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  1. Sorry to hear about your probs...you are taking it quite well I might add...I would have blown a 'O' ring out of my butt by now..I don't thing that feathering at the nut is a prob...I have a bit of that on the side too, guitar tech said he doesn't feel it is an issue.

    Couple of posts ago, I mentioned I got a Korean PRS from Sweetwater,...Rep failed to mention their was a shipping charge...Got the bill on the 31st, called them up and told my Rep I was sending it back...he said they would remove the charge...Told him No, he should have told me, or removed it up front when I was dickering the price with him..Sending it back today...wasn't too keen on the guitar after I got it....

    Looking to by a Orange Amp....but NOT from Sweetwater!

    Happy New Year y'all!





    sorry to hear Sweetwater didn't mention shipping charge. You did the right thing. There is no excuse for not mentioning the charge up front.


    I got a call from my rep at Sweetwater telling me they finally got in a "large load" of UJ's. However, I only saw four listed with weights and pics. I'm still going to wait a bit. I need two refrets badly on guitars I work with weekly, which will run me about $1600 for both guitars to be done. If I thought the neck on the UJ was going to be different from the 50 or so Epiphone necks I tried out, I would get one immediately.


    On a good note, I was contacted by Diezel amps on Christmas day. They are coming out with an new line and will be sending me one when they are complete. 2015 will be an amp-heavy year for me. I will be getting a Matrix amp and 1x12, as well.


    I hope everyone here had a terrific holiday. Let's hope we all have a great 2015 in every way. :)

  2. I've decided to wait for possible refurbs to appear.

    The response to the guitar and it's cost have caused me to reconsider my anxious anticipation.

    I am happy for those who received it and are happy with it.

    I am finding that there is a mixture of good and bad comments about Epiphone's quality between different forums.

    I don't believe everything I read on The Gear Page forums, as they have a strange attitude there about things. They seem to think Epiphone has a much better quality now then ever before. However, reading here has brought up questions on that topic which TGP doesn't consider.

    I have not read one post there about the UJ. Maybe I missed it?!

    My personal findings, upon playing as many as possible in local music stores, tells me that these guitars are not what I had hoped for. I am not bonding with the neck profiles.


    Anyway, I am glad to hear that at least some of you are happy with the UJ. I love the paint job and the looks of the guitar, so maybe down the road, I will find one I can bond with.

  3. I can't believe I was so stupid, was playing the guitar the other week and I can't believe I never noticed the hairline fracture on the neck of the guitar where it meets the headstock!!!! It's in both sides, I was ready to send it to the luthiers to be set up properly when I noticed the damage, contacted Andertons right away, who told me the guitar was checked before it left there warehouse, and that it could only have been done in transit, luckily they have a good stock, so they're sending me a new one out for Friday and taking the old one away, which I can't fault them for, just wish I would have noticed it sooner!!!!! Fingers crossed it's as good as this one without the damage!!!


    Damn, these faults just keep appearing! Sorry to hear that Willsby! Not being from GB, I have never dealt with Anderton's, but I love their online videos. I learn a lot about gear from watching them. They were awarded the 2014 music store of the year this year. They look to keep their business well for customers. I just came from their site and they had 10 UJ's in stock, according to the site.

    I hope you get a good one this time.


    Thanks to them, I'm going to buy a Matrix VB 800 and NL12 cab. I called the USA shop on Sunday and got Andy Hunt, himself on the phone. After about 1/2 hour of speaking with him, he is going to give me a nice discount when I order.


    I'm still going to look at the UJ's, but with all the problems I'm reading about, I may wait and see if a nice refurb will be offered at a reduced price.


    I hope all of you, who received your UJ, are finding it working out well for you.

  4. Hey Podnah, I was checking out Rondos that you posted on Flea-bay Saturday., there is also another company putting them up too...also out of SK......my nephew was over Saturday checking out my UJ and loved the look, electronics and playability of the UJ...his only complaint was that the neck 'feels like a canoe paddle.'He is a more diverse guitarist than me...into jazz as well as being a decent shredder but he made that UJ sound delightful,putting it through some great sound variations thru my 69 Bandmaster clean channel.

    All in all. i am happy with it's look and performance , and thanks to Imorgg giving me the heads up on the 15% off coupon that I wasn't aware of when I ordered online, it was worth what I paid for it at the reduced price....

