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  1. Well I lasted just one night (simply an open mic spot at that) for each year that you gigged with your buddy, lol. My instrumental tunes aren’t the sort of thing that demand attention let alone capture the hearts of an audience. Not a big deal really as I only chose to perform in front of a group of people in order to confront my discomfort over such an experience. I was truly curious as to whether or not I could even remember how to play the guitar while up on a stage. Aside from that I’ve always had periods of time where I’ve just stopped playing “. Maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months or even longer. But I eventually always seem to find my way back to noodling around with a guitar simply for the stress relief that it brings. The past few years I’ve dealt with a personal crisis that has impacted more than just my guitar playing. In addition, my nails that have worn like iron my entire life and were such a big part of my tone and playing style just began to fall apart (literally). I’ve now managed to put my personal issues to rest for the most part and even my nails have started to return to health. But I’ve been rather slow to re-enter the world of guitar playing. There is no particular reason for this, that’s just how it goes sometimes. No point putting any more pressure on myself I suppose. Good luck in figuring out what is the right move for you going forward.
  2. I wanted to thank Gibcaster000 for resurrecting this thread. Having spent a decent chunk of my life in Texas I count myself fortunate to have seen most of these artists many times. I even have tucked away in a box somewhere a very small piece of art that Townes and Guy drew for my wife and I while sitting at the bar in Gruene Hall. Yet somehow in all of this time I had never heard of Heartworn Highways until this very thread popped up. I've been watching clips from the film out on YouTube as a result and will eventually try to locate the documentary in it's entirety.
  3. From living in a sea of boxes to living by the sea, sounds like you already have a new song in the making to go along with the new chapter in your life. I'm glad to know that the guitars will be accompanying you (as well as the wife and all the other stuff of course). I hope to be around here on the forum to enjoy a video of your first performance on the new front porch. Enjoy!
  4. I had the exact same feeling when it came to my maple AJ when I first played it. But I tend to run mediums on almost every guitar I've ever owned with the exception of the smaller-bodied guitars. I also seemingly have the action set a bit higher on my guitars than many people do as I tend to dig in a bit more than maybe I should at times with my right hand when I'm fingerpicking and the extra action helps with that. As noted above I acquired my maple AJ over seven years ago and I have been running mediums on the guitar ever since taking ownership without issue. (I'm using mediums on my rosewood AJ as well. I understand that maple as a tonewood isn't for everyone. But I've found that for me this guitar provides a unique voice as compared to any other guitar I've ever owned and at times that can be a nice motivation for changing things up a bit. I hope that you end up enjoying yours.
  5. I own 2 Advanced Jumbos and they both have 1 3/4” nut widths. One was from a Custom Shop run of maple AJ’s built in 2007. The other as far as I’m aware is a standard issue Rosewood AJ built in 2008.
  6. Thanks 'burst. Funny I was just thinking about Nick yesterday as I so often do since we have a photo of him hanging up in our house. Man I miss that dog.
  7. Hello Buc, I love the sound of a good mahogany slope-shouldered Gibson and still have my J45. So versatile with a great woody tone. I find these guitars especially appropriate when paired with a gifted singer songwriter like yourself. I've been reminded of this a few times recently when attending the shows of a couple of musicians that I really enjoy: Jeffrey Foucault who plays an incredible sounding old J45 and Slaid Cleaves who I just saw last week playing his tried and true J-50. Interestingly, I first met Slaid back in the 90's and told him how much I enjoyed his music and that I really liked his guitar. He informed me that it used to be his Dad's guitar which I thought was incredibly cool. As you might imagine I was glad to learn last week that he and that guitar are still together after all this time. I hope that you and your best buddy enjoy a long musical partnership together as well. All the best, Guth p.s. I just discovered the message you left for me some three years go. A very belated thank you for the note. Sadly the video that you linked to was no longer available. I will say that I'm really happy to learn that you are still making music with a guitar in your hands.
  8. Hello Jinder, It's been a few years since I last stepped (virtual) foot in this place. Not sure if you'll remember this (or me), but I landed a maple AJ a bit over seven years ago. I still have that guitar and I haven't bought or traded for another guitar since. I bring this up because when I wrote about the guitar here on the forum you made some comments in your post on that thread that seem worth repeating at this point in time. I'm glad to learn that the stars were in alignment when you landed a maple AJ of your own. All the best, Guth
  9. I was playing my Maple AJ earlier today and was reminded of this forum. So I figured I'd check out what was happening with this place. That's when I found this thread. I can see that things haven't changed all that much around here since I last checked in. I really dig my Gibson acoustics, but I often seemed to run against the grain around here. I'm one of those guys that only found favor with a small percentage of the Gibsons that I played (and I got my hands on a lot of them over the years). That was just my experience. If others didn't happen to experience the same exasperating search to find their respective Gibsons that I did, then more power to them. Maybe I was just looking for something a bit different out of a guitar than many others here. Incredibly, it's now been something like a couple of years since I last stepped foot in a guitar shop. Therefore I can't comment on the current state of quality when it comes to Gibson acoustics. I will say this though: as prices go up for most any given product, then so too do the expectations (and the criticisms) of those interested spending their money on whatever that product might happen to be. Gibson guitars are no different. Given the prices of guitars today, I'm glad that I acquired mine when I did. I doubt that the guitars I own have increased much in value over the past few years, which is fine. I bought them simply to play and enjoy them. In that regard they are doing a great job. Any criticisms that I (or anyone else for that matter) have had of Gibson acoustics over the years in no way puts a damper on that for me.
  10. Hey EA, Funny post, and entertaining thread. I'm coming up on almost 2 years without buying/selling/trading any guitars. The last guitar I acquired was the Custom Shop BIrdseye Maple AJ that I traded my Collings OM2H away for. I now find myself more than content with the guitars that I own and I've found that I've been spending more time playing and creating music and less time on internet guitar forums worrying about what I don't have. I'm enjoying one of the best creative periods that I've experienced in a while. In the past few months I've even played live in front of other people a couple of times now after never doing so in the 35+ years that I've been noodling around with guitars. Contrary to many here, I think focusing so much about what guitar I wanted next was really getting in the way of my music and creativity. I still occasionally think about selling off my Custom AJ or my Martin 00018GE as they just aren't get played as much as my J-45 or AJRI. But I do still enjoy them and I actually worry about destroying the balance that I've managed to achieve the last couple of years. I personally am in no hurry to rejoin that merry-go-round of feeling the desire to acquire yet another guitar. Not preaching by any means. This is just what has been working out for me. In spite of your lack of GAS, I hope that you find yourself otherwise musically satisfied. All the best, Guth
  11. I'm not adverse to adirondack, and it appears on other guitars that I own/have owned. But for whatever reason the Gibsons that most appeal to my ears have always sported Sitka tops.
  12. Guth

