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  1. I know that some of you checked out the Ethos strap site I found with the leather Union Jack strap for the UJ guitar. I got a shell pink tele in the mail from Neville Guitars Thursday evening and was checking out various straps on line which might fit the color of my tele. I buy new straps for each guitar I own, but this color is really difficult to find. I came across this site with Henry Heller straps. This is a company I had no previous knowledge of, and the straps were really inexpensive and the color choices were way beyond any other straps company's offerings I have yet found. They have cloth, leather and suede offerings available, so I thought you might want to check them out. Enjoy. :) http://www.musiclandcentral.com/henry-heller-straps.html
  2. I have delt with Sweetwater for about 3+ years after dealing with the other chain stores as well, and some high end dealers. Thankfully I do a lot of my major purchasing direct with the companies I am affiliated with, but when I need something like the UJ, wah's, or other foot toys, I use Sweetwater. In their defense, I must say that I have been treated very well and they have honored everything that I bought. I actually just received from them last week, the Vox Union Jack wah. I have a RI Clyde McCoy Vox wah that I use on my board, but I couldn't resist getting the UJ version. There is a guitar strap of leather made into a union jack theme that is really exquisite, but at $250, I'll have to get the UJ Epi first and be sure that I will keep it before buying that specific strap. Check this out... http://www.ethoscustombrands.com/union-jack-guitar-strap/
  3. Luke, I know what you mean. I have not asked my Sweetwater rep about the due date. When I saw MF, American Musical and Zzounds put back the receiving date for the UJ, I just knew Sweetwater would be in the same position. I don't know how many of these they actually ordered, but probably not as many as MF or one of the other big box chain stores did. I am curious as to how Sweetwater does their "55 point inspection" prior to sending out a guitar. That should be an interesting situation to keep an eye on, based on the early returns and the condition the UJ's have been being received.
  4. Matt4356, I hope these upper level types who gave you the news about a perfect UJ being reserved for you aren't B.S.ing you. I hope you do get a perfect one. I know that some pieces are bound to come in in better order then others, but so far the bad ones appear to be the dominant ones. Let us all hope that this is just a small bump and not a major QC issue henceforth. As for the black fingers from fretboard dye coming off on the finger tips, I have seen that with Martin guitars where they died the fretboard black to get a consistant looking ebony color without streaks. Gibson, and a few other companies also have done this. It is not an uncommon practice, and has been going on as long as I can remember. They are trying, as was mentioned, to get a consistant look to the fretboard, but even if the fretboard is allowed to cure for a sufficient amount of time, if the player has a certain type of finger sweat, it eats right through the dye, and the fretboard bleeds. If the rest of the guitar was o.k., I wouldn't mind what color the fretboard was. However, I would be REALLY surprised if the fretboard was what we all know as rosewood. It may be in the rosewood family, but then again at this price, it may not be. Who knows for sure?! One good possibility however is that as India is so close to China, and India exports rosewood, we may get lucky. It just won't be the higher grade of wood exported for Gibsons.
  5. Wow everyone! I am not believing what I am reading here. DAMN! After careful consideration, and from reading all the remarks, if I get mine (sometime, when they come in, IF they finally come in), and it has similar problems, I have decided to keep it, if what I deem most important is satisfactory, i.e., the neck profile and alignment, frets, weight, tone, playability. From Epiphone, I don't ever expect gold parts to hold up. Hell, they barely hold up from other companies, unless the plating is heavily applied. The scratches and poor "F" hole trim in the painting is not as important to me as how the guitar performs and feels. From reading everything, I believe that the workers at Epiphone China are being pushed to get the work out, and the extra time it might take to do a perfect job is not part of Epiphone's agenda, it seems, which of course, is very disappointing to me, as well as all of you. The reason for my decision is because I really DAMN WELL WANT THIS GUITAR! ARGGG! While it would be nice if it came in in perfect order, I plan to use it, and enjoy it. I am too old to "think" that it may be worth that much more then we are paying for it in years to come. I would rather play it, enjoy it for what it is, and let the person who winds up with it after me decide what he/she wants to do with it. If the gold on the Frequensator gets that bad in short order, I might have it replated, but only if it is really available to do at a reasonable price. If it is not, my choices become leave it as is, or purchase a replacement tailpiece. As for Sweetwater, I really don't expect any music retailer to have all the juice on everything they carry. I have been lied too so often by music store employees (not Sweetwater, so far)over time, that I find it better to search out answers to questions I have on my own, much as we do here by sharing our info with each other. By now, I think, at least in the back of our collective minds that "we ain't gettin' no souped up fancy QC on this guitar", based on the results available so far. But, we do hope that USA QC is better then what we are seeing and hearing so far. The bottom line will be that Epiphone USA will see the guitars as they come in and make a decision as to whether they feel China could have done a better job, or should they just let this one slide by and "better luck next time". I am hoping for the best here, but my practical side says to look to get average, or less, and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out better.
