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  1. Reviving a great thread. How many still use this amp?
  2. Hi, Sorry for my late reply. Thank you for posting all of this. I am finally going to start working on this amp soon.
  3. I love my Vsr combo. Only mods I will do are the valve resistors and valve replacement when necessary. It does get a little hum when I play my tele but fine with humbuckers.I am a bit worried issues that I have read online so I will change the necessary parts for reliability only. Only one slight issue is that I would like a tad more bass response but it's no biggie. Yeah I love it a lot.
  4. Hi guys I'm new so I'm asking for help if anybody can point me in the direction of links to mods for the valve senior combo or any suggestions or advice for the amp. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  5. Bump... Has anybody found a solution to the reverb issue in this amp? Sorry if this has already been covered,I am new to the forum.
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