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  1. Marky Forrest


    Love it. That's a fantastic guitar with great features and looks. Congratulations!
  2. Bravo Paolo! You have wonderful technique and tone. Those covers were very enjoyable. Thank you
  3. Chet Atkins was amazing and one of my all-time favorites too.
  4. Hello Paolo and welcome to the Forums. That's a very nice collection.
  5. Good to hear, Dave, and welcome to the Forums.
  6. Nice video, Rabs, but I'm afraid you've been a bit naughty by giving an old man a bad case of GAS. Love that guitar!
  7. That's what I use, kidblast, and it helps. My favorite strap for my SG HP is 2 1/2" black leather outside and suede inside. It helps keep my SG where I want it. A wider 3" one might work even better.
  8. Marky Forrest


    Yeah, I bet you can't wait. Congrats!
  9. Marky Forrest


    Good job adding the pictures. Very cool guitar. Congrats!
  10. That's a good one. Thanks for the laugh. I only have one but it's my favorite player.
  11. I have the same model only 2017 and I like the chrome plated knobs. I'd stick with them.
  12. Assuming you are referring to the aluminum case, I think they are excellent. Almost bullet proof, IMO. It is very solid and well-built with a piano hinge, excellent latches, rubber gasket to help seal it and protect your guitar from moisture, a cool mahogany handle and it's nice inside. If I were picky, I could say that it's a bit heavy and the brushed aluminum scratches easily. But, I think it's a great case.
  13. She's a beauty alright. I'm selling my Les Paul Custom tomorrow so I'll have some room.
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