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  1. Why remove it? The LR Baggs system on my J-15 is very non-intrusive. The guitar is still truly an acoustic instrument. the pickup system just adds to the functionality/stage readiness. Just my opinion.
  2. Congrats! I purchased one last month...really great playing, sounding guitar. Very musical and inspiring. To me, that walnut has a very vintage tone/vibe. Enjoy!here is mine
  3. Loving this Gibson dread. My thinking used to be old school, in that an acoustic needed rosewood or mahogany back and sides to get that warm tone we all love. But have become a huge fan of the walnut. The maple neck adds a nice high end sparkle to the tone. Beautiful wood. Beautifully hand built in Bozeman Montana. Have not put it down all week. Feels,sounds and plays great. This guitar is a winner.
  4. I have several amps...do not have the HT-5, but use the Blackstar ht club 40 1x12 for rehearsal and recording. My LP sounds great through this very versatile amp. The speaker emulated line out works very well for recording. Great OD tones as well as clean. My old Ibanez TS-9 sounds particularly good up front.
  5. 2014...trad. Just brought it home.
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