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  1. Does Traditional refer to the standard LP that's been around since the 50s? Also, what year did they start making the Modern routes? Going back to my original post, would the 12lb one I saw for sale have minimal to zero weights relief, where the 8-9lb ones have the Traditional route? Thanks
  2. Very true. I guess I should have titled this Epi LP vs Gib LP Studio; I've only tried a handful of studios. I should have enough for a LP standard after my next paycheck. I need to read up on all the differences between the newer lp models.. there seems to be hundreds of em! And like someone just said, try every one u can get yer hands on. Which I always do anyways 😉
  3. I need to do some research on what all the new LP models are; it seems like there are a hundred different ones. Once I get my next paycheck I should have around $1700 to spend. From what I've seen for sale online, that should be able to get me an LP Standard from 2000-present. There are a few different ones that I've bookmarked so far.. if I remember correctly, there's a 2003, 2007, 2016, 2017 and a couple others that I'm waiting for a date on. I've had a few Epi LPs, all MIK late '90s, which I really liked, a mid '00s Gibby LP Special, which I hated, and a '76 Gib LP Standard, which was one of the diamond in the rough ones...the coolest guitar, in both feel and sound, that I've ever played. Damn do I miss that thing. It sounded like a rounded fireball spitting out the cabinet. I'm hoping I can find another LP that has that magic.
  4. So is that similar to a chambered body, except WAY less drastic?
  5. What is done to the guitar to make it "weight relieved?"
  6. I've been looking at LP Standards and noticed that they vary in weight from 7 to 12 lbs. Is there some kind of spec sheet that explains what's going on in these different weight classes? Thanks.
  7. I would love a Standard, but don't have the money. All the ones I've seen are between $1650-3000.
  8. Which models are the C shaped? The other guy said the 50s are similar to the Fender Modern C, which is the opposite of what I've heard. You mention the C n 50 separately, so you must feel otherwise, ya? I was under the impression that the 60s are a C, or the closest Gibson to one, but I'm definitely not too knowledgeable on the topic. And yes, I would love a 335, but they're outta my price range.
  9. Search Gibson LP Studio 60 on eBay; they made a Tribute model from '09-'12...atleast those are the years of the ones for sale over there. Altho most, if not all, have P90s, which isn't a pup I'm interested in, n would require additional routing for HBs. The 50s tribute really has a neck similar to a Fender Modern C? Those are my absolute favorite. I've always thought, n read, that the 50s have a thick, D or U neck shape. I'll definitely have to try those. Any particular year on that one?
  10. I've owned a few LPs. My first was a '76 Gibby, either Standard or Custom. It had the 2 under the serial #, but even as a factory recall, it was the best LP I've ever played, and I've played a **** ton. Also had a mid' 00*Gib Special, which I hated, and too late'90 Epi LP Standards, MIK, which I loved. I find Gibson WAY more inconsistent than Epi's for whatever reason. I've heard that '90s Gibbys are part of the "good wood" not sure if this is true or just bullshit. I've found quite a few decent looking 90s LP Studio's on eBay that'll leave me money to swap pups. I don't want hot ones. Also love that mostly all the 90s Studio's have Ebony fretboards. I play mainly blues/rock w some 77 punk n a tiny bit of heavy rock mixed in, so I'm usually playing kinda clean or low/medium gain. I've listened to some PAF copy shootouts n I really like the DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF; it has nice chime. I was also thinking about the '60s model Studio, as I'm not a giant fan of the LPs w big baseball bat necks. All those have the rosewood boards, but it's a fair trade for a thinner neck. I know that the guitar is only 1/3 of the tone, the amp n player filling it out. I'll deal w the amp after the guitar, which I need WAY more.. I'm stuck playing a Squire Strat. I've almost always been a Fender man, so I feel that switching to a LP is a big leap of faith. I've also been thinking about a vintage Guild S-100, which I love the feel of, or a Fender Tele w a PAF copy in bridge.
  11. I got around $1000-1300 for a new guitar. Had my heart set on a Gibson LP Custom, but don't have the $3-4k. That leaves me a choice between an Epi LP or a Gibby LP Studio. I haven't been a fan of the few Studios I've tried. They sound too dark. I've owned a couple different late '90s Korean Epi LPs that I've liked. They seem more consistent, in feel, than any Gibson LP version. The Gibby Studios don't have the Maple cap either, right? The Epi LPs have one tho, ya? Just thinner than the Gibby. Maybe that's why I find Studio's have a dark tone. I also like how the Epi's have the binding; they look cooler. Would the Japanese Epi LP Elite be considered the top of line Epi? Also, if I got an Epi I'd have enough cash left over to gut it n replace all the hardware, wiring n pickups. Altho, I'd prob have enough to do that with a Gibby Studio. I play a mix of blues/rock, 77 punk n a bit of heavy rock (thrown in sparingly). Just looking for your suggestions on what my best move would be...so I end up with the best quality LP.
  12. Ha Ha! He's not my tech, just works at the local music shop. You're the second person in the last two days to call this guy stupid on a forum; his other "stupid" comment was tube related. Years back I brought him my ex-late '70's Marshall JMP to cascade the inputs, a simple mod. He insisted that Marshall never made a JMP w/ non-cascaded inputs. He was so sure of himself that he refused to check out the schematics I had in my hand. He was right, I was wrong, conversation over. This ****'s too funny. Although he was the guy that got me to start looking at Studios, and inform me that they're basically Standards minus the cosmetics. There is something about the binding tho...kinda completes the overall look. Unfortuantely, I'm so broke that I can only afford the Epi (from orig post) lay-a-way down payment. They also got this red Regal LP copy that looks pretty rad, and it's under two hundo. Not sure why the model's dubbed "LP Copy" tho, cuz it doesn't really have much of a resemblance. If the body wasn't made of Pinewood it be way more of an attractive buy..
  13. The tech at my local shop was tellin me that black n wine red Studios are typically cheaper than any other Studio. They're usually Standards that had a **** up in their paint job n got thrown in the reject pile, to later get a quick coat and Studio label.
  14. I totally agree that the most important things r how it plays n sound (plays maybe a bit more important). My local store has a '06 Epi LP Custom and a '96 Gibson LP Studio that both play great. They are both white w/ gold hardware. The Studio definitely has a better vibe. I'm a rhythm player n I was pullin sick riffs outta my *** on it. I've heard the Studio n it sounds rad...haven't tried the Epi yet (time restrictions). This is where that whole argument comes into play regarding not caring about brand. The Studio is over double the price of the Epi ($800 vs $350). To change the subject for a moment, the store also has a '60's Gibson Melody Maker that plays like a dream, a true diamond in the rough Gibson. If money wasn't a factor I would have thrown down the $1250 right then n there.
  15. What are all your thoughts on the newer Gibson LP's, any type, vs ones made 10-15 years ago? I've read/heard that they aren't constructed as well and that the electronics, and maybe even the wood, is inferior to the earlier models.
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