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  1. I own five guitars in total--bought 4 of them brand new--and out of all of them, the new LP seems to have this problem more prominently than any other I've owned. Must just be a difference in the finish? My buddy mentioned to me about the sandpaper/steelwool thing, but that just seems cruel. I guess I did buy the guitar to play, not to collect...
  2. When I originally posted, I never intended for this to turn into that full debate. I was simply sharing the road that lead me to a Gibson. I was completely settled on the Epiphone--just never really had even considered a Gibson because I didn't realize that the Studio wasn't completely the stretch I thought it might be. Would you rather debate the merits of Mexican Strats instead?
  3. Working on pics. I would so rather play this thing all day tomorrow than go to work. Maybe I'll take the day off. LOL.
  4. I have to say that I've read so many things online where some people will say "Gibson is absolutely worth the extra money" and other people with just as much conviction that "an Epiphone will sound just as good or better than a Gibson". I don't really have the budget for a full-on Gibson Custom, so I started down the Epiphone path. I had pretty much set myself for the last month or so thinking now I just needed to find the right Epiphone LP and proceeded to play probably 20 or 30 different ones I could find at various shops around town. This afternoon I was finally ready to pull the tr
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