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  1. "Warm And Tender"--Johnny Mathis Whitefang
  2. I suggest, to those who've never seen it, that they obtain a copy of the film FOOD INC. to learn what unfettered "Big Agra" is doing to our food supply. And THEN see how they feel about government "deregulation" of that industry. Actually, you're living IN a region that ordinarily calls it "pop". Much of the midwest/"rustbelt" area does. And really, Mr. Evans(the "merciful") hit it. MODERATION. Much of the stuff that some people here have been claiming is really bad for ya actually isn't. Not if consumed in moderation. For instance... I would usually only on occasio
  3. Yeah, well... That might be good for polishing your knob, but we're discussing polishing guitars here. Whitefang
  4. "Little GTO"--Ronny and The Daytonas Whitefang
  5. Sho' 'nuff. And those steroids don't "cook off" like alcohol does. So consumers are also reaping the "benefits" from those too. And I sometimes wish I learned how to separate and de-bone a chicken like my Grandmother could. Then I could go to those poultry shops in Dearborn, MI run by Middle Eastern Muslims where I'd know the chickens would be raised by the laws of Halal and be clear of any unnatural additives like antibiotics and steroids. I remember as a kid going with my Grandmother to a nearby poultry shop in Southwest Detroit( and that shop has been long gone now) and we'd go
  6. "Another Day, Another Dollar"--Wynn Stewart Whitefang
  7. Sure. And thanks! I've been been touting the detriments of high fructose corn syrup for about 20 or so years now. I avoid any food products that use it. Like Hershey's chocolate syrup. And since these days(see a post in some Epiphone forum thread) I eat ice cream extremely rarely, I quit topping those rare occasions with it, using Nesquick syrup instead because of their not using high fructose corn syrup. I mean, it made sense to me..... I recall back when I was younger and as mean spirited as other adolescents, we often referred to other kids who were overweight as "corn fed".
  8. We all no doubt listen to different radio stations. I was mostly tuned into the local PBS station here until it changed to all news, and also the local classical station till it signed off for good. The only "rock" stations I'd tune into for short spells were the "classic rock" stations, on which I've never heard the above tune on, and the from across the river Canadian "New rock" station which I believe never played it either. Sounds like the kind of thing that would have been big on Mtv. Which I completely ignore. So, which of these bands had violinists in their line-ups at
  9. I started off years ago using Gibson brand cream guitar polish and an old dish towel. I've lost track of the Gibson polish, couldn't find it again in any music shops, so I switched to Martin spray polish( which I got for far less than the cost of most car waxes) and apply it to both the body and neck. Of the GUITAR! It really did nothing for MY body and neck! I clean the fret board with Olde English wood cleaner, drying it with another old dish towel, and then treat it with Olde English lemon oil. Just a small drop 'tween each fret wire, rubbed in with an unused corner of the old d
  10. Might as well play this one too.... "London Calling"--The Clash Whitefang
  11. In a couple of those, one was well known here(Crimson) And another never reached the audience that Kansas manged to(Fairport Convention) . And Beautiful Day only chugs along with a slight cult following and their main(and only fiddle player) keeps busy with solo projects, none of which really go anywhere. And in most cases the guy who played violin was multi-instrumental, and didn't fiddle in every tune. (like Loggins and Messina, and Cimson). But thanks for the info. Whitefang
  12. That's a good habit to get into in order to avoid getting Shinola confused with something else you don't want to smear all over your axe! Whitefang
  13. There's four nurses in my family and I sorta know what you're talking about FORTY. They take their work seriously and have no time to waste on people who don't take THEIR work seriously. So Mutha's band better be great! Whitefang
  14. I just got back to the Gibson forum after a long absence. Not familiar with who you are, but glad you're back as well. Whitefang
  15. After successfully cleaning and polishing my guitar for more than 40 years I think I got what works well for me down pat, thank you. Whitefang
  16. Sorry. Never heard of either. And looking into it, found neither had anything released or that charted here in the U.S. And my radio can't pick up any UK stations. So it's no wonder I can't think of another rock band that had a regular violinist among it's personnel. Whitefang
  17. I'm going back and forth with a guy in another forum about Costco shopping(which in these parts now is no different from BJ's of Sam's Club) and how my wife and I (former Sam's Club members) would joke about going there to lunch on all the samples they'd offer all the time. Back in "the day" we used to belong to one of the WAREHOUSE CLUB locations, all of which are gone now. And since I'm retired and now a widower I have no need for getting many groceries, and other health and physical issues keep me from going many places and often enough to need getting gas for my car more often than
  18. NOTES; Since when was B.J's a "local" grocery store? 'Round here, they just made a foothold, and they're just another warehouse club type barn like Sam's Club. NOT the kind of place you run into real quick for something. Unless you happen to be in real quick need of a 5 gallon container of mayonnaise. And for you, what area would that be? I'm upfront about mine. Whitefang
  19. I never really think of them as a "rock" band. Rock bands don't ordinarily show up at the Montreux jazz festival. Whitefang
  20. Yeah, since Jerry Goodman left THE FLOCK I can't think of another rock band that had a regular violinist among it's personnel. Oh, some might have one sit in for a tune or so( Like the Doobies and "Black Water") . And Papa John Creach, who fiddled for Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna really wasn't a regular leaving both bands after a couple or so years. Whereas Robby was not only a founder, but also the foundation of Kansas. Whitefang
  21. I wish I knew. It WAS good for a decaf. And reasonably priced too. Whitefang
  22. There's that. And especially in my band's case, since we were already doing Dale Hawkins' "Suzy Q" as part of our "oldies" mix. Just needed to add an extra note here and there for CCR's version. In an interview with Mary Gross on NPR's "Fresh Air" 'bout a dozen years ago, First thing she asked John Fogerty to say the words, "turn" and "burn". John chuckled, knowing what she was up to and answered; "You know, when I SAY "turn" and "burn" they sound like that. But for some reason, when I SING them they come out "toin" and "boin". Whitefang
  23. If he's lucky. Might be he'll get 'em back on his front room carpet. All depends on what kind of cookies they were. Whitefang
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