  6. Matt, Sorry to hear about the negatives. On the other hand, the neck, from what you say, should be nice on the hands, and the tone, the tone! I hope the ones that get through to the USA are better then what has been mentioned here. Still, I could put up with the paint, but the frets, feel of the neck, weight, and tone are what I'm hoping are going to put me over the top with this guitar. I really like the paint job, but I understand that it is not an easy paint to apply. I'm sure they are getting rushed in China to get these out, and that probably has something to do with why they are not perfect. Thanks for the reply, Matt, and happy birthday. :)
  7. There is very little, if any, Honduran mahogany used today in Gibsons. It may be some south american variety, but Honduran mahogany, I believe, is on an endangered list, or is stopped by some laws from being harvested and brought into the USA at this time. The name "Honduran mahogany" and "mahogany" is thrown around carelessly in advertising by some companies. This does not mean that other varieties of a "similar" wood are no good for guitar building. However, after all the years of specific woods having been harvested and used for building instruments, many assume, incorrectly, that no other types of wood are any good for building guitars. One thing might be noted and that is that Gibson cannot buy all of the best grades of wood for their usage. The cost is prohibitive. they by slected grades and use it in specifically priced guitars leading up to the Reissue historic lines, which all get the best woods Gibson has that year. This is actually the first time I have seen Gibson's website talk about the grading of the woods used on specific models in their lineup. They break down the grsdes of wood and the wood's sonic properties used in each type of model Les Paul and other guitars on their website for 2015. If it had been on there previously, I was not aware of it. Whether Nato, as a building wood, is not as good as another type of wood is one thing, but Epiphones use multiple layers of different body wood in some of their guitars, so the outer pieces of wood that are visable may not be the singular reason why the guitar does not sound as one would desire. If a guitar was built out of a solid, single piece of Nato for the body, and a solid piece for the neck with a maple top as thick as a Gibson LP then added to that Nato, the guitar may sound really good, and be accepted for a more respected tone wood. However, I feel the cost would be higher then most players would accept for an Epiphone. Too bad that the Elitist type quality Epiphones were not built in more numbers for the models Epiphone offers in it's line and built in China along side the regular lines. If the factory can produce good guitars, then it is only the amount and type of wood used in the construction that prohibits the Epiphones from rising into more direct competition with Gibson.
  8. Did anyone see this on Ebay in the UK? Wow! I wish I had that kind of money for it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Noel-Gallagher-Union-Jack-Epiphone-62-Sheraton-Reissue-Custom-Oasis-Tribute-/301356120476?pt=UK_Musical_Instruments_Guitars_CV&hash=item462a39799c#ht_5941wt_908
  9. Willsby, How goes it with the UJ? Did you find anything you don't like about it? How does it sound to you? What type of neck carve does it have? Does it have big shoulders on the neck or smaller ones? How thick do you make the neck out to be? How heavy or light weight is the guitar? We're dying here mate to know as much about the UJ as you might be able to provide. Thanks, and talley-ho. :)
  10. I have a question, please... If I read it correctly, the specs include a "LockTone™ Tune-o-matic bridge". Does this mean that the bridge locks in place, similar to a Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic, or is it just the name of the bridge? If it does lock in place, how is that done? Thanks. :) Stephen
  11. Matt4356, Happy birthday! What a great way to celebrate. I hope your UJ is a winner for you.
  12. willsby, Congradultions on your uj! That is just breath takinvly beautiful. Enjoy it immensely. Thank you for the great pictures also. Boy, am I excited!
  13. Where is the Epi product page, please? I cannot seem to find it. Was the cancelled order by an individual, or a store?
  14. Ahh! this will be my first Epiphone, so I was unaware of the extra step they took. That's good to hear. Would the inspection process here touch up inperfections as were mentioned by the above-poster who got his UJ and was disappointed?
  15. That's relieving to hear! :) I didn't know that any USA destination Epiphones got a look-see by the company prior to being sent to their final music store destinations! If that is the case, maybe the group coming here will be fine. Thanks!
  16. O.K. everyone, who is getting a bit nervous from the initial reports coming in on the UJ? I must admit that my skepticism level is rising. The last thing I need is to accept one of these guitars only to have trouble with it somehow after the return period has expired. These are more expensive then the standard Sheratons, and I expect the level of quality to be higher then a normal Epiphone.
  17. Thanks LPS1976, I don't ever expect a guitar coming from China to be even close to set up. I do expect the fit and finish to be decent enough, but I do my own setup. The guitar would have to be completely unsatisfactory after I did my set up to it, for me to send it back. However, I am told that Sweetwater does a 55 point inspection on the guitars they ship, so if I get a guitar that is sloppily built, or with a neck that is not able to be set up straight and true, the first thing I will do is call them and ask them what type of inspection process they use, then return it and get my money back. I truly hope, however, that this trouble being found among the first to arrive is not continued throughout the entire run.
  18. Thank you. When you say "awful" is that in reference to how the pictures were taken, or how poorly the guitar looked? what seemed bad about the guitars...the actual paint job, the color? Thanks.
  19. I am not able to get to the "comments" section. Could someone please tell me exactly what was stated? Thank you. Stephen
  20. I would really love it if the Captain and Chappers did a video of the UJ! I love watching those guys!
  21. Good for you Willsby! I hope you like it. We all need a blow-by-blow detailed description of the build quality, weight, feel of the neck, every little thing about your guitar. Good luck, and thanks! Stephen
  22. Damn! That would be great if they weighed in the 7lbs-low 8lbs range! :) I had a Gibson Lucille back in 1994 and it weighed almost 10 pounds. Needless to say, it didn't last long. Thanks, imorgg!
  23. LPS1976, While some here might be annoyed if the pickups weren't official Gibson mini's, I would be happy just to know that the guitars were close to being received at the dealers, and that they didn't weigh 10 pounds. Anything not glued to the guitar chassis can always be dealt with.
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