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  1. I'm a fan of the old Rickenbacher lap steels from the mid '30s, if you can find one of the mid to late '30s bakelite models with nickel plates and horseshoe pickup give it a try you might like it/
  2. I've got one from 2005, great guitar that immediately establishes it's presence. I also like the '34 style small sunburst.
  3. I've got two 2003 Murphy signed R9s, both came with two different COAs each.
  4. I've noticed that there is mention that the Historic reissue of the '57 LP Custom Black Beauty model some have thin neck profiles. I use to own an original model from '57 and the neck was thick and round like a baseball bat. Does anyone know which Historic models of the Les Paul Custom Black Beauty are the ones that have a thick rounded neck? thanks!
  5. Keith bought a White Gibson ES model either a 355 or 345 from Buzz at Lark St a couple years ago. There may be still pics of it on their website. So he's got them in a few colors now, there's also pics of he original owner with the guitar.
  6. Anyone have string brand and gauge recommendations for a Gibson Original Jumbo reiisue? I've been use to Martin 80/20s on a few of my Acoustics, but I'm thinking maybe looking into a nickel round would set. Thanks!
  7. I had the same issue with stray harmonics up the neck, I ended up giving the neck a little bit of slack by loosening the truss rod and the unwanted harmonics went away.
  8. Never bonded with coated strings., seems like they struggle in the tone dept when playing finger style. I live in AZ strings last a long time here because of the lack of humidity. The coating probably helps in a humid environment to keep the string from oxidizing.
  9. Maybe moving to warm climates on the West Coast was a factor.
  10. I've got a couple of Gibson acoustics where the previous owners drilled the neck heel for a strap pin. I don't have need for a strap so I've removed the strap pin and screw.This unfortunaely leaves a screw hole in the guitar neck heel. Any recommendations on the best method to fill the screw hole and/or repair the finish.?
  11. This looks exactly like the same guitar as I have, even sunburst looks same size and color, but what is 3 p? The guitar I have has a two piece Madagascar back. The serial number on it is 025360xx Thanks for posting. Robert
  12. Several years ago I bought a 2006 AJ that was shipped back to the USA from Japan. It came from one of the well known Guitar shops in Tokyo that is a Gibson dealer. The guitar was sold as a "Special Order" for the Japanese market, the Back/Sides are Madagascar RW, along with the fretboard and bridge. The neck shape is a rounded V shape and finished in a sunburst. There is no paper label in the sound hole, nor are there serial numbers on the back of the head stock.The only place serial numbers are found is on the interior heel block, stamped in black ink small numerical.font. It's a tremendou
  13. Has anyone had refinish work done by Gibson Montana? I've got a 2006 Gibson AJ that I'd like to have the Top re-shot like on the 1935 proto- AJ. Thanks for any replies.
  14. I've bought quite a few instruments off of Gruhn over the years. Usually they use the EXF (Extra Fine Condition) which is sort of a blurry description grade. The first purchase from Gruhn was made n 1984, a 1935 National Style "0" 14 fret that has a rare slotted headstock, it was in excellent condition with great tone. The last instrument I got from them was a 2002 Derrington signed F-5 mandolin, which I am very pleased with. Overall I feel that George has contributed a lot to the stringed instrument field for the better. You really have to scour his list religiously to find the acorns, too
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