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  1. Thanks! Man, that is really strange. I hope they're doing better.
  2. Glad to hear he's improving! Still sending good vibes.
  3. Nice mods. Been considering removing my Robo tuners myself. When I do, I'll go for the Klusons. Good recommendation, thanks.
  4. I've been pretty sick and away from the computer but I'm feeling better and trying to catch up. I was in the ED on Sunday and tested for COVID-19. No results yet but should be soon. After two weeks of misery, my fever broke yesterday and I'm on the mend.
  5. LOL... It's a nice town with lots of good people in it.
  6. My neighbor has chickens and she is offering free dozens of eggs to people that need them. Another neighbor sold me 9 rolls of good quality TP for only $5.
  7. That is one nice birthday present! Congrats!
  8. I'll be starting a new job tomorrow working at home. I had a phone line installed yesterday and bought the required headsets, etc.
  9. Good video. I'm still lovin' my amp and that ES-like guitar looks very cool. Hmm...
  10. I got a new laptop on Friday so I've been busy setting it up.
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