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  1. "Ball And Chain"---Janis Joplin Whitefang
  2. For the most part, not just the CAT world! Like Dad always said..... "Women have a lot of power. They control half the money, and ALL the p-ssy!" Whitefang
  3. Personally, I think the Sci-Fi from the '50's are more campy fun. You can catch a lot of 'em on Svengoolie(if you get MeTv) But for movies lately, I either stick to my personal library, but usually if there's nothing that interests me on Turner Classic Movies. Lately, they've been showing a lot of early Lucille Ball movies from the late '30's and early '40's. It's been a lot of fun. This morning they're featuring some early '60's Hammer British horror flicks with Peter Cushing and the great Christopher Lee. Whitefang
  4. Pillows are a bit much, but maybe a small patch of velour where the body would contact the wall would help. And let your wife choose the color. Whitefang
  5. Heh. My daughter shared a recipe she came across to "dress up" that iconic dish. Involves adding fried onions, two additional types of cheese and some frozen peas. That sounds intriguing too. Cut 'em up I presume. So, how small of pieces do you cut 'em up? And don't worry about Bobby Flay. I understand he's no longer gonna be on The Food Network. Wanted too much money. Whitefang
  6. Not really the same, but your tale reminded me. Back when my Mom was very young(this happened in '32 from what I recall of the story) A kid with a newfangled Daisy BB gun shot in my Mom's direction, the BB ricocheting off a huge rock and going up one of her nostrils. Got embedded in there, and being in rural Pennsylvania there was no doc nearby to give proper treatment. And so it remained and never bothered my mom until one day, when getting an MRI in the early '90's, the tech rushed in and asked her when she got a gunshot wound in the head! It took a while for her to remember the BB incident from SIXTY YEARS EARLIER, but when finally relating it, the tech rushed out of the room. When he returned, my Mom asked why he left in such a hurry and where did he go? He said he had to rush to a phone and call the police back to tell them they didn't have to come after all! He thought the "wound" was more recent as the MRI image made the BB appear way larger than it really was. Whitefang
  7. Oh, and let's not forget the song titled "B!TCH". Whitefang
  8. OK.... how about adding... 5 claiming they make their own bulbs and don't rely on those store bought pieces of crap. 40+ who will post, when anyone mentions their light bulbs burned out; "So sorry for your loss. You're in our prayers!" a total 70 or more "likes" on each of those 36 posted pics of light bulbs. Not to mention the numerous misspellings and horrid grammar in most of the posts. ie; "When my lite bulb berns out it gets dark in hear." And NIGHTHAWK! Surprised to see a Detroit boy call it "soda" instead of "pop". Whitefang
  9. Doesn't that stucco affect the finish on their backs any? Whitefang
  10. "Rock The Boat"-- The Hues Corporation Whitefang
  11. THAT'S the part of that tale which doesn't surprise me. My wife was diabetic, and I recall that no matter WHAT she went to any doctor for anything, once they found out she was diabetic their eyes seemed to glaze over and they'd announce, "So! Just get your sugar under control and you'll get better." Yep. They figured; Diabetic? CASE CLOSED! Mattered not one bit that at the time, her sugar was under control. That's true of anyone. Any symptom you have could be a sign of maybe a dozen or more health issues. But most doctors will assume they indicate a malady that has the highest known average, and will treat your problem thus. And when it doesn't help, they'll then assume YOU haven't followed their recommendations thoroughly or correctly. You have to damn near die, or actually die before anyone bothers to investigate what the problem actually was. I call it "chart medicine". See, a lot of "doctors" come out of medical school with a vision of a chart embedded in their minds. Once a patient comes to them with a particular complaint, they check their inner chart so see what it says the symptom indicates. And what that chart says as to how it should be treated. You could waste years and thousands of dollars or even die before you finally get a correct diagnosis. Now, not every doctor practices "chart medicine", and you have to be diligent in your search for one who doesn't. You didn't(far as I surmise) indicate if your mom is still with us, but if she is, I hope things are better for her now. Don't see how they could've got much worse, but I'm wishing her well. Whitefang