    Throw in a decent case, albeit slightly scuffed and a real decent setup that needed only minor adjustments for my playing and I am content.Luke


    I will have to look for that other company putting out the UJ to take a look-see. I won't be getting a UJ from Rondo. I'm so confused at this point that I am not sure what I will ultimately decide. I'm glad yours came in and proved to be satisfactory for you, Luke. I played over 30 Epiphones this past weekend, and none of them excited me. :(

  5. I am sorry to hear this talk about the QC, but happy for you all who were able to obtain a good UJ.


    This past weekend, I made a trip to Guitar Center and played every Epiphone in the store. They were a really big disappointment. As mentioned, the QC was almost non-existant. Not one guitar would have passed my inspection. The necks were all big shouldered and unfomcortable to play. They felt like they were made by a beginner, not a trained neck carver.


    Needless to say, I left feeling very disappointed and troubled. After reading all these remarks, I am going to reconsider getting one, as much as I may regret it. Even though the guitars do not resemble a 335 style body profile, on Rondo Music's site, they had their version of the union jack semi.

    Theirs are all made in South Korea, and sell for $429.


    Here qre the specs:

    A True Semi-Hollow Guitar with Center Block!!

    •This guitar features a true jazz semi hollow body with full body, neck, and headstock binding

    •The guitar has a natural Spruce top with Maple back & Sides

    •Die-cast Gold Grover tuners with 18-1 ratio for ultra fine tuning

    •Set in Maple neck with graphite nut

    •Rosewood fretboard with 22 jumbo frets (2.7mm) and large pearloid block inlays

    •All gold hardware with stop bar tail piece

    •The AS-820 is equipt with two ceramic humbucker pickups

    •Sound is controlled via two volume and two tone controls (speed knobs) and a 3 way pickup selector switch

    •Width of the neck at the nut: 1 5/8"; at the 22st fret: 2 3/16"

    •Overall length, including the strap button: 42"; Scale length: 24.7 "

    •Width at the widest point: 15"

    •Body thickness 1 3/4" at edge

    •Actual Weight is only 7.5 lbs



    I don't like looks of them compared to the real UJ's, but Rondo's guitars have been receiving good reviews. One thing they have is good upper neck access to the high frets. Just a thought.

  6. [quote name=

    ' timestamp='1415378814' post='1587720]

    The shoulders feel big me me, mainly due to not having much experience with the shape.


    I find it quite difficult accessing the higher frets.



    Thanks, Ferdasyn. The higher frets will tend to feel harder to access, but it does take some time to get used to the feel. Sometimes, your thumb cannot find a comfortable place to be up there.

  7. Fine looking guitars Euro, I remember your post about the strap and you try to by one to match your guitars...That 250 buck strap is a work of art.Shipping weight on the UJ is 26 lbs but I think it was ascertained in a prior post somewhere that it would be weighing in at 8 lbs or so.My guitar is due late today so I don't know if I will be able to post wgt and other details this evening...tomorrow morn I am going Striper fishing at Island Beach State Park....so definitely will have details posted by friday evening.Luke




    I hope you have a great day fishing. No worry about hurrying up the weight factor. If you are able to do it over the weekend sometime, I would appreciate it, and Thank You!.


    I called MF just a few minutes ago to see if the UJ might be on sale with a special price on Black Friday, as I may have the money by then or really close to it. If the sale goes on for Black Friday, I might be able to get one then. They told me they have 11 left in stock but maybe getting another order. They don't know for sure about the next order, however. If I get one then, that would be great, but if not, I'll call Sweetwater and ask if I can get a Black Friday deal on a UJ, even if they don't have them in yet. I might as well see what I can do.

