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  1. Thanks for the replies and good advice, guys. I will swap my .013-.056 for a set of .012-.053 and play it like that for a few weeks. I can tweak the truss-rod myself if it really needs it, but I'll wait to see if it moves on its own first.
  2. June 2012 - I bought myself a Songwriter Deluxe Standard, after many months of searching guitar stores in my area. What a beauty! Beautiful rich sound, and great action. I love this guitar, but the strings it came with are .013 to .056 gauge Martins (so they told me). I find these are too heavy for me. I'd like to put some .011 to .052 Gibson Lights on, but It will reduce the stress on the truss-rod by many in-lbs. So, I don't really want to adjust the truss rod myself, so I'll probably have a luthier do it for me. but does anybody know just how much of an effect this will have on the neck? - Just trying to be careful....
  3. Nice Rig! It's the first time I see a blue ES339. Exceptional !!
  4. I like both. So far the only thing I can see that might be a plus for the Dunlops is that if you forget your strap and have to borrow one with no locks, the Dunlop has a bigger flared button to retain a regular strap.........the Schaller is kind of small. I forget lots of stuff......better get the Dunlops!
  5. So, my Strat has Schaller strap-locks, and I really like them, except recently they started to squeak a little bit which is not a big deal, but is a bit annoying sometimes.....nothing a little lubricant wouldn't fix.... My LP Studio has Dunlops, they are great too. Actually to me, they seem a little more robust in design, with less chance of loosening up with many cycles of strap on-off, on-off..... (because of the spring-clip, -no nut to thread on and vibrate loose). Now I have my new ES-339 with the stock strap buttons, and I want to swap out for strap-locks. Which do you guys think is best?
  6. Hi Matteo, I recently purchased the Johnny A audio CD "Get Inside" and the DVD "Taste, Tone, Space" through Amazon.com. I'm really enjoying the CD, and the DVD is good too, and it includes printable pdf's of some of the songs. If you like Johnny A, you'll enjoy these.
  7. That was really good! I have an IMac, but I have never looked into the Garage Band (believe it or not!) Well done!
  8. Has anybody tried a Drummer's stool? They're pretty big and they look comfortable..... maybe too low?
  9. I have a couple of slipped discs so I don't stay in any one position for too long. I either sit on a mechanic's stool with the rotating seat, or a good quality folding card player's chair. -Actually, look at Kevin Eubanks on the Jay Leno Show......- He sits very relaxed, leaning way back. I tried this and its surprising how comfortable it is for me to practice like that.
  10. Chet Atkins, John Lennon, George Thorogood, Johnny A.
  11. bluenote

    Johnny A

    Recently I discovered the amazing talent of Johnny A. I would not have known about him without finding the Johnny A signature guitar (a real beauty) on the Gibson site. What a great sound this man (and his band) creates! I haven't seen this kind of playing for a very long time. I think that maybe when he was a kid h must have listened to the likes of Duane Eddy and Chet Atkins. I see that he is a kind of contemporary version of them. I love his tunes like "Hip Bone" and others like his version of "The Wind Cries Mary" For those who haven't had the listening pleasure just check out Johnny A on YouTube!
  12. Hey Kong - That Caramel Burst is a beauty! First time I've seen one. Enjoy!
  13. When I bought my ES-339 I spent more than two hours deciding which of the stores six 339's I wanted. Before that I had searched the net thoroughly as well. I think I shopped smart and got a great guitar at an acceptable price. - BUT because my focus was all on the guitar I didn't think too much about the case. When I was back home inspecting the case I found that there were sticky stains all over the exterior, which I think was glue dripped in the process of applying the black covering, and a large white stain on the bottom of the case. I couldn't wipe them off with mild soap and water. Also, the edge binding was coming away from the case at the handle area. The last straw was bits and pieces of shop debris in the case. (not good with a new Gibson or any respectable guitar) I figured this was too much so I took it back, and asked for a replacement. The guys at the store were excellent, but they had to pick through the remaining five cases to find the one that was acceptable. This costs everybody money and time, and its only due to sloppy workmanship. I've heard other stories recently about the newer cases being at below standard quality. I really hope that Gibson will recognize this and put focus back into their case workmanship! (especially for customs!)
  14. I agree with Shade. Any time you change the diameter of your strings you have to be prepared for some kind of physical change. If it were me, I would take it to a GOOD technician, - usually your experienced player friends can recommend one. He might make adjustments to the truss rod, bridge, etc. to match your strings. Usually a decent setup is between 40 and 80 dollars CDN. If he's good, he'll notice anything out of the ordinary. Even if you had to have a luthier make some adjustments a 336 is worth it!
  15. Thanks Dub-T-123, I'm really enjoying this guitar - I think I'll be content with this one for a long time. (and then I'll likely get a craving for a nice SG!) Happy 2010.
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