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  1. Why are there no new Epiphone acoustic guitars at Winter NAMM this year? Several new low-end Gibsons but no Epiphones. A Masterbilt L-00 or a Black Walnut backed AJ-500 would go over well. :(
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Epiphone Cabellero Epiphone Cabellero 1997-1999 Body: Single rounded cutaway jumbo body Solid spruce top Mahogany back and sides Round soundhole with five-ring rosette Neck: Set mahogany neck Rosewood fingerboard with Mesa-Moon Southwestern motif inlays Black headstock overlay with Epiphone logo and cactus Southwestern motif inlays 25.5" scale 1.725" nut width Binding: Multi-ply body binding 1-ply neck binding Electronics: Shadow Piezo pickup with parametric EQ Hardware: Stylized rosewood bridge with Southwestern motif inlays Deluxe tuners Colors: Natural Info is off an old website called Epiphonewiki. It went dead a while back but this was still out there.
  3. Sigma also makes a very nice Hummingbird clone. DM-SG5. Wish these new Sigmas were being import in the US. The only stores I've seen carrying them are Canadian. I'm not sure they could send it to me here if I tried to purchase one. :(
  4. No attempt was made to put anyone down. I own a DR-500MCE that I got back in October of 2013. I enjoy playing it. I hope you enjoy playing your Epiphone whichever model you have. I am unhappy with a company (Gibson/Epiphone) who don't seem to care bout what the customer wants (at least those that buy all-solid wood imports). For example, go to the web page for Blueridge (Saga) guitars or Recording King. See the literally dozens of models. Compare that to Epiphone. To give them credit, neither Blueridge nor Recording King are marketing electrics too.
  5. With all the holes in the Masterbilt line, this is what they came up with? Really?! No 000/OM, no L-00, no AJ/slope shouldered dread (without the cutaway), no dread without cutaway, no southern jumbo. Gibson/Epiphone is not investing much in this line. No wonder Eastman, Blueridge, Recording King, ETC are eating their lunch.
  6. And maybe a L-00? An AJ long scale? A Southern Jumbo? Epiphone doesn't care much about this line obviously. Sad too.
  7. I have looked at what Google and Epiphone Wiki has. I can't see any models with star shaped fret markers. A Korean made Epiphone is hardly worth counterfeiting. It certainly looks nice. If it sounds good to you, just enjoy it! Curiouser and curiouser.
  8. http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/PR-Series#PR-715 Has them made from 1981-1989. There is a web site that can take the serial number and give you the exact year and date yours was made. http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx Enjoy it!
  9. The model number is on the label inside. It is a PR-715. All the info I could find showed dot fret markers. IDK about the stars.
  10. The AJ-500M is the one that get the most love on this and the AGF. Good job picking one up that cheaply. Play it in good health!
  11. The mint one for 4 Franklin is a good deal. the AJ-500R sounds like what you are describing. Very nice indeed. Not really a beater unless you in pretty rarified atmosphere! LOL!
  12. This site will help: http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Epiphone_Serial_Number_Decoding#FACTORY_LETTER_CODES Looks like it was probably made in Korea (possibly by Samick?).
  13. About 6 weeks ago I started doing a set of acoustic music for my patients on a geriatric psych ward. That is as close to being a paid musician as I will ever get! Congrats on the gig!
  14. It lasted less than 24 hours. I went back on 08/03 and it was already sold!
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