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  1. Man, that's just gorgeous. Post more pics once you get it.
  2. Marky Forrest


    Really nice! Must have been meant to be alright. Good decision, IMO.
  3. That's what makes live music so awesome. It's human!
  4. I'm brushing up on some Christmas songs since I'll be playing at a Christmas party.
  5. Oh dang, I'm sorry to hear that. I hope it can be fixed. You made the best of it though. You had a good gig and a great attitude about the mishap.
  6. These: https://www.gibson.com/Gear/Humbucker-Pickups/IM57R I have a 57 in the neck and 57+ in the bridge.
  7. We went to a restaurant over the weekend and I ordered my usual grilled chicken. Everything was about 2/3 the size I was used to. I asked the waitress and she said that's how it is now. So it's the same deal. They don't charge more you just get less. Plus, it leaves you still hungry so maybe you'll order dessert. 😋
  8. Thanks, Cab. My prayers are with you too. Yes, it will be okay!
  9. Peace and happy trails. I hope you enjoy your time and look forward to your return.
  10. Just now saw this thread. I'm glad you decided not to leave the group, Cab. I too am going through something now and feel as you do. The thing that I most turned to (besides the big Guy), to bring me peace and joy, now seems like a chore. The new pedals that I was so excited to get, just a few weeks ago, are now just more pieces of gear. I already have way too much of that. It's not a good place to be, especially alone. I was a daily player but haven't played in about two weeks. I think we need help, as Ian mentioned. Stay strong!
  11. It looks like everything is falling into place for your move. Have a safe and enjoy your new home.
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