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  1. Gibson/Epiphone's reply my question, "How many 'Limited' Union Jack Sheratons will be produced?" was very Bill Clinton-esque. The rep replied that "Limited" did not refer to the QUANTITY being produced but rather to PERIOD OF TIME the guitar would be available for purchase. So the Gibson/Epiphone pre-order advertising boils down to, "It depends on what the meaning of 'Limited' is." Grrrrrrrrr. I'd bet most folks assume "Limited" would mean a limited Quantity. So if anyone is buying this purely for rarity, you may be disappointed. And you should let Gibson/Epiphone know that you don't appreciate the (intentionally?) ambiguous use of the term "Limited..., since the run is essentially "limited" only to as many as they can crank out in a yet-to-be-determined (open-ended?) amount of time. Grrrrrr. So hopefully your purchase decision is based largely (solely?) on your desire to own and play a nice guitar. Such is my case, but the Clinton-esque parsing of a term like "Limited" has left me - sadly - questioning future claims in Gibson/Epiphone literature. BTW, I informed Gibson/Epiphone of the online claim by an authorized Epi reseller that the run was to be limited to 1000. I'll be watching to see if Gibson/Epiphone requires the reseller to stop making that bogus claim.
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