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  1. Okay, almost two years later I finally can present pictures from the inside of the PU. For all those who do not remember the start of this thread: I simply want to know if this is a real Gibson Classic P57 PU or not. Unfortunately there is no sticker on the back anymore. The Pickup has 8.4 kOhms DC resistance. What do you experts say?
  2. Operation successful, patient is alive and sounds better than before. Experiences? Okay, first of all: the pickup change doesn't transform the Epiphone into a 1956th Gibson L5. The sound improves by, lets say, 30 percent. The tone is getting more thick or more fat than with the original Epi's PU's and is of course approaching to the well known sound of really good Archtop Guitars. It makes more fun to play now but don't expect a wonder. The pickup change itself wasn't that hard. I removed the old PU, opened the little cable-holding clamp at the bottom of the inner body and pulled one volume-pot out (I only changed the neck PU). The wire of the original PU leads to a little plug and from there to the pots. I removed that plug and replaced it by new ones. With them I connected the leads of the P57-pickup with the cables going to the volume pot. Thats it. Less humming than the original PU, no problems.
  3. I'm still at work but on a first glance everythting seems to fit properly. I will inform you when it's finished.
  4. Yes, that would do it. But I'm not sure how to solder the lead of the PUP on the rest of the old lead without loosing the coaxial shielding for half an inch or so. Is there a good way?
  5. Hi I intend to upgrade my Epiphone Broadway Jazzbox by replacing the Epi-Pickup by a Gibson P57. But of course on archtops you have to do most of the wiring work through the f-holes which is a bit like heart surgery. The cable coming out from the old pickup vanishes after 20cm in the depth of the guitar’s Body. From a clamp of the bottom a bunch of wires returns to the surface and then spreads to the pots. Actually the easiest way to connect the new pickup was to cut the wires of the old pickup after about 10cm, do the same to the cable of the new humbucker and insert it at that point with soldering it. But on the other hand there's the chance to keep the shielding of the pickup's cable to connect it directly to the pot - to avoid any humming and to keep the original length of the cables. But that would mean that I had to pull out the whole electric system. What's the better way? Any help appreciated Olaf
  6. NEW PICTURES ADDED, SEE END OF THREAD! Someone offered me a P57 Classic Gold but apart of the fact that it looks like a Gibson P57, I have no confirmation for the authenticity of this pickup. If there has ever been any sticker or label on the back it's removed now. At least the screw threads are seem to be US made. Is there any way to prove the originality of this part? Thanks for help Olaf
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