  8. I hope all these UJ's are perfect when they come in for you guys. I'm excited for you all.


    I forget who posted about how ugly they thought the UJ was, but it was from another section on this forum, not posted here. I saw Pin's post. I don't know that it was he who posted in the other section, but I'm laughing. The post was something about how those UJ guys are so excited over an ugly guitar. Hey, anyone and everyone can buy a traditionally painted guitar in the usual color schemes, as I'm sure we all have. That to me is no big deal anymore. Now, after 58+ years of playing, I'm getting into stuff like the UJ. I have a signature guitar from the company I endorse from Europe that I had done with a golden dragon painted across the front and back, which is an original design idea I had, and two shell pink guitars. One of them, which I received two weeks ago is from Jeff Neville, who builds them from scratch. He even cuts down his own trees up in norther Michigan. avatar110816_1.gif



    I love the Union Jack flag and know that when I go out to work with my band, that I will be remembered for playing that guitar. I personally find it beautiful and unique. I learned a long time ago, when I bought a paisley telecaster not to worry about what others think. As it wound up, even some of the nay-sayers changed their mind about it later on.


    I bought one of the UJ Vox wahs several weeks ago, but I'm holding off putting it on my pedalboard until after I get the guitar.


    I'm still considering buying that $250 UJ leather strap I posted here two weeks ago.


    When you all get your UJ's, I'll be interested to know how much each of them weighs, if that is possible.

  9. Anyone got any string recommendations for the Frequensator? I sold my amp today (had a Gear4Music White Horse T64RS Half Stack - far too big for my needs these days) so I’m looking for a new practice amp.

    I don't know what your price point is, but have you seen the Jackson Ampworks website?

    My gear is getting too big for my live work as well...Diezel and Marshall. I will be going to a Jackson Ampworks Britain amp of either the 4.0 or 30 variety and a Matrix NL12 1x12 cab, which weighs in at 16 pounds.


    Robbie Macintosh is using Jackson Ampworks Britain 4.0 amps.


    As for strings, I have to use .007 to.034 gauge strings and since no one makes a set that light, I have to buy my stings one at a time and make sets myself. Sorry I can't be of help in this.

  10. Euro...if you go with MF make sure you mention the 15% coupon.they gave Imorgg and me?...Good luck!Luke


    Thanks for the heads up! If I had all the money right now, I would be on the phone to MF right now. I believe I will have all the money in by month's end. Maybe MF will have a Black Friday deal.


    Congradulations to both of you guys for scoring such a sweet deal from MF. That's just fantastic news! :)

  11. Mine arrived a week ago and I'm very happy with it. I can't find any faults in either the finish or the playability.


    Pre-ordered from Dawsons Music UK back in March.



    I'm glad to hear you love yours Ferdasyn. :) You must feel relieved having received yours already. Some of us here are getting a lot more excited, knowing the due date is approaching rapidly, and wondering how ours will look upon receipt of the guitar.


    My greatest fear at this point is not getting one I'll be happy with, and knowing that if I return it, they all might be spoken for, before I can get another one.


    I'm sure my fears are unfounded. At least, that is what I keep telling myself.

  12. I am putting money down towards one until I have enough to have one sent. I set up an account so that I would be able to see my past, and current purchases. On the list is a UJ, so I know they will have one reserved. I am hoping to have it paid in full by the end of November.


    I may be wrong, (and usully am), but if for some reason Sweetwater doesn't get their allotment until sometime in December, I don't think MF will have them all sold out in a short amount of time. However, if you have already got the money for one, and are antsy about waiting, you could always get one from MF, and if it is not to your satisfaction, simply return it and ask for another one.


    If you do that, make sure you copy down the serial number, so they don't just re-send you the same guitar.


    There will be other dealers getting them as well, including Zzounds, and American Musical Supplies, so there should be plenty to go around.


    While I know there are players waiting for these, I would be really surprised to see them all gone overnight.


    I was told by Sweetwater that they only had six remaining Vox UJ wah's left, so I bought one immediately. That was 2 weeks ago, and they still list them as in stock on their site.


    Does it seem that we, who are excited about getting an Epi UJ, feel that everyone else is also waiting for these, but not talking, and will have them all sold immediately? I wonder how many were pre-ordered by players at MF?

  13. Sweetwater website says they recd confiirmation from Epiphone that they will be shipping soon and the orders will be shipped the day they rec. them...Thats a short time for the 55 pt.inspection.:-)


    Yes it is a short amount of time for the inspection from Sweetwater. However, I would not accept one unless it is totally satisfactory, since Epiphone USA also was to inspect them before they are released.

    If two different sets of inspections don't find a problem, and one exists, then both parties to the inspection process are negligent, and should be made aware of it.

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