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  2. WELCOME DAVE, glad you could join us. I know you'll enjoy the ride!
  3. Welcome Touten2. Glad to see you haven't let your accident define you. Have you tried using a slide on the nub finger? I see some artists using the ring finger on left hand to hold a slide and I believe it would be easy to make one to fit your needs. I wish you the best of luck and enjoy the ride!
  4. Welcome, you have a couple of beauties there!
  5. I have been enjoying all the talk on this forum for years but I don't think I ever introduced myself. I was fortunate enough to win a 2009 Gibson Ebony Les Paul Robot from a sweepstakes at Sweetwater.com back in 2009. I have really enjoyed becoming a member of the Gibson group. Since I'm not a professional guitarist, I would never be able to justify purchasing a NEW Gibson but I have really enjoyed this one. As with most musicians, performing or not, I have had a wonderful time on this journey and will continue to follow here. I would also like to give a thumbs up to Sweetwater who have always been very helpful to me and my needs. Thanks guys!
  6. Check out this guy. He replaced his original battery pack with better batteries for his Gibson Robot. The originals have a terrible shelf life and loose power quicker than the metal based batteries mentioned in this article. They also cost around $60 bucks. He describes how he replaced the originals with batts. off the shelf for a better experience. Let me know if anyone else has had a similar experience: http://www.wabbitwanch.net/blog/?p=1130. I'm thinking about going this route with my Ebony, 2009 Les Paul ROBOT.
  7. Hello, I'm new here so here goes. I won my first Gibson via an online sweepstakes from Sweatwater music. It's an Ebony Studio ROBOT, Gen 1. It's a 2009 model I've had for some time. I LOVE HER! While I have several other guitars, this is, my favorite. I'm no professional but I am a musician, always have been, while I've always admired the amount of dedication required to perfect this art, I have settled for self gratification and have rarely played for an audience. Since my career choice has cost me partial use of my hands and fingers, I'm somewhat limited in my playing progression. This, and now, my age (65), I am resolved to continue my humble enjoyment of my music. I am happy to be in the company of those that have sacrificed the time and effort to reach a higher goal. Anyway, I'm just glad to be here for ever how long that may be, HI Y'ALL!! \:D/
  8. Okay, I answered my own questions but I'll put it on here in case anyone else had these problems. I checked my switch power supply and it looks like Gibson found the cheapest one they could for this beautiful guitar and it isn't producing any output. I'm sure I've used it about 3 times so I guess it died in the case. I have another on the way ($4.78) that will be the cheapest thing I have ever purchased for a Gibson guitar, ha! Now, the MCK or control knob, I'm old so I had to get out my magnifiers for this one. The knob has a set screw. I would guess it takes about a 1/32 allen wrench, somewhere between a .5mm and a 1mm. My first thought was that I would never be able to find one that size, then it struck me to look in the storage area in the case. Gibson included 2 in the plastic bag with the standard neck adjusting tool. Thanks guys, I guess one is an extra if you loose one, they are about 1 1/4" long, VERY TINY, so the knob is back on and the PW is on the way. I've found videos on the procedure for charging so I guess I'll be good to go. If PW works I'll order a couple of extras for standby. Sorry for the stupid questions but that's the way it goes sometime.
  9. I have a Black, approx. 2010 Les Paul Studio Robot. The control knob (MCK) has pulled completely away from support shaft. The computer tape is still intact but the top will not stay firmly on the shaft. I can use needle-nose pliers to pull it out. How do I secure it back to the shaft? The light does not come on in the knob or the charger and, since it's been stored for a few years, the batts are completely dead. HELP PLEASE, WHAT'S MY NEXT MOVE?
  10. Thanks, a very wise thought. Sorry about the robery.
  11. I have an ebony LS Robot and it is programmable to customized tuning, any tuning. Another point, the positive is carried by the strings, if you're not tiddy with you're string cuts when changing and the cut tips touch other strings, things get a little wierd. Last point, I believe the negative side of the power to the head is carried by the truss rod system and shared by all the tuners much like the electrical system in an auto.
  12. Just got my LP Studio Robot, ebony, two days ago. I won it in a online sweepstakes. Alway got GAS attack everytime anybody mentioned Gibson, especially Les Paul, but I never thought I could afford one. I guess I just didn't know, I'll never be without one again, what a guitar. I'm not real crazy about the action but I'm cheap, I can live with it until the stock strings die. I'll mess with the truss rod and bridge when I restring. I got some D'Addario XXL Chromes waiting for their turn. I've checked these forums out for some time but never felt the erge to post a reply. My world is a better place with a Les Paul in it. I love the tone and the auto tunning is fantastic. My ability to diversify my attempts at different styles of music is a push button away. My poor neighbors, the combination of various stomp boxes, an alesis quadraverb GT, and a 500 Watt Peavey rack mount amp. may be taking its toll. Oh well, I never liked'em anyway!
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