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  1. I was assuming the DSX meant: Diamond Sparkle Xplorer ??? & CH: Chrome Hardware Just guessing??? the rest, I'm clueless...
  2. Pictures just really do not do this guitar justice. It looks plain fro a distance, but when light hits it, it EXPLODES in multi color sparkle. I would attach more photos, but I seem to be limited in what i attach...maybe because I am a new user?
  3. I have been looking for one for many years, and finaly got one. It's my first Gibson, and I love it! Photos don't do it justice....even the back of neck and headstock covered in multi colored diamond sparkle. I sent Gibson the serial #, and they confirmed what it was, but had no "story" or info on it. Does anyone know it's story? I have heard it was a limited run for Mars music, and each store only got one. Does that mean only 49 were ever made? (There were 49 Mars stores, according to my sources) Anyone? Anyone?
  4. I have been on the hunt for one of these for years. Finaly got one! My first Gibson! They seem to be very rare.... does anyone have the "story" or info on them? Very unique finish...even the back of neck & headstock. Thanks in advance!
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