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  1. Hi Milod I visited today just to make sure eveything was okay and delighted you are feeling better. I emailed to the address I got too. All the best amigo Matt
  2. Dear John and others Cheers to you all and I am so very, very sad to hear of Pete's passing. May he find some restxx All the best Matt
  3. Hi there Duende!

    Are you looking forward to receiving your telegram from Liz on the 1st Jan next?


    Hope you're both well and enjoying the G-J sessions that, unfortunately, I can't attend. Grrrrr..........

    Best wishes,


  4. Cheers to you Farns; very proud to be British and a Londoner too. I love living in London - It's rich history, the clubs/pubs, the variety of cultures (c.300 different languages spoken), it's penchant for producing cutting edge work in the sciences and arts, but most of all - the atmosphere and being arguably one of the best places in the world to study music It is strange, but a pleasure at the same time that the eyes of the world are on us! I felt the Queen was a great sport for involving her self with this. As a die hard Bond fan I was overjoyed to see her address "Mr Bond". Great
  5. I think my strength are my enthusiasm/optimism and also that I have good ear.
  6. Loads to catch up with here, but some truly great stuff!
  7. According to Roger I am 'the dude with ├ętude'!!! Lol Ah I see what you mean. Yes I can relate to that! Also if a day has been frustrating, there is something very therapeutic about playing something like Master of Puppets through a high gain Peavey amp LMAO
  8. To prevent him from haunting me, I just changed it!
  9. drinking and buying can be lethal!! LOL

  10. I am playing at a wedding in a few weeks and they have asked for these two pieces - The bride is a big fan of Eric Roche. Apart from articles in guitar magazines I have never really sat down properly and listened to him and now I have I am quite taken aback. There just seems so much heart in his playing. edited to prevent Eric turning in his grave. This is Eric's version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Eric playing) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lk3a8nFl0Xg&feature=related This is a lover performance by a young guy on youtube of a composition by Eric called 'Angel' http://www.y
  11. and sometimes the wine makes the old fingers trigger happy on the add to cart option too!
  12. Thanks MP Julia Florida was written by Barrios for his young pupil of the same name. The piece is often called Julia Blooming as he wrote it as a sentimental piece for his young pupil who was 'blooming' into womanhood. Innocent times!
  13. You are a friendly guy too - with one exception... when a certain computer companies name is mentioned - you turn into Hulk LOL
  14. Hi Charlie Personally speaking (as a classical dude LOL), if I am playing jazz/blues or rock; I improvise a lot! I don't like the 'note for note' approach either; although I think First Measure has a good point about music warranting varying degrees of improvisation depending upon the style, audience etc. Charlie, I think you hit the nail on the head about classical music performance being a case of how the performer plays the piece, opposed to what he/she plays - although this isn't the case with everything! Contrary to popular myth, 'classical' music (or more accurately 'western ar
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