  12. But, how can you discern that the guy being passive is only appearing to be, but is actually being aggressive? Or vice versa? Seems to me a case of just hearing (or reading) what you wish to, not necessarily what is. Like a lot of times I've been accused of being "passive-aggressive" when really, I was just puling some leg. And... obese adjective \ ō-ˈbēs \ Definition of obese : having excessive body fat Seems to be what I always thought it meant. Whitefang
  13. Reminds me of a sign an Uncle of mine who owned a restaurant had hanging in the kitchen.... "Our rules" "Rule number one; The customer is always right." "Rule number two; If the customer is wrong, see rule number one." Whitefang
  14. "A Holly Jolly Christmas"--Burl Ives Whitefang
  15. Yeah. The guy should consider opening his own little store. Whitefang
  16. I generally don't use either FEDEX or UPS, but have once or twice in the past. You all have given me something to consider since there's a couple of Christmas gifts I'm going to have to have delivered somehow to a family member out of state. As far as receiving deliveries, I usually don't order anything online or by catalog, so I avoid those sort of issues. Whitefang
  17. Well, no surprise there. Christmas being different when the kids and grandkids grow up. But still being able to spend that holiday with them should make the holiday just as festive. Of course, if it's a case of them not living nearby or having moved way out of state, it is a different story. But, there's still the TELEPHONE( I don't think a Christmas "text" is fitting) and if y'all have all the right gadgets, there's "Facetime" as well. This year will be much different for us too. A few passings, a couple of divorces and a few too ill to participate. But we'll not let that entirely kill our spirit. In other words too.... Don't allow a bunch of greedy retail jerks more interested in the almighty buck instead of the familial rejoicing and religious(to many) sanctity of the holiday control how YOU feel about the day. YOU should be in control of your emotions and reactions. Not THEM. Whitefang
  18. Y'know, I'm prone to what I refer to as "playful banter" or "ribbing" and kidding people tongue in cheek which some who might be too narrow minded see as serious negative or insulting comments. When no offense was intended at all. And they use the "millennial-speak" crap phrase" "Passive/aggressive" to describe it. To whit: Saying someone is "passive-aggressive" makes as much sense to me as saying someone is "quietly-loud". Or, "Thinly obese" . And also BY THE WAY (no harm in using whole words )....... I think SGT. (not DR.) PEPPER is more facetiously condescending most times than actually intentionally offensive(though knowing this I feel he'd argue otherwise ) and not being-ahem- "passive-aggressive" passive adjective not acting to influence or change a situation; allowing other people to be in control aggressive adjective behaving in an angry and violent way towards another person See what I mean? Good luck with your English practice too. Whitefang
  19. I've been told by some they believe if you hang a guitar, especially acoustics, the string tension will cause it to "bow" And particularly 12-strings. And still others are against leaning a guitar against a wall unless it's turned string side to wall. Lest the other way causes the same "bowing" hanging them supposedly does. But as far as hanging goes I suppose it does depend on the type of interior environment the instrument is exposed to (heat, cold, humidity etc.). Whitefang
  20. ARRRRGGHHHH!! I HATE that idiotic dweebish oxymoron! Whitefang
  21. Well, in most of the stores I frequent, there IS no "acoustic room". Both electrics and acoustics hang side-by-side on the same walls. Whitefang
  22. Yeah, I get the OP's gripe. When I was a kid, the Christmas season in retail stores traditionally didn't start until after Thanksgiving. And that was long enough ago that there WASN'T any of this "Black Friday" crap. And still, with a kid's thrill of it all, the Christmas season always seemed to be a long time, despite in reality it was merely a month long or less. But the anticipation made it seem to take forever to get here! But lately( and since becoming an adult with a family) it seems no sooner than when you put away all the decorations and take down the lights, you(as my Mom would put it) turn around and spit twice and it's already time to drag it all OUT again! Sure. I noted that when I started seeing Halloween candy for sale in the marked shortly after Labor Day, that the Christmas items would soon follow. But I still like the holiday, the corny trappings and decorations. and like jivi pointed out, spending time with our people. Many of us don't( and can't in some cases) see one another until then too. And that to me, makes it all even more special. Whitefang
  23. "Love Is A Battlefield"--Pat Benatar Whitefang
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