    New Tune

    I came up with this recently for a good friend that is going through a tough time. His own playing has served as one of my biggest influences and I wanted to find a way to acknowledge that while letting him know that he's in my thoughts. So I came up with a song instead of a card: Get Well
  13. Guth

    AGF (yawn)

    I've talked about Gibson's inconsistency issues for years. As far as what really bothers me the most: it's the tone inconsistencies. I've tried to boil it down as much as possible for the sake of discussion: it mostly comes down to the bass. I'm not talking about quantity, I"m talking about quality. A very high percentage of Gibson acoustics that I've played over the years have low-E and sometimes A strings that sound more like rubber bands than steel strings. There is pretty much no leading edge to the notes. Note that this has nothing to do with the strings themselves as the mid/treble range sounds just fine. Now you might be able to cover this up with a brand new set of strings for a few days, but in no time at all, the dull, rubber-like tone is back. It's simply a characteristic in many Gibsons that some love, and some don't. Those that don't care for this quality aren't going to have positive things to say about Gibsons. And this issue definitely runs much more rampant in Gibson guitars than any other brand out there. We've talked about it before as part of the discussion regarding the "Gibson Thump". I really dig Gibson guitars, but I personally don't care for this particular quality and I spent a lot of time sorting through Gibsons to find those that did not exhibit this behavior. Now, If I were simply strumming chords, this might not bother me as much as the low end gets blended in with the rest of the spectrum. But as a picker, it simply drives me nuts. I just prefer more consistency in the tonal character of the notes from top to bottom. I'm guessing this especially drives people nuts that aren't Gibson fans. I realize that a lot of our "tone" comes from ourselves as players. Great players usually produce great tone. But the best example that I can think of that illustrates what I'm talking about are Nick Drake's recordings. Great player, but I really don't care for the rubbery tone he got from his guitar. I'll still listen to his recordings sometimes, but I can never totally get past that tone. Others, I'm sure, might find his sound to be absolutely perfect. You can't please all of the people all of the time. I'm glad that Gibsons aren't totally consistent, otherwise I probably wouldn't have come to own any at all.
  14. Over the years, at least when it comes to me and my playing, different guitars played by the same person sound far more similar than any one of those guitars when played by different people. Listen to the tracks listed in they "my music" link in my signature line. I used three different guitars in making these recordings. Guitar geeks might be able to identify which tunes were recorded with the same guitar. The average person wouldn't even think about it. For better or worse, they just all tend to sound like me when they're in my hands. Owning multiple flattop acoustic guitars is a nice distraction, and it is fun to geek out with guitars, but it's certainly not a necessity. Owning a variety of different types of guitars (acoustic flattop, acoustic resonator, electric, etc.) is a different matter. I've fluctuated a lot over the years in the number of guitars that I've owned at any given time. I haven't acquired anything new in about 1.5 years now and will probably end up selling some off at the rate I'm going. Regardless, I'll still play just as much as typically do.
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