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  1. drinking and buying can be lethal!! LOL

  2. Hi Brian

    A fellow Christian here - congratulations on the lovely Casino ,


  3. Hi Spot - where abouts in London are you? Fancy meeting up for a beer and jam sometime?

    My wife andi run a monthly guitar society which has all kinds of music t the open mic ; you'd be more than welcome to cone along.

    Yours Matt

  4. Steve you giant tit, I wrote "this too" meaning yet another we excel at - TAKE DOWN YOUR EVIL COMMENT NOW!!!

    (Massive spam sent down the computer cables)

  5. I love your user name!


  6. :( no name? oh well...I know some people prefer to stay hidden

  7. Great to meet you - I'm from Sidcup

  8. I love your signature!


  9. any objections to me sharing your picture on facebook - it is awesome!!

  10. Ann! That is interesting - as well as being on the spectrum myself, my wife Is teacher in an autistic school. She is passionate about it! Me and you have much in common!!

  11. If only we lived near! I'd even play keys for saints and sinners if you needed me.

  12. damn it!! what's with the Sabbath on the Blackstar clips; lets here some Saints and Sinners :) :)

  13. Hi how you doing :)


  14. thanks for the kind words amigo!!


  15. was that The Robert Johnson you were playing too? Both you and Jerry are playing quite small bodied guitars yet the projection is superb in both, my loudest classical guitar is a parlour shaped guitar made by a guy called Tony Johnson. Live it is great; you play a bass and you can feel the note ringing through you and the chair; it is just so resonant! Very coo playing and singingl!
  16. you and that guitar together are a greet combination! what model of guitar is it Jerry? Nice tone
  17. Good to see you back around.


  18. Happy new year; long time no see. Hope you're well


  19. Steve, sorry to pull you up in the quote maybe lost in translation stuff, but I didn't understand atall what you meant!

  20. you are too kind and what is your real name?! LOL

    Matt (real name Jake LMAO)

  21. I loved the song you recently submitted in the acoustic section.



  22. too many videos in the acoustic section, but I just wanted to say how much my wife and I enjoyed Here Come's The Sun. lovely harmonies and just a nice feel! cheers


  23. we just bought our joint Christmas present, an XBOX 360 and to test it was working, spent three hours loving shooting all the 'badddies' in Halo 2, so your song resonated with me a lot! Great stuff
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