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  1. Its actually the REAL robot technology (the stuff thats been out since the early 90's) Thats what they look like. Their butt ugly, but they got the job done, with probably less problems then most of the gibson robots now...
  2. Yeah, fenders are shitty that way because the two tone knobs only work with the neck and middle pickup. You cant even adjust the tone on a fender's bridge pup. Gibsons are awesome because since each pup has it's own independant volume and tone, you can adjust the guitar to create almost any sound (if you have a good amp)
  3. **** ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. God i love doing this... LOLOLOLOLOLz
  5. Mmmm... Sabbath bloody sabbath, iron man, paranoid, fairies wear boots, war pigs, Heaven and hell... Its like lays. You cant just eat one of the mother ****ers.
  6. Everything. There is only one flaw to my sg standard... You know the input jack? Have you ever tried to quickly slide down the neck pup's tone knob? Yeah. Other then that, its perfect... Although i probably wouldnt change that little bit, since the side input sgs (robot?) were weird as hell...
  7. Jonas Brothers All of the country Bullshit (including nickelback) Hmmm... Who else? Definitely not Coldplay though... nor the killers... Hmmm... OH YEAH! All that death metal bullshit. That stuff sucks ***. And all new rap (not old rap, that stuff was the ****).
  8. :) <---------------- Does anybody else think this looks sexual? Or am i just totally disgusting?
  9. Yeah, plus the price is definitely right. Even if it does have a few nicks and dings, who cares? Its a guitar. You would put them there yourself anyway (or my clumsy *** would at least, lol)
  10. Im going to remain vanilla here, but seriously. If someone profoundly believes in something, their opinion (or belief) will not be changed by anything somebody else has to say. Ever. Liberals will never convince conservatives of some of their finer points and ideals in government, and vice versa. Seriously, if you believe in something (religion, idealism in politics, etc,) then keep it to yourself, UNLESS somebody specifically asks about it. If somebody asked about it, then you should have no reason to attack their belief. Why? Because whatever you say will never change their
  11. Lolz, were all just pissed off... just the way it should be...
  12. No band for me. Quite frankly, a "band" these days just plays shitty reinditions of old 80's songs, like Dont Stop Believin, and Metallica's ****. Really, its stupid as hell. The worst is when they try to say their real musicians, instead of trained puppets who play whatever is put in front of them. I dont mean that as a demeanor to bandies, because a rare few actually have some talent, but seriously. Playing an instrument doesnt mean you have "talent". Being able to improvise and write a song that flows naturally is talent.
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