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  1. Is there a list of Gibson Reissues that have the 1 9/16" Nut? I've only played one like this, and it was n original mid 60s SG. The neck profile was also significantly smaller than anything I've played by Gibson. It was probably the best feeling guitar I've ever come across, but it was the price of a used car and I pretty much had to pull off a Jedi mind trick to get the guy at guitar center to remove it from behind what I assume was bullet proof glass. I'm guessing I'd have a bit better luck affording a reissue. I'm interested in any model with this nut width. Thanks
  2. Cool info, Lord. Do you happen to know when Epi switched from Mahogany bodies to the mix w Alder? I found an Epi catalog from '95 and all the LP Standards are listed having Mahogany bodies and Flame Maple tops. There was also a section at the end previewing the '96 models; those LP Std bodies were listed as Mahogany/Alder. Could the wood mix have started in '96, or was Epi always switching woods throughout the years? Thanks.
  3. What did u end up replacing them with? Besides looking for tbe right LP for me, I've been checking out PAF clones, incase I run into a similar situation like yours.. or if I decide to pull a 180° n grab a Fender. Always thought a PAF would sound cool in a Strat or Tele. My two favorites at the moment are the Mojotone 59 Clone Low Output and DiMarzio's 36th Anniversary PAF. I'd really like to try the one made by Les Paul n his right hand man. Apparently they had been working on creating the ultimate PAF for the past 30 years. Les died before his partner finally got it right and releas
  4. I just checked, and I I either looked at it wrong, or it sold in the past few days. What I ment by my post is that as much as I want the LP, I always seem to find something else for sale that I like just as much.
  5. Totally. I've been talking seemingly forever about getting one of these damn things, so hopefully that day comes sooner than never!
  6. Oh ya, what's the difference between a Standard n those 1960 models? Something in my gut tells me to steer clear of the current production 1960s.. they've been making them since the 90s, ya? My dream LP is an Ebony fretboard Custom, but I'd need another grand to get one of those...,
  7. I couldn't agree more about the mid-90 to very early 00 models. I've loved every one I played. I think I might have found a stock 97 gold top. Prob gonna jump on that one. Thanks for all the replies everyone! You saved me alot of potential heartache with that Deluxe.
  8. Oh damn, yer totally right. I noticed the lighter colored neck, but didn't put two n two together.
  9. Ahhh. I've actually gone over this in my mind and of the thing wasn't refundable I wouldn't give a second thought on passing. I'm sure every year has it's share of the gem LPs, but are there specific eras or certain years that I should keep my eyes peeled for? Like I mentioned, I've found the 90s-early 2000s to be pretty consistent; I've played more LPs I've liked from this time period than any other. This excludes the 50s-60s.. I've only played one of these, a '62 SG; it was the coolest sounding and had the sweetest neck I've ever felt. It was really skinny for a Gibson, and I'm a fan of
  10. Why not? Is it cuz the guy routed it for regular size HBs (or do some Deluxes come w/ reg HBs?) and put that Piezo in? I'm not that concerned if that brings down the value; I'm more interested in feel and tone. I plan on swapping out the HBs with PAF clones. I'll probably take out the Piezo too, unless I end up liking it.
  11. Everyday since I sold my '76 Gibson LP Standard I've regretted getting rid of it. The sale saved me from being homeless, but it would have been a fair trade off.. it was one of the diamond in the rough LPs. I just found a '75 Gibson LP Deluxe for 2k and I'd like to get your opinions. All I have to go on are the pictures I included in this post. I'm not familiar with the differences between the Standard and Deluxe models. All I can tell from looking at both is that the Deluxe has mini HBs. This '75 had the pups swapped for full sized HBs (can't tell which type from the pic), as we
  12. Wish i could, but it's not mine. I needa buy something, even a rough estimate works.
  13. Hey, I need to replace the bridge pins on an Epiphone PR200DNA. Does anyone know what size I'll need? Thanks.
  14. Does Traditional refer to the standard LP that's been around since the 50s? Also, what year did they start making the Modern routes? Going back to my original post, would the 12lb one I saw for sale have minimal to zero weights relief, where the 8-9lb ones have the Traditional route? Thanks
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