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  1. The "M" in Mtv originally stood for "music". My daughter tells me the channel has quit playing a lot of music on it these days. Mostly idiotic "reality" shows and stuff. Whitefang
  2. "Sweet Baby James"--James Taylor Whitefang
  3. The same thing happened to me at CVS when I was trying on condoms to make sure I got the right size! And how come if department stores let you take jeans and slacks into their dressing rooms to try on, and will let you try on shoes before you buy them, they won't let you do that when it comes to underwear? Whitefang
  4. Going by what little of the interview I watched( drove me nuts, that choppy narration) I'd say by the time Kirk finally gets to the end of a sentence or to any kind of point, he's probably forgotten what he was talking about at the start of the sentence! Whitefang
  5. Yeah, but that was back when they used to MAKE "records". Perhaps if someone developed a "smartphone" that could play both CDs and vinyl they'd STILL be doing it. But.... God forbid Gen Xers and Millennials should get off their phones to do something so stupid as to listen to music off of a quality medium. AND quality sound reproduction components. Whitefang (resident curmudgeon)
  6. Should be THREE mercy's there, sport. anyway.... "Sister Of Mercy"--Thompson Twins Whitefang
  7. To their what? Y'know, since the "invasion" of The Beatles, left handed playing wasn't that well known or recognized. Many left handed guys(like me) learned to play right handed probably because seeing all the other guitarists play that way we felt that was the way it HAD to be played. Turning the guitar upside down and restringing it never occurred to us. And for the record, GLEN CAMPBELL was a "lefty" who played right handed too. In fact, the only left handed guitarist I can now think of who played a guitar designed for left handed play was FRANK REMLEY, guitarist for PHIL HARRI
  8. I've always attributed the ruin of modern music to Mtv. Mediocre music being popular just because the video was "cool". The sanctuary for cookie cutter spandex laden and over formulated "metal" bands where the only real difference was the names. My kids(at the time, 9 and 6 years old, respectively) would sit mesmerized by that dreck for hours. But at that age, how could they know better? Now, every blue moon something good would make it through. Like Joe Jackson's "Mad At You" or those hilarious send-ups by "Weird Al" Yankovic. and a very few others. For better music fare I'd tune in
  9. I think the "records" part of the name is just for market effect. Most of their stuff will mostly just probably be available for "streaming and download". And of course, for a nominal fee. Whitefang
  10. Well, it IS the reason I don't play my acoustics with a strap and standing up anymore. Whitefang
  11. So far, I never paid more than $400 for a guitar. But I only have two. A near 50 year old Epiphone acoustic that was a gift so cost me nothing, and a near 10 year old Washburn 12-string acoustic that cost $385 after the trade in of a Washburn 12-string I bought at a pawn shop for $200. Buying a multiple thousand dollar guitar wouldn't bother me, depending of course, on the guitar and how "multiple" the $1,000 is. Whitefang
  12. Can you pay for them with a rubber check? Whitefang
  13. "Say, Say, Say"--Michael Jackson/Paul McCartney Whitefang
  14. Like I stated previously, I'm all for that. Most people already know the long established artists that use Gibson instruments, so showcasing talented unknowns who also use them is not only a good showcase for promoting new talent, but also for promoting Gibson as not only a maker of good instruments(they hope) but also philanthropic enough to help up and coming artists. Having a "company with a heart" rep never hurts. Whitefang
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