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  1. Well, I have one bid so far, and a case is included with this guitar. Original purchase from Musician's Friend (which was higher than the bid price) did not include case.
  2. I decided to list it on EBAY (Item # 121424482217). Too nice of a guitar for me to let go any lower, so I'll probably just keep if no one wants at that price.
  3. Yeah, I agree there that the market sets the price, just amazed this nice model dropped that much value.
  4. I bought my Joe Perry Epi Boneyard the year it came out in 2004. Beautiful guitar, and with the stock USA Gibson Burstbuster pickups and the extra details they put into it, I always considered this one an awesome Epi that would match a Gibson LP. I have many guitars and I'm more of a collector lately than a player, so this doesn't have much play on it, pretty MINT. I was hoping this guitar had some collector value added since it was discontinued, I was curious of about the chances of getting what I paid for it back then, $800. I'm surprised to see past auctions of this guitar only fetching about $500. I may need to offload this one, but I'll keep it if thats the case. Too nice of a guitar to let go of that cheap.
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