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    Sorry about the above post as I am feeling my way around.I took a picture with my tablet (not good!)Hopefully it will work.I guess not, the file is too big.I'll try again later when I find a downsizer that works with Linux.
  2. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2014 SG Special Bass with the Satin Cherry finish.I was wondering what the best way of caring for the finish is? I realize the wood is stained,then has a sealer applied over that. I have been using lemon oil on it and it really looks and feels great.Is there any harm in doing this? Other than that, I really like this little bass.I used to have a 60's EB-O back in the late 60's and sold it in 1971 for a Fender.I missed having the Gibson so I bought this.It's more useable than the EB-O I find. Anyway, I would appreciate your suggestions regarding the finish. T
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