of 10s. I might have to man-up, and get used to bending heavier strings. I'm more a blues-jazz player than a jazz-blues one, if you see what I mean. I'll make a video with the Mambo when it arrives. They're a UK company, pretty much unknown in the States, but their website tells you most of what you need to know. Looking forward to getting hold of it. Cheers, Charlie. Thanks for the interest! What are you playing?
  9. Looks really interesting and useful. Just a technical issue...I was looking at the site on an iPad2, and I couldn't access the sidebar below the 1947 BR4. Also, are they meant to be in chronological order? It looks that way, except the 1947 BR4 comes after two 1948 amps. Not that it has to be chronological, of course, but might be useful.
  10. 1959 ES-345 and 1964 ES-345 for sure, maybe others. I love them.
  11. The simple pentatonic minor can played in a surprising number of places, some sounding advanced. Try playing B pentatonic minor over C Major 7th chord, for instance. Heres a list of chords and from which note of the chord family you can play a pent minor: Major 7th Chords - 3/6/7 [that is, you can play a pent minor from the 3rd, also from the 6th, and also from the major seventh] minor 7 - Root/2/5 Dominant 7 - 2/5/6 m7b5 or "half diminished" - 3/4/7 7alt (i.e.C7#9b5] - 2/b5/#5 Another very useful pentatonic scale is the Dom7Pent. On a C7 chord, that would be the notes C D E G Bb. Use it on the following: minor 7 - 4 Dom 7 - Root/2 m7b5 - 6 Have fun!
  12. Sadly, around 4,000 USD: My link The pickups are the Memphis recreation of the original PAFs, not too hot or cold. I really love them. Nicest pickups I've ever had. They are called MHS pickups, Memphis Historic Series.
  13. Thanks, Pin, for the links. I'd picked up a lot of the info there over the years, but some of it was new to me. I think someone should write a definitive history of the Gibson corporation. As a book, it would sell quite a number. BigKahune, thanks for the succinct summation. I had wondered if my 2014 version of the 1964 ES-345 constituted a "historic reissue", which might indicate Nashville. But it seems to wholly Memphis.
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