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  1. Well, no surprise there. Christmas being different when the kids and grandkids grow up. But still being able to spend that holiday with them should make the holiday just as festive. Of course, if it's a case of them not living nearby or having moved way out of state, it is a different story. But, there's still the TELEPHONE( I don't think a Christmas "text" is fitting) and if y'all have all the right gadgets, there's "Facetime" as well. This year will be much different for us too. A few passings, a couple of divorces and a few too ill to participate. But we'll not let that entirely kill our spirit. In other words too.... Don't allow a bunch of greedy retail jerks more interested in the almighty buck instead of the familial rejoicing and religious(to many) sanctity of the holiday control how YOU feel about the day. YOU should be in control of your emotions and reactions. Not THEM. Whitefang
  2. Y'know, I'm prone to what I refer to as "playful banter" or "ribbing" and kidding people tongue in cheek which some who might be too narrow minded see as serious negative or insulting comments. When no offense was intended at all. And they use the "millennial-speak" crap phrase" "Passive/aggressive" to describe it. To whit: Saying someone is "passive-aggressive" makes as much sense to me as saying someone is "quietly-loud". Or, "Thinly obese" . And also BY THE WAY (no harm in using whole words )....... I think SGT. (not DR.) PEPPER is more facetiously condescending most times than actually intentionally offensive(though knowing this I feel he'd argue otherwise ) and not being-ahem- "passive-aggressive" passive adjective not acting to influence or change a situation; allowing other people to be in control aggressive adjective behaving in an angry and violent way towards another person See what I mean? Good luck with your English practice too. Whitefang
  3. I've been told by some they believe if you hang a guitar, especially acoustics, the string tension will cause it to "bow" And particularly 12-strings. And still others are against leaning a guitar against a wall unless it's turned string side to wall. Lest the other way causes the same "bowing" hanging them supposedly does. But as far as hanging goes I suppose it does depend on the type of interior environment the instrument is exposed to (heat, cold, humidity etc.). Whitefang
  4. ARRRRGGHHHH!! I HATE that idiotic dweebish oxymoron! Whitefang
  5. Well, in most of the stores I frequent, there IS no "acoustic room". Both electrics and acoustics hang side-by-side on the same walls. Whitefang
  6. Yeah, I get the OP's gripe. When I was a kid, the Christmas season in retail stores traditionally didn't start until after Thanksgiving. And that was long enough ago that there WASN'T any of this "Black Friday" crap. And still, with a kid's thrill of it all, the Christmas season always seemed to be a long time, despite in reality it was merely a month long or less. But the anticipation made it seem to take forever to get here! But lately( and since becoming an adult with a family) it seems no sooner than when you put away all the decorations and take down the lights, you(as my Mom would put it) turn around and spit twice and it's already time to drag it all OUT again! Sure. I noted that when I started seeing Halloween candy for sale in the marked shortly after Labor Day, that the Christmas items would soon follow. But I still like the holiday, the corny trappings and decorations. and like jivi pointed out, spending time with our people. Many of us don't( and can't in some cases) see one another until then too. And that to me, makes it all even more special. Whitefang
  7. "Love Is A Battlefield"--Pat Benatar Whitefang
  8. Yep, as it should be. But I'm reminded of my ex's kid brother( who at the time of this recollection was 16) who after attending a concert (band name escapes my memory) had trouble answering a simple question from me.... Like---- "How did they sound?" To which he seemed to ignore, instead going on about the laser light show during the concert. When asked again then went on about things like--- The pyrotechnics, the gimmick in which FLAMES shot out of the guitarist's ax's headstock, and then about the outfits they wore onstage. Exasperated, I finally asked more strongly, "Yeah, but how did they SOUND?" To which he merely shrugged and answered, "Oh. OK I guess." !!! He GUESSED? Sure, the guitar those guys you mentioned play shouldn't really matter. They'd sound good regardless WHAT make, model or color the guitar is. I never once heard anyone say, "I didn't like Hendrix. He played a FENDER, and I don't like Fenders." And to be clear, those plastic looking white guitars I mentioned weren't seen on any serious music show. Just by musicians more in the background on an old variety show. Whitefang
  9. It depends on a person's conscience(or lack thereof?). Personally, I could never feel good or comfortable returning that guitar in that condition. I am(I feel) correct in assuming that crack in the horn wasn't there before he did the work? I think you're right in trying to deal with Gibson for the repairs. Since that fool couldn't do it right the first time, what're the chances of him doing it right the second? Or.. EVER? And best of luck with everything else. Whitefang
  10. Yeah, I keep mine in their cases 24/7 too. First, there's not much room on my walls to make hanging them practical, and two-- I live in Nighthawk's neck of the woods, and the constant temperature/ humidity changes probably can't be good for a hanging guitar. But I notice dozens of guitars hanging on the walls of every music shop, so I wonder how they handle it all. Maybe in most brick and mortar buildings the temp and humidity are easier to control? I dunno... Whitefang
  11. "Catch A Wave"--The Beach Boys Whitefang
  12. "Polluting" my eyes? Anyway, no worries. And nothing to forgive. There've been times I double posted but usually by mistake. And my comment was basically a "rib", meaning to be facetious. Anyway.... I'm pretty sure there's no difference in price from one guitar finish(white) to another(any burst) but that a white guitar would somehow look more "classy" to some TV producers. I don't know. But the white guitars I've seen on old B&W television shows didn't look "classy" as much as they did cheap and sometimes made of plastic. But, as the guitar wasn't the "star" of those shows, it probably didn't really matter. Whitefang
  13. Well NOTES..... I wouldn't consider the entire nation to be barbarous, but true, a disheartening good portion. I still run across pleasant folk in my travels about, but also peripherally notice behavior in some that transcends the perceived "normal" levels of rudeness. Why, just a week ago, two neighbors of mine almost came to blows over one person's grass clippings getting on the other's driveway. Seemed the one guy didn't want to wait for the other to get done mowing his lawn before cleaning them up! Now, the guy next door to me will usually get clippings on my drive when he cuts his grass. But I've told him before not to worry about it. That the wind and rain will take care of it. Now, why couldn't the one neighbor have taken that stance? After all, I didn't notice those grass clippings doing any premeditated and serious damage to his driveway. Whitefang
  14. Looking at 'em both the Gibson TAL FARLOW really isn't that much thicker than the 350T. Not too noticeably anyway. Whitefang
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