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  1. Congrats Chilly. She looks great. Sorry you're not happy with yours Burchster. I've had mine about a month now and I'm starting to dig it. My miniHB's do seem very hot. I'm playing through a USA Fender Blues Deluxe and it's killer. Although I'm disappointed with some of the cosmetic issues, mine seems to be OK otherwise. It's unfortunate that there were so many bad ones shipped though. It has colored my impressions of current Epiphone quality. My G.A.S. affliction has reared it's ugly head once more with all these Black Friday deals floating around. I was considering an Epi ES339 and the
  2. I was also at GC checking out some of the new Epis. Sorry to say but I wasn't impressed. I saw gaps in the neck joints that looked like they were filled with Bondo, terrible fret jobs, bad finishes, and wonky electronics on more than half I played. I noticed that the '62 Sorrento RI and the Genesis have had significant price drops this week and was tempted to feed my GAS again. GC didn't have any on the floor and I am not buying another new Epiphone sight unseen ever again. The few issues I have with my UJ aren't too bad. If I had paid full price, I'd be *****ing a lot more. I feel bad for Fer
  3. Wow RJ, that sucks. Sorry you waited so long for it and that shows up. Hopefully the next one will be better. It's a sad state of affairs when something like all these bad UJ are passing QC at the factory AND Gibson/Epiphone USA QC. WTF??? Save your "Inspected by" stickers and let them know how f'd up everything is but yet approved by their inspectors. Absolutely no excuse for this. I stopped in at my local GC to kill some time and pick up a few odds and ends and was looking at the new Chinese Epis. I'm sticking to buying only used Korean made Epis from now on. I can't believe the way they're
  4. Luke go to your account and check to see if you've exceeded your upload limit. You're only allowed 500kb. The pics I posted were all around 25kb each.
  5. I LOVE the neck. It's like a D shape with a flat center on the back side. Perfect for me. The mini buckers put out a very hot signal. Love the tones and all in all I love everything about it. I also own another Sheraton and a Casino so the body shape is very similar and familiar to me. Working north or the twelfth wasn't a problem for me, again because I'm used to this body style. Thank you all for the congrats. And Congrats to everyone who's just getting them in. Let's see those pics
  6. Thank you very much Jeff. I spent a good three hours getting acquainted. Well worth the wait and much more than I had hoped for. I'm starting to dig the wonky F hole. It makes mine unique. Congrats Luke! Can't wait to see pics of UJ and stripers. Knock em dead.
  7. After 10 months of waiting, my new baby has arrived. Set up right out of the box was spot on. Frequensater or stripes don't line up just right and there's a wee bit of dodgy paint on the left side F hole but not enough to put me off of it. Plays and sounds like a dream. A lot of different tones are available by the twist of a knob and a flick of the switch. Definitely worth the wait, especially with 15% off!! FWIW it weighs in at 8 Lbs 1 oz.
  8. True that Luke. On a happier note, my "ugly" guitar has touched down in Newark!! YES!!! If it comes before I have to head out for work, I may just have to develop a cold. :D
  9. NO!!! I don't believe I will pardon your intrusion Pinhead. First off you come in and disparage our choice in guitars without ANYONE asking for your opinion. Secondly, NO ONE cares what YOUR opinion is. Thirdly, you just severely pissed off three New Jersey boys, not a smart move. We have a saying here, "Opinions are like assholes". Take your asshole and climb back under whatever rock you crawled out from under and show a little respect. You clagtailed , plookie faced, glakit Jessie. Feckin numpty tossbag!!
  10. Mines still stuck in Memphis. I keep checking and checking. As far as the pics go, not sure how it works on this message board but on others I've had to knock the rez down quite a bit to get them to post. Ferdasyn, I'm not sure with the frequensator (my first one) but normally I use D'Addario's on all my guitars, elec and acoustics. I'm trying the Ernie Balls on a few solid bodies and am pretty happy with them so far. I like the way you can get different gauges other than stock in the packs. On my Schecter Exotic, I'm using Skinny Top Fat Bottoms. Red pack I think and love them. Easy to be
  11. My UJ has been picked up by FedEx and will be in my hands Thursday 11/6/14. Sweetwater kept my order active with a note to call if I still wanted it before they shipped it. For some reason they had me down for two UJ's. I sent them an email canceling the orders. Hope they do, I'm not going to need three of them.
  12. I went back to my order to see what the coupon was and it was VETERANS14. When I tried ordering online, I tried that coupon code and it didn't work. Make sure you CALL to get the deal. It's not available online.
  13. If it ships today, and it should, I'll have it Thursday as well. Congrats on scoring 15% off, and nailing the pick six for 4 numbers!!! This is a GOOD day my friend. Now when all of us Jersey boys get our gits we should hit an open mic and blow them away!! LOL someone pinch me!! I can't believe the long, long wait is finally over.
  14. Ouch!! Sorry Ferdasyn. I still can't believe the deal I got. Probably when FedEx shows up at my door.
  15. SWEET!!!! Got a phone call bright and early from my Sweetwater guy. He spoke to so and so and blah blah blah. They will be in anytime between now and the end of the year. I asked him to cancel my order and thanked him for his time. I went online to order my new baby from MF and there was a problem with a difference in my billing and shipping addresses. So I picked up the phone and called. I spoke to a lovely young lady named Lakin. After taking all my information and squared away my addresses, she informed me that she was going to apply a 15% coupon to my order AND drop the price for second da
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