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  1. Looks and sounds great. Congratulaions!
  2. I haven't seen any great deals either. I got an email from my Sweetwater guy too saying if I wanted something that's not on sale to call him and he'll work something out. I don't need anything right now but it's worth a shot if you're looking for something.
  3. It's creative and I'm a basketball fan, but no.
  4. That's a beautiful Tele, rct, congratulations! I've been thinking about a Tele myself. Have fun!
  5. Enjoyed the videos, thanks. BTW - did you ever change the tubes in your Stage Right? I didn't mod mine at all and it seems to be sounding better as time goes on. Maybe it's just me.
  6. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd. It was stuck in my head for two days so I thought I would play it. Easy to play but now it's stuck even more.
  7. Those are great cars. The 66 Chevelle brings back some good memories. One of my best friends, who was a professional mechanic, bought one with a blown engine that looked identical to yours, Twang. He put in a 350 that he built himself and I didn't understand it. Why a small block? The main reason was money but he made it wicked fast. I only raced him once and he won. My car turned a 12.3 @ 119 at the track a few weeks before. That wasn't bad for those days.
  8. That's great to hear. Good on Gibson and congratulations!
  9. Congratulations!!! I've been following the new mid-engine Corvettes since concept days. I was delighted to read about it. It's an absolutely remarkable vehicle and I would have one in a heartbeat, if I could. I wish you many happy motoring hours in your new beauty.
  10. I like a low action so I start at about 3/64 and raise it until the buzz stops.
  11. That is really nice looking and great tone, too. Conratulations.
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