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  1. If it was a cheap Chinese made guitar, I wouldn't care. But Richlite on a Gibson - NEVER!!
  2. Still a happy owner. Pickguard and tuners will be changed eventually, but this guitar is staying with me till it can't play no more. I'll bet Gibson will keep it in their lineup until others start bringing out similar walnut/maple neck slope shoulder dreads to compete with it.
  3. Great deal on that trade! If I lost my J-15 I'd definitely want to find another one. I too was looking into a D-16RGT but to me it sounded thin compared to the J-15. The Gibby was more versatile.
  4. Sears WG59 acoustic. Made in Korea. Pic is not mine but same model. Christmas gift back in 1978. Currently sitting in a storage unit.
  5. Did Lennon record that in standard tuning or capo'd at the 2nd fret?
  6. Years ago when I was ready to buy my first quality acoustic, my local music store had every one of their Martins hanging high on the wall where you couldn't reach them. Gibson on the other hand had a promotional floor display right within reach. To me, it seemed like he really didn't want to sell his Martins. I went home with a mahogany Songbird. Marketing is everything. I admit I went off course when I was on my Taylor kick but came to my senses when I missed that Gibson sound. They simply sound like a guitar should.
  7. The thick flubber pickguard on my J-15 loosened fairly quick. Can't decide if I want to reattach or go with a different one.
  8. Sorry to hear of her passing. May God heal the pain of all that knew and loved her.
  9. The smaller text is harder for my old eyes to read.
  10. They've become my favorites too. They blend so well with this guitar.
  11. My apologies to the group for stirring up a hornets nest. I guess I seem to favor groups/artists on ACL that play Gibsons more than others. My observation was flawed.
  12. Ever notice on shows like Austin City Limits that most of the singers are playing J45's? Every once in a while you see a Martin, but the old Gibson seems to be the go-to acoustic.
  13. Well written song indeed!! Great execution.
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