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  1. Don't be fooled by the looks. I own and H&D DS-12 Custom slope and a Gibson J-45 Banner reissue and have played multiple several other 14 ftret H&D slopes and various j-45's. From my experiences you would be hard pressed to find two more tonally differing guitars. To me the J-45 is woody, thumpy and characterised by a thick mid-range, a dry fundamental tone and quick note decay. The H&D is a much more polished beast. Like others have said they are incredibly light and resonate for days. Even though mine is mahogany it almost sounds like a rosewood guitar its so lush and creates a lot of overtones. To me the H&D slopes make wonderful fingerstyle and fingerpicking instruments (for folk but not blues) but are not that great for strumming or single line runs due to the sustain. My H&D is deep, dark and lush with great clarity. The crossroads versions are slightly more in the Gibson vein but still very far from the oringinal. Both oustanding instruments and I love both guitars but do not play the same pieces on them.
  2. Good to hear! Given that the banners are widely thought of as the most iconic J-45's its weird that you have to find an extremely limited reissue or 'legend' to get something approximating the original recipe. To me this is what a standard J-45 should be and fat necks are wonderful in terms of feel and meaty tone!
  3. Definitely my 1942 banner reissue from the JT project, an amazing guitar and rare as hen’s teeth. From my research it appears that possibly only 21 were made in 2 separate batches as opposed to the intended 50.
  4. Sadly Not in the UK or Europe they don’t! Even a basic 50’s j-45 in decent condition will set you back $15,000! This guitar is not overpriced in this kind of market and will sell easily. To be honest if it was for sale in say London it would a lot more.
  5. What a cool guitar, anyone have 59,000 Euro's I could erm... borrow? https://www.tfoa.eu/nl/gibson-gibson-prototype-jumbo-14-fret-dreadnought.html
  6. What a cool guitar, anyone have 59,000 Euro's I could erm... borrow? https://www.tfoa.eu/nl/gibson-gibson-prototype-jumbo-14-fret-dreadnought.html
  7. According to Dave king yes: http://www.daveking-acoustics.com/guitar_model/l-00/ The only difference is that they are sprayed in two pieces. A rare thread about them appeared on the Martin guitar forum: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/theunofficialmartinguitarforum/my-new-dave-king-l-00-clone-t115147.html Great guitars and well worth the £2900 price tag IMHO (just over $4100).
  8. I've got an L-00 built by master luthier and world renowned repair man Dave King. It is an exceptional instrument built with hide glue, extremely light weight and with a very biting and bluesy tone: Its arguably not as versatile as the H&D you bought (wonderful guitar congrats) but i wasn't looking for a 'jack of all trades' with this purchase. Love my H&D and Gibson as well of course!!!
  9. Magnificent sound and great playing Jt!!! From those clips it seems to have a lovely deep bass and already sounds very open. It has that classic vintage tone and hollow bark of a vintage Gibson but with arguably greater clarity in the trebles. Stunning looking instrument as well, very tasteful appointments.
  10. The Dave King L-00 that i mentioned in my OP played by Lewis Cohen. A very vintage tone in my opinion and i've compared to two original L-00's and a Century of Progress. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBaT7ds7Yy8
  11. Howlin' wolf your guitar looks beautiful and i love the description 'warm bark' as i know exactly what you mean. Sounds like it holds up to the 1938 you had which is a great endorsement.
  12. Wonderful looking instruments!!! So much mojo going on here that they really should carry a pre-warning to suffers of mojoitis which is a severe and debilitating illness where sufferers yearn for mojo filled guitars. Guitar companies are trying to help the tormented sufferer by prescribing reliced guitars but its king of like being given an E cigarette and a salad when you want a steak and a cigar).
  13. Unbelievable guitars in this thread, so glad i started it! What's your favourite?
  14. Beautiful guitars, how does the Cargrill compare tonally with the Gibson's? It looks modern but is it a vintage or more modern tone?
  15. Absolutely stunning guitars Mr Thomas!!! How do they compare tonally? Is the Kim Walker a modern sounding instrument or is it voiced like an older L-00? Would love to hear a sound clip of the walker.
  16. I love the look of your Collings it looks fantastic and very unique, definately the kind of thing I had in mind when i posted the thread in trems of interesting variants. I want to see all things L-00! I'd love an all hog guitar but i've been thinking about the santa cruz 1929 series but they are very expensive here in the UK (along with every other quality brand unfortunately) and i don't feel like selling any of my current guitars at the moment.
  17. Of course we all love our Gibson's here and my J-45 banner reissue is certainly a beautifully rustic and earthy tone machine, but today i've been marvelling at the huge tone coming from my wonderful L-00 handbuilt by world class UK luthier and repairman Dave King ... http://www.daveking-acoustics.co.uk/guitar_model/l-00/ and this got me thinking about all the lovely L-00 Gibson's and similarly styled L-00's that must be present in peoples collections on this forum. If you would oblige I'd love to hear about and see pics of your L-00's especially vintage Gibson L-00's and/or faithful recreations from makers such as fairbanks, Kopp, walker etc.
  18. A few good vids from Andertons: I've played a few of all the new models (the j-45, L-oo, hummingbird, sj-100 and 200 models) they are really excellent guitars for the money although not as good as the real thing of course. The SG-200 model is very good indeed and extremely loud although laminate maple: http://www.sigma-guitars.com/guitars/sg-series/gja-sg200/ Now there is also an all solid limited edition j-45 style model with walnut which i thought was really outstanding and as good as many a standard j-45 model that i have played: http://www.sigma-guitars.com/guitars/limited-edition/sjw-sg45/ I really do like the AMI Sigma's and I own one of there very limited and now discontinued Martin copies (All solid Adirondack/solid Madi Dreadnought). Its an immense sounding guitar! Their all solid limited edition models are a huge step up but not cheap. To me Eastman and the all solid sigma's represent excellent quality and value for money. Overall i prefer Eastman because off their much larger range of all solid guitars. If you are happy with laminate guitars though and want traditional models in the vein of Martin and Gibson then Sigma produce the best i've heard at very reasonable prices. They would make high quality beaters as well.
  19. I've got a collings 000-2h, its a lovely guitar with a very warm, woody tone but with a great deal of clarity (Thomastik strings). In one sense It's the easiest guitar I own to play but also the most unforgiving if your having an off day. Like a lot of Collings guitars it's not really a great strummer, there is just too much note seperation to get a nice chordal blend, but for fingerstyle its a real beauty. The fit and finish is exquisite, the quality of the wood used exemplary. They also represent great VFM when compared to the other boutique brands.
  20. Hello, new to this forum and Gibson. I just purchased a j-45 (the banner 42 reissue) and am loving it!!! What a guitar.
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