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  1. Same from me. Enjoy retirement, NV. I'm lovin' mine and I'm sure you will too. Have a safe move.
  2. Oh my, Guitar God (pun intended)! Fantastic! Congratulations!
  3. Love the long version of "Time Has Come Today". Happy trails, George.
  4. Nice deal. Congratulations!
  5. Congratulations on a nice score! Enjoy!
  6. RIP Larry. Thanks for the great music. Happy trails.
  7. You might like the .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .046 strings that are standard. If not, go with what the others have said and let us know what you decide on.
  8. Thanks for all the great music, Ginger. Happy trails.
  9. IMO, the BB1 & 2 really shine on a guitar with coil splitting so they may be a very good choice for you. I have Classic 57/57+ in my 2017 Gibson SG Standard HP and love their tone.
  10. My home town. I remember taking the 'L' to Cubs games, when I was a kid, very well. "crackle, crackle, Addison, crackle, crackle" Good times. 🙂
  11. Yeah Gibson make these guitars durable for sure........

    1. Marky Forrest

      Marky Forrest

      Thankfully... I have a 2018 Gibson SG Standard HP and it's one of my favorites. It came with a bullet-proof aluminum case which is nice, albeit a bit heavy.

    2. SG Sydney

      SG Sydney

      Aluminium case hey...... sounds something I could definitely use .....

    3. Marky Forrest

      Marky Forrest

      It's a really nice case. It even has a rubber seal all the way around it for water protection. It has a piano hinge, a mahogany handle and is pretty much bullet proof, like I said. It's actually a 2017. My 2018 is a Fender Strat. Here are some pictures:


      Upon arrival!


  12. Well that's a quick and unpleasant way to sober up, for sure. I'm glad your SG survived unharmed.
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