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  1. Don't mind me. I have this thing about dumb slang. Like "My bad", which sounds like baby talk to me. And I suppose "the bomb" isn't as bad or dumb as using "phat", which you can't see how it's spelled when you hear it. I think of the poor, slow witted young man who, when his girl asks him how she looks in her new outfit forgets himself and says, "Oh, baby... you sure look "phat" !" And as you can't see how it's spelled when you hear it, all she hears is he thinks she looks fat. And any young man who tells his girl she looks fat is gonna get it. Or worse, he won't! Back to Albe
  2. He did work for others besides just Meat Loaf, and more talented(IMHO) too. Air Supply and Bonnie Tyler among them. RIP Jim Whitefang
  3. Really? People are still saying that kind of crap? Anyway---- Collins is an old favorite, and I was pleasantly surprised when my wife dragged me to see some "teen flick" called ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING and this scene came on! https://youtu.be/552PLnE61TM Whitefang
  4. I'm only familiar with the A-Ha version, and IMHO all it had going for it was a nice video. Whitefang
  5. Playing with or inquiring someone that plays better than you is OK as long as that person is free of enough ego to be generous enough to help. Otherwise he my just want to show how much better than you he is to make him feel better. Whitefang
  6. 'Bout 15 or so years ago I replaced the plastic pins on my old Epiphone FT-145 with Ebony. Does sound better than the plastic pins, but can't speak for or against tusq or bone. Only that at the same time I replaced the old plastic saddle with bone. HUGE improvement. Whitefang
  7. There once was an Epi from China; And a Gibson from near Carolina; So, which of the two; Sounded better to you ? T'was the Epiphone sounded much fine-ah! Whitefang
  8. Thanks. I did not know that. But here's a clip of T-Bone playing in that unusual style of his. I once tried holding my guitar in that fashion and got nowhere with it. And he's doing one of my favorite blues tunes from way back. Whitefang
  9. Sorry, but originally, TOBACCO ROAD wasn't an electric guitar tune . The song's writer, John D. Loudermilk was playing acoustically on the original 1960 recording, which, thanks to an older step sister, is when I first heard the song.. Since then the tune has been covered over 200 times. Legend has it The Jackson 5 recorded it for an audition tape, but nobody can provide said tape for proof. But, here originally---- Incidentally, the first riff I learned to play was DUANE EDDY'S electric guitar riff from "Rebel Rouser". Whitefang
  10. Along with Durham, let's not also forget another pioneer in the use of the electric guitar, and a man who influenced many others, like Chuck Berry, B.B. King and beyond. (I don't think Robert Johnson belongs in an electric guitar discussion. ) I give you---- T-Bone Walker. Whitefang
  11. AGAIN..... Just read this. https://www.angelfire.com/music2/myguitar/ggcov.html Whitefang
  12. Nah. Just Google and Wiki the info. Not hard to find. Whitefang
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