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  1. I like a low action so I start at about 3/64 and raise it until the buzz stops.
  2. That is really nice looking and great tone, too. Conratulations.
  3. What a great picture. Man good thing your drummer was around to help you out. I vaguely remember the days of having a young, strong back. You sure needed one with that very cool rig. I bet you sounded awesome. Yeah and I think you probably stirred up some dust devils too. Thanks for the great picture. I love to reminisce.
  4. 1952 and I started playing when I was 12. After being forced into 2 years of piano lessons, I finally convinced my mom to let me buy a guitar. It was a used electric Kingston that cost me $15 including the amp and cable.
  5. I bet it was refreshing. I haven't played outdoors in a long time. It's too darn hot here to play outside now but maybe when Fall comes around. I'm about ready to put a larger reverb tank in my amp. It's the one big weak point in our amps, IMO. I have a reverb pedal so I haven't been in a hurry to make the change but, now that we're talking about playing outdoors, I think I'll do it soon. Carrying a guitar and amp is enough for me. I don't want to drag my pedalboard too. Speaking of pedals, I really like my new Boss RC-3. It's a nice looper. Have fun!
  6. Congratulations and you made a fantastic choice, IMO. The Collings D2HG is out of my budget but, if I could, I would buy one in a heartbeat. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks! I was retired for 5 years but my situation changed drastically (divorce) and had to go back to work. I'm very fortunate to have found a good-paying job that I can do part-time. I agree with supporting your local shop if it makes sense. I like Sweetwater a lot but, this time, I'd say buy from your local guy/gal. My local shop had to move 9 miles further away because of rent increases but I still support them when I can. There's really something to be said for the old mom and pop stores and I sure don't want them to disappear altogether.
  8. It's good to read that everyone seems to be doing well though this craziness. I've settled in to my new work-from-home job and my permanent hours are 07:00 - 11:00 M-F. That's all this old guy can handle and I'm sure glad training is over. I finished my first full week of "Production" yesterday. I haven't played in well over a week and my favorite Strat is calling me. Have a great weekend, everyone!
  9. It's all good, mihcmac, I'm lovin' mine, too.
  10. Thank you so much. Today, my first day of Production, was super busy but it made the day fly by. Production is way better than Training. No notes to type up every night, no studying and testing. This is nice now. Phew!
  11. I've been in training the past four weeks for my new work-from-home job. I haven't had time to check the Forums until today. I graduated Friday and my regular Production starts tomorrow. Training was much more intense than I expected. It's because I work for a financial institution and there are sooo many regulations. Man I'm glad that's behind me. I hope all of you have been well!
  12. Congrats on your new job! I love it when things fall into place like that.
  13. That's great Rabs! I'm happy to hear you sold 3 of your guitars and got a new order for a very cool design. Congratulations! My new work-from-home, company-furnished Lenovo computer arrived Friday and today I set it all up in my home office. It's full-time, work-from-home for me from now on. Today my new Boss RC-3 looper arrived and it's on my pedalboard. Tomorrow I'll try it out. I've needed a really good looper for a long time and decided now was the time to give myself a treat. It holds up to 3 hours of looping in 99 presets and connects to my laptop using Boss Tone Studio RC-3. That's way better than the 38 seconds that my Boss ME-80 allows.
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