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  1. in addition to this, never overtighten strings until they snap; this puts too much pressure on the bridge and it could fly off and hurt you.
  2. I busted mine after 4 years of steady use so I bought myself both generic and authentic ones. The authentic I use for special events like gigs, during playtime or practice I switch to my generic straps. I'll post the amazon link where I but my straps in case anyone is looking for some as well http://www.amazon.com/Guitar-Strap-Acoustic-Classical-Guarantee/dp/B00FKP90XS
  3. My baby, planning to add another by 2015
  4. Phew, these models look better and better each year, time to save up.
  5. muzicbox

    Amp advice

    The amp ive been using allows me sync with an app suited for android or IOS, Roland’s CUBE-GX series has become the benchmark in compact amps since its introduction in 2013. The newest family member, the CUBE-10GX, packs the sweet tone and onboard effects you expect from a CUBE into a very small size that’s perfect for bedroom practice and jamming with friends.
  6. Depends on your goals, you want to be a successful guitarist for your own leisure or a successful performer? Becoming a better guitarist for own leisure requires more practice which involves hitting hard guitar tabs. Becoming a successful performed requires confidence in yourself and being able to sell.
  7. 1 or 2 hours a day is enough, if you decide to practice for an hour a day, don't feel like you have to clear one full hour in a row in your daily schedule; you can split it into more than one time in the day if you need to. Just schedule both half-sessions at specific times each day, and stick to it! If you are covering a number of different topics throughout the week, try to spread it all evenly throughout the week so that you cover everything on a regular basis. List everything you plan to work on throughout the week, and write how many minutes you want to work on each one when you get to it in its practice session. Then group your activities together by total length
  8. How about that? Getting free guitar lessons from the experts :) thanks a lot for the informative post, the website has great content
  9. I bought some generic ones a couple years back when my dreadnaughts original strings gave up on me, it still works but not sure if it's advisable. What are your thoughts? Go for the original or are the copies good enough?
  10. For mold on guitars I'd wipe with a solution of 1/10 water to bleach solution. Hydrogen peroxide would work also. But this is only on the finished portion. The problem is if you have mold growing in the pores of the open wood inside. Even if the mold dies it's going to be hard to remove the stains without really smearing the dead mould all over the place
  11. Website is not viewer friendly if you're on mobile :) Anyways was certainly worth a look, very interesting feature on the 4 type of Gibson amp posted
  12. I got 814ce, as one of the finest Grand Auditorium acoustic-electrics made by Taylor, the 814ce is a modern classic acoustic. This is a great guitar for singer-songwriters, worship leaders, and recording artists who need one great acoustic that can do it all.
  13. This should help since I dealt with this only recenty, lacquer cracks? generally caused by drastic changes in temperature, if you have minor guitar scratches, you can wet down a piece of 1,000-grit sandpaper with water and soap suds and lightly sand down the area with the scratch. Keep in mind, you only want to sand down a little of the topcoat of lacquer--nothing more. I usually start at 1,000-grit and work my way up to 12,000-grit sandpaper. Then take a buffing wheel or rag and work in some buffing compound. After the area has been buffed, you can polish it to a high shine. Keep in mind, if you are using a buffing wheel, you really only have to sand up to 2,000-grit. There is no need to go past that. Once your guitar is polished, you shouldn't be able to see any hairline scratches.
  14. Serial numbers aren't registered with Gibson, and most are not of good standard of quality overall. Pricing can also be one of the easiest giveaways for a phony guitar. If a guitar is up for an online auction at a fraction of what it would typically cost, consumers are taking a great chance by purchasing it. Measure the guitar to check that it’s not undersized. Correct measurements can be found on www.Gibson.com. Examine headstock and headstock logo to determine that they match those of authentic Gibson guitars. Check to see that all pearl is inlaid. Check that Les Paul model script is always in cursive. Verify that there’s not a three-screw truss rod cover. Check the control and pickup cavities for sloppy routing or wiring. Make sure the pickup cavity is not painted black inside. Always ask for the Gibson Owner’s Manual and Gibson Warranty Inspection card. Check the wiring. If it’s plastic it isn’t a true Gibson.
  15. A bad case of mildew, you need to keep it in the sunlight for a couple of hours to get the moist out. But some leather cleaner as well if your case is made of leather
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