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  1. PB26

    Thank you, Gibson

    Thanks, it plays beautifully, and the 498T is a great pickup! I was going to stick an Iommi in the bridge but I may not bother.
  2. The planets are back in alignment, order has been restored. Couple days ago I found out the 2016 models go back to the tried and true formula. No robots, no brass nut, none of it. Picked up my SG Standard tonight....
  3. My local shop is a huge Gibson dealer and they just got in a nice haul of big dollar custom shop models, mostly Les Pauls and SGs. They're guarded behind a counter so I asked how many of them have the auto-tuners on the headstock. Salesman gave me a 'you troublemaker!' look and said 'none.'
  4. No knock on LTD or Schecter, and actually there was one Schecter I tried once that I thought was alright (I think it was a Black Jack or something like that). A few of the LTDs I handled had finish issues -- the headstock looked like it was covered in wallpaper and the fancy finish was starting to peel up right by the nut.
  5. So I've been itching to get a guitar with EMG 81/85 and I have been unimpressed with LTD, Schecter, and similar brands. So I scooped up the 1984 and it's a very stout guitar. Nice big block of heavy wood and very nice cosmetically. Only issue, which I knew from trying it, is there are 5-6 really awful fret buzz spots (I checked the neck relief and the action and it was normal). I'm going to get them dressed and maybe stick in a new nut. But otherwise, very happy with this beast of a rig!
  6. PB26

    My new baby

    Very nice, congrats!
  7. Yes it's both guitars. If I do a pull-off on the high E, second fret, for example, the string falls into the little gap between the fret and the binding and makes a 'plink' noise as it's coming out. I guess I should have checked before I paid for them, but I just don't do pull-offs often so I didn't think of it at the time. And it didn't occur to me that such defects would be a problem on a Gibson. But I'll say I'm still extremely happy with these guitars -- they feel way better than everything else I tried, and I tried a lot before I bought.
  8. Oh and by the way the Iommi Signature humbucker is Gibson's best pickup.
  9. I have two 2013 SG Standards and the gap between fret and binding is the only problem I have (it's a problem on both). I don't have a real need to do pull-offs on the first string for the music I play so I haven't bothered getting the binding fixed, but I agree it's annoying and no guitar should leave the factory in that condition. If you're going to put binding on, do it right. If you're not going to do it right, give me a regular fret. You are 100% correct that people who complain about the string getting caught in that gap during pull-offs are not suffering from technique problems. Give me 1000 guitars priced under $500 with no neck binding and every pull-off will sound just as it should.
  10. Maybe I'm not a good enough player to tell, but I have two 2013 SG Standards and they feel the same (I play at least 3 hours a day and go back and forth). I previously had a white 2013 SG Standard, which I had to exchange because of damage during set up, and it felt the same as the two I have now.
  11. I wouldn't accept that for one minute. Maybe take the opportunity to get a bone nut thrown on there for your trouble. I just put one on one of my SGs and it's very nice. SG#2 gets one soon.
  12. I like the concept of the zero fret but I'm not sure I'm too crazy about Gibson's version of it. My next new guitar will be a Jaydee Old Boy and that has a zero fret in the more traditional style. It is true that Gibson nuts out of the box are cut too high for most, but they say this is deliberate -- some like the slots higher so those who need them lower can just have them filed down during initial set-up. I was thinking of putting a Zero Glide on one of my SGs but I went with a (properly cut) bone nut instead and it's fantastic. But I am definitely looking forward to getting that Jaydee and seeing what the zero fret is like (alas, my wait is more than a year).
  13. PB26

    Gibson is awesome

    When it comes time to replace the nut I'll get them to pull the string in a bit, more 'on principle' than because I actually need it.
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