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  1. Neat trick, as The Monkees came out in '66 and The Doors and Airplane didn't release any recordings until '67. Except Airplane, but their earliest recording was with a different line-up than we know best. And got no significant airplay. I was into the TV show a bit, and as John Lennon was too(calling them "The Marx Brothers of rock'roll") You can't deny they made some bit of impression. Enough for Frank Zappa to go onthe show at least. Whitefang
  2. My guess would be.... either "Guantanamera" or "If I Had A Hammer." Ah, HOOTenanny! Remember that show? ABC program featuring popular folk acts and taped in front of live college audiences running from '63 to '64. Can't recall what night it was on, but I rarely missed a show. I know you weren't saying you and your friend weren't on that show, but hootenanies were pretty popular around college campuses and formed at other venues back in the early '60's. ABC just "borrowed" the word for the show's title. Whitefang
  3. Tork as "odd man out"? Did it slip your mind that Peter Tork died Feb. 21 2019? If you recall correctly, it was TOMMY BOYCE and BOBBY HART that wrote the lion share of Monkees tunes. With a NEIL DIAMOND contribution("I'm A Believer") . And too, a few Nesmith tunes towards the end of their tenure. Whitefang
  4. In '82, did go to see McLaughlin during the BELO HORIZONTE period. Opened by the Labeque sisters. Brought the house DOWN! Whitefang
  5. Been a fave of mine long time. Wouldn't mind having an 8x10 print of that Norman Rockwell cover. Good listening. But tragic story. Whitefang
  6. Ah, you like to make too many assumptions and jump to misguided conclusions. so just COUNT THEM YOURSELF. So.....how many "beeps" did you count?
  7. As an old "folkie" I still have an affinity for Joan. Sadly, never had the opportunity and pleasure of seeing her in a live performance. Whitefang
  8. I'm interested in how you can validate that comparison? Sepiatone
  9. Maybe he should have tried listening to it sober.....? I wonder.... first; Who IS this "advanced classical composer" and... What has he ever composed? and How does it make him any authority on anything? Sepiatone
  10. And too, speaking of putting someone else's poems to music------- Baez didn't provide the music. That was composed by Don Dilworth. The poem was Edgar Allen Poe's. Whitefang
  11. Gonna get flamed big time here I know, but I actually liked them better after Gabriel left. Couldn't much stomach PG's solo work either. But it's mostly short lived since they haven't(to me) done much I cared for after "Wind And Wuthering" except for an occasional tune here and there. Collins solo I could never take. Whitefang
  12. And he did. On both the vinyl LP and the CD reissue of the "Sounds Of Silence" album where the song "Richard Corey" is noted it's followed by; "Apologies to E. A. Robinson" And Simon's working of it really isn't a verbatim use, but an expansion of the poem's spirit. Whitefang
  13. And from everyone they meet, too. Whitefang
  14. Two of the guys are all that's left of 'em. Nesmith and Dolenz. And since they too, handled a few of the vocals on Monkee's tunes in which Davey Jones didn't sing the lead, with a few well chosen musicians they might be able to pull it off. If Jimi was alive he might consider having THEM open for HIM! And yes, SARGE..... Zappa was indeed in HEAD. Whitefang
  15. Nobody's disagreeing with that here. Whitefang
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