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  1. Yes, the zero nut is replaceable. In fact, you should replace that brass one, as it will develop grooves on the side that are supposed to make it the "zero" nut. Gibson will replace it free of charge, with I think Titanium? I don't know for sure what the new material is, but... its a lot harder than brass. Call up Customer Support, give them the pertinent info, and they'll mail it out.
  2. Looks like overspray on the clear coat. I've got the same thing on most of my Gibsons. I usually end up chipping it off with a fingernail. Bugs me. Gets knocked off when I replace the nuts to, and I replace most Gibson nuts, if they haven't been already.
  3. 2007 LP Special 1960 Historic/VOS Double Cut One piece body
  4. Two weeks and two emails. I'm trying one more, to hopefully get some idea of numbers made and just because I'd like to know if it was a Sam Ash exclusive? So, I got confirmation on the pickups last night. Here's the only facts, I have so far. During at least part of June 1990 Gibson made a limited run of ebony (only) Standards, with all gold hardware, and cream plastics. Pickups were uncovered, unmarked 490R/498T double cream humbuckers.
  5. Eh... I'm going with Mojo.
  6. Dude... no one insulted you, but your reaction says a lot. As bbp said, "Lighten up, Francis." You were given sound, polite advice.
  7. I am smart enough! Wait... what was the question? But whatever it was... ^^^ this is the right answer. I see a battery compartment on the back of a LP, I keep walking.
  8. I was a young teen during RR's heyday. I liked Ozzy, but I was a VH fan... so I listened mostly to Eddie. After RR's death, I don't know why, but I started listening to more of the stuff he did. The solo in Revelation (Mother Earth), is to this day still one of my favorites. The way he fused Classical with Heavy Metal, never heard anything before, or since quite like it. Just thinking about all the stuff we missed out on, is mind-boggling. EDIT: Just watched that Gary Moore interview and listened to the song. That's interesting that Ozzy was trying to recruit Gary. It makes sense, a gu
  9. With all the "limited" GC editions out there, and the numbers Gibson's filled them... I think we'll eventually get to a point, where GC's LPs are most, or close to the prevalent Les Paul on the used market. I think as far as a Standard is concerned, with the rarity of runs with gold hardware and double creams (none that I know of), it makes it a tad more unique. Let's be honest, the early 90s LPs are considered some of the best, by a lot of people. I know it compares very favorably with my Custom. The pickups are the only difference, and I prefer the '57 Classics in the LPC. Does it ma
  10. I am desperately trying to find information on this run of Standards. The only ones I can verify were all made in June of 1990. Any of these guys still around, or anyone know the history behind Gibson trimming out a Standard with gold and double cream humbuckers ?
  11. Its an awesome sounding guitar. Just, playing it next to a Custom and even the Studio Pro, the SG Standard.... the satin finish on a "multi" piece body, bugged me. Plus, I discovered there was zero relief on the neck. It was straight, and fine. But, no relief. It couldn't be adjusted any further that way. For a new guitar... naw. Plus, it was a score and it led to another score. I grabbed the Standard for under $1800 and other than the scuff mark on the neck, its VG condition. Not even fret wear, or pick rash. Some slight buckle rash. Plus, the desire for my next LP, was for a Traditional,
  12. Watched a few interviews with her. Comes across as a real down to earth person, and a pretty lady. Nice to see her making a comeback.
  13. That Gibson is sweet! But 90lbs!? Wow! The unchambered, no weight-relief Les Paul of amps.
  14. It is interesting, as I've been reading up on these, Gibson was desperately trying to distance themselves from the Norliin-era. You would think the logo would be one of the first things to change? Its kind of fascinating and frustrating at the same time, trying to uncover the history of this era. I've always wondered why the prices over about a 10 year period deviate so much. There's a lot of deviation in the pickups, as I guess Tim Shaw, Bill Lawrence pickups are thrown into the mix. I know a lot of people, myself included until recently, that thought Gibson pickups, would be embossed wit
  15. Picture of the control cavity P.S. That sweet new 2016 '60 Tribute I might have posted about... it helped pay for this. Good upgrade, imo.
  16. I bring this to the general forum, because I believe I stumbled onto a somewhat rare guitar/gem. I'm not quite sure if it was a store exclusive (possibly Sam Ash)... or if it was just a limited run Gibson decided to do? Things I know... Gibson only did this in 1990. The general response I get, and my first question when I saw it... "Gibson didn't use gold on the Standard?" I was also curious about the pickups, double creams? I am personal friends with the Ops Manager at our local GC. So he always tells me everything about the used guitars they get. This particular guitar came from a gu
  17. Unfortunately, I never got to play mine. Came brand new from the warehouse, like this. That's OK... I rolled that into a '60 Tribute, which I then rolled into a limited run 1990 Standard.
  18. Buy used! There are so many beautiful, wonderfully setup LPC's out there for half what you'll pay for new. My 2006 is better than 1 guitar I own, and that's damn close. The 90's Standard. I have a very difficult time buying any guitars new. I took back the last new guitar I bought, and it partially financed the 26 year old one I bought. The new guitar prior to that one... I let it sit on the hooks for 3 years, before I bought it at clearance price.
  19. When I find them, I buy them. So far, these are my favorite amps ever. The big one, is my all-time favorite. Anything plugged into it, sounds good.
  20. Just on the topic of tuning... I watched a Joe Walsh (of all people) video, did a little Gibson quick guitar setup. Had an amazing ear, I tell you. Anyway, he goes over tuning, and it's especially applicable to Gibson's. When I bought my Studio Pro, then later my SGJ (which was actually better staying in tune), I didn't think I'd buy any more Gibson's. Guy at church had the same problem. Freaking G string. I tried pencil graphite in the nut, it helped some. Then I watched that video, and I tune my guitars every time like that. Usually, I'll pull them out of the case, and they'l
  21. Eh... its a good thing you guys didn't waste your time reading about that guitar. Traded it today, for this 100% original parts, 1990 Standard. Cheers!
  22. NECRO THREAD! (and pics!) Hey look! They've got another sister! Just bought her today. She was born on June 26, 1990 Production Number: 117 And everything is original. Even the nut (with the original overspray to lol) Can see the rub marks here, from where the guy hung it. Only real sign of wear. Hey, I have your Quadruplet!
  23. Did you read the whole thing? My situation wasn't remotely like yours. This guitar is $899, and only comes with a gig bag. If you want a case with it. You will pay $200 for a brown Gibson case, regardless what price you get the guitar for. But, plus tax, you're paying close to $1000 for a Gibson LP in a gig bag. I originally paid $643 (with the tax) for a "GC/MF exclusive" LP Special T, that had a broken neck. A guitar Gibson doesn't want to even associate with, won't support and tells you to contact GC/MF with any issues. To compensate me for ordering a guitar that came broken